Reviews: XPower Antifog Polycarbonate Safety Shooting Goggle with UV Protection (Smoke Lens)


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Model: GO-55619-S
Location: D7-057

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by Wiley R. on 2015-02-07 11:45:54
"For what you pay, these goggles are great!


- Extremely comfortable
- Full seal (required at most fields)
- They look awesome
- Easy to see through sites/scopes
- Easy to adjust
- Fits with mesh masks, helmets, hats, etc.
- Antifog system


- These goggles scratch up very easily!!!
- Not completely antifog, but as long as you're in motion, they will not fog.
by Jeff N. on 2014-12-26 02:22:56
"I have the yellow tinted version that appearantly no longer exists, but the goggles are great aside from the fact they fog easy.

good build quality
low profile

fog easy
scratch easy.
by Deyton P. on 2014-10-23 13:46:14
"These are like smith optics boogie goggles , but they are just way less expensive :)
by Stephen B. on 2013-09-06 05:56:15
"These goggles were pretty good, while they lasted. The first few times I used them, it was 90 degrees or so outside and I had zero fog, despite sweating a ton. My sweat began to pool up inside the goggles (because they fit so snugly) and still no fog. I was very pleased.

A few weeks later I played in a semi-swampy, extremely humid environment, and they fogged like crazy. I could barely see at all. It was horrible.

Later still, I was wearing these while lawn-mowing. I had removed the goggles from my eyes and had them perched on the top of my head. As I mowed under a tree, a branch snagged my hat and pulled it along with the goggles off of my head. As I came back around with the mower to pick the goggles up, the same branch hit me in the face, causing me to RUN OVER THE GOGGLES. My hat was totaled, but the goggles were still in one piece. No cracks, shards, chips, or nothing. they were bent horrendously out of shape, though. Well, on to the pros and cons.

Full-seal, fits snugly on face (but no too snugly)
High-strength, will not shatter (even when hit by a mower-blade!)
Looks super cool

Fogs up under certain circumstances (this is true of most goggles though)
Black tint can reduce vision is certain lighting

Don't worry about the little holes on the sides. They're too small for BBs to fit through. They provide some ventilation, but not enough to prevent fogging or sweating in certain situations.

Overall, it was a nice product that did what it was supposed to: protect my eyes form BBs. If you are considering buying this, I would recommend getting anti-fog and/or the clear version of these goggles for improved visibility.
by Ben B. on 2013-06-04 21:53:50
"Serves it's purpose.


It fits nicely to most faces and is adjustable
The fog is at a minimum


It is NOT antifog. At least, not entirely

Pretty good buy, though I'm looking to upgrade.
by Christy B. on 2012-12-24 23:49:21
"Decent goggles. Very cheaply made. Though they serve the purpose, feel great, and are kindly sexy.
by Logan R. on 2012-04-09 16:41:19
"I got these about a month ago and they're good.
Light weight
Very confortable

Fogs a little
Not good for low-light areas

These have only foged when I'm in small hot spaces with lots of dust. I play on a field with a old barn and they tend to fog when I enter it but a little air and they de-fog very quickly. I'd recommend these to anyone looking for small light weight googles that are cheap and quite reliable for the price.
by Tan N. on 2011-07-28 12:14:02
"These goggles are excellent during daylight games, but are extremely ineffective in low light or night games. They normally don't fog during the daylight, but they do tend to fog up at night. I really enjoy the low profile shape of it, which makes it great for snipers. I recommend buying the smoked lens for daytime and clear lens for night time.
by Todd O. on 2010-07-06 19:37:20
- Do a great job of protecting your eyes from BBs and sweat. Do not worry about the vent holes on the sides of the goggles; they are smaller than 6 mm
- Sturdy and flexible
- Adjustable and quite comfortable, ride well on your nose or even on your forehead during a respite from battle
- Are in fact fog resistant, and any moisture that might build up is easy to wipe off without leaving smudges
- Useful sun protection, help to mitigate the effects of bright glares
- Others won't be able to see your eyes, thus hiding your true intentions
- Very sexy

- Because they are dark, they may have an adverse effect on visibility in low to regular light settings

Bottom line:
Fantastic protection, well worth the price. If you do not own any pair of goggles, rest assured that your money is well invested in this protection.

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews)