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G&G M4 Carbine Combat Machine Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Tan / Gun Only)

67 Customer Reviews

by Andrew F. on 07/10/2016
"The perfect gun!! For the $150-$140 price tag it shoots like a $300 Carbine it out shoots my 400 fps Type 96 and you can find my review on the AGM Type96. i took it to me near by field first round i used the AGM and got 3 kills second round this m4 i got 18 kills i will say the only issue i had was the motor shake was making a motor terminal wire come loose making the gun stop shooting but its a simple fix just cramp the wire terminal just a little and problem fixed. another is the mag has a good feed. the flash hidder " barrel tip" has t metal set rod witch can be taken off. I normally don't say to buy this gun but BUY THIS GUN!! if i could put 6 stars i would heck 15/10
by Richard H. on 01/28/2016
"I got one of these practically new off of my buddy for about $60 I was just getting back into airsoft this was about a year ago. For CQB internal wise its great, fast trigger response, FPS isn't too high for most indoor fields, however I tried using this in a field event and the only problem i had was the distance which was due to my hop-up being broken causing my bbs to fall downward at about 50 feet. For $150 this is a great starter rifle or (which some people may disagree) a great project rifle to add to and make into what you want without costing an arm and a leg which is what I am doing with mine. I would highly recommended this to people just getting into the sport that want something ready to go right out of the box. I would recommend the Raider version over this due to the rails included allowing you to add a grip light or peq box.
by Dominick B. on 07/09/2015
"This gun is an amazing starting gun I really recommend it for starting airsofters the only down side is that you have to buy the charger and battery separate
by Cade S. on 11/26/2014
"I got it it didn't break after i dropped it down a rocky hill its a tank get it. Its super good trust me.
by Charles M. on 11/10/2014
"You know, this gun is no VFC or Polarstar super gun, but for what it does with the price it costed, I am really happy. I mean the green bucking is great, so it's ready to roll when you get it. Sure, this gun will shoot slow stock, (poor motor) but most people first starting off don't exactly need a 20 bps+ setup. Even though the internals may not be the best, it has served as a good backup when my EF Ares G36cv went down (right after purchase). The body is a plastic, but hey, its light. You can remove the carrying handle to mount optics. My biggest complaint with this gun is the outer barrel. It has fallen off on my numerous times, and I've had to use superglue to hold it together. All guns have their ups and downs though, right?
by Tanner S. on 01/07/2014
"This is an awesome gun! Very accurate right out of the box! I'm glad I purchased this, great for beginner and expert airsoft players who want a great gun right away that's easily upgradable. Love this gun.
Pros: great fps, durable body, accurate, easily upgradable, great gun.

Cons: aluminum inner barrel, short inner barrel, front iron sight not adjustable.

Overall this is just a great gun that everyone should own!!!
by jordan c. on 09/13/2012
"This is the cheapest high end gun, you will ever get. i bought this gun from my local retailer for winter ops. i customized the internals, painted the stock, lower reciever, handguard, carrying handle, and my supressor i have on it white to give it a great two tone look that blends in with urban camo perfectly.

i have been playing for a few years and have handled my share of cheap chineese plastic clones, and this is a much higher quality plastic reciever than any clones ive seen.

the reason i bought this is so i could get a good gun for a mid level price and not have to paint my $400 full metal custom gun that i use for the rest of the year, this is my winter primary, with all the work i did to it it is now a $250 gun. this gun is great for people who want a great gun with enough money left to upgrade. i would have bought the chione 16 but i do not like the blowback feature in electric guns, it sounds a bit too fake.

by Colin K. on 06/17/2012
"I was pleased with this gun. It gave me a good run for my money

Good Price
High Fps
Nice long Barrel

Not full Metal, but i guess that doesn't matter
Barrel Came off (Goes Back On)
Had to buy an optic raiser

Good gun for begginers
by Joe S. on 06/08/2012
"I've had this for four years now, and here's the performance in a nutshell:

PROS (before upgrades):
-Great FPS out of the box (mines at ~360 fps)
-Very accurate! I've never been out-gunned
-Great range
-Light and maneuverable, in CQC or not
-RoF is alright for me, but I suggest upgrading that
-Metal gearbox (although I replaced everything but the gears, they're still holding up!)
-Comes with an aluminum Hi-Cap

-Flash hider requires you to melt the glue that is holding it to the outer barrel
-Hi-Cap it comes with misfeeds sometimes, but removing it, shooting, and re-inserting it usually resolves the issue pretty quickly
-Front sight is not removable, if you want optics then get something high profile

All in all, the gun is much better and MUCH tougher than any AEG's I've ever had or used. It's cheap, so it's a good idea to invest in it (RIS system, a new gearbox, motor, and battery make the gun literally unstoppable) Buy it! NOW!
by walker b. on 02/11/2012
"The most beautiful stock gearboxes I've seen for a stock gun in this price range. Functions great and feels amazing, no problems thus far. Buy it.
by Christopher M. on 11/24/2011
"Great gun, perfect for cqb. Also good in outdoor fields.

Good fps good for cqb
Surprisingly good range
Strong nylon fiber construction
Awesome blue cylinder
Great fire selector not very loose

For scopes you need rid riser or carry handle rail
Should get a tight bore barrel (got 500mm angel custom + suppressor)
Definitely get full metal hop up (I'm getting a G&P)
Strong delta ring

Overall great gun thnx evike
by Matt T. on 11/20/2011
"Great gun. I have had mine for about a year, no problems. I recommend getting the Matrix 180 Round midcap. Hi-caps are noisy and unreliable because you have to wind. It is a good gun for entry level and mid level airsofters, but the parts are stock. Like I said, though, I have not had any problems yet.

The FPS dropped on mine from like 350 to 320, but I don't really care because the bbs still go far and accurately (because of the long barrel). The only difference this drop in fps makes is my opponent's pain, but airsoft isn't about pain, so, no biggie.

Again, great gun. Very durable despite it being plastic. BUY IT!!!
by Thomas A. on 06/13/2011
"This gun is absoulutely amazing. With a 9.6 1600mah nunchuck battery it's rate of fire is simply outstanding. I've used this gun in several skirmishes and it's awesome. Great buy.
by myles h. on 06/08/2011
"hey i bought this gun a while ago about a 4 months ago, and its still rockin. i suggest a new moter becuase i burned the crap out of mine. Its said that this is 330 to 340 fps thats i miscaculation it is 385 to 390 with .20 , if your new get this gun its great for new and advanced players. GO EVIKE
by james h. on 05/10/2011
"great gun for 140$ ive had the gun for around a mounth now and havent had a problum yet pretty decient rof=(rate of fire) for a stock gun. im using my 8.4 1600mah battery and probably getting about 14 bbs a second. the gun is also realy durable ive droped like 3 or 4 times and doesnt have a scatch :). my only complaint is that g&G makes those anyoing gear boxes where eveything is back words.