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Pre-Order ETA June 2018 G&G Top Tech M14 HBA Full Metal Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

9 Customer Reviews

by Steven K. on 12/03/2017
"By far and away the best airsoft gun I've ever purchased. The externals are solid and made of aluminum. The gun feels amazing and I'm looking foward to using it for years to come.
by William s. on 02/19/2015
"This gun is one of the nicest, if not the nicest gun you will ever purchase. I have used both the wooden g&g m14 top tech and now this one you, can't go wrong with either one. The range is solid and the gun out of the box shoots around 396 fps with .2s. I wouldn't recommend using anything less than .25s though, as like in previous reviews, it is notable that the hop on this gun is extremely touchy and with .2s I could barely get it to flatten out on the lowest setting. I recommend investing in .28s to run the highest range to accuracy ratio with this gun. Also, the guns externals make this rifle what it is. Amazing rail space, great customizability.
I have two minor complaints about the externals however. One, is that the rearward rail behind the action is slightly higher than the forward rail, so if you plan on mounting a range scope, you better have a really good tolerance of eye relief, or invest in an m14 rail mount for above the action. In all honesty, this is airsoft, do you really need a range finding scope? I mounted an eotech replica holographic on the forward rail and the optic is perfect for the rifle. The other complaint is that there is really no suitable way to mount a mock suppressor/tracer unit on this gun. Not a huge deal unless you are into tracer units because the barrel is already 510 mm and mounting a mock suppressor would make this gun way too long for no necessary reason.
To conclude, this gun is the nicest gun I have ever bought and if nothing else, every person's eyes watching you walk across your field will be worth every penny that you spend. I highly recommend this one and any other top tech line guns as they are some of the nicest ones on the market. 5/5 stars from me
by Chase M. on 01/07/2014
"This is a great gun. As soon as I took it out of the box I noticed it was heavy. It's about 10 pounds which isn't that much but you know it's full metal when you carry it around. What I was amazed about was all of the rail space on the gun. You can pretty much put any attachment you want on it. I equipped a bipod on it and I am currently looking for a scope to buy. Then I charged my Intellect 9.6 nun-chuck battery. I read the manual and went outside to shoot it. This gun has a super far range. It goes 200+ feet and it is accurate around 150 feet. Pretty good ROF. The mag had some trouble feeding so I got some Classic Army 180 Mid-Cap magazines and they are great. One problem is that the metal gets cold but if you have gloves you won't have a problem with that. Also the battery gets in the way of the spring. I got the Short version but I put the review on this one because it is in stock. I give this gun a 5 out of 5. This is the best airsoft gun I have ever had and I would recommend it to any airsofter!

- Full Metal
- A lot of rail space
- Far range
- High FPS (400 FPS with .20g)
- Good ROF
- Adjustable Stock
- Heavy (Pro or Con)

- Battery Location
by morgan v. on 07/27/2013
"This gun looks awesome. I took some time to use it a few times before writing a review. If you are looking for a dmr gun this can be it, BUT it is costly. I know a lot of people say this gun is heavy but its not to bad, and I weigh 120lb.

- It is a excellent gun for a dmr
- It looks awesome.
- Since it cost so much you wont find many people with it out on the field.
- It is the lightest brand of m14 ebr hba made other weigh about 18pounds.

- The stock butt plate and cheek rest is wobbly when you extend the stock.
- No matter the grams of the bb's you will get occasional very high arch upwards of the bb's
- You can purchase a way cheaper DMR gun than this because basically you are paying for the looks of this gun and better durable internals. ( I purchased a regular m14 with 500mm inner barrel and it shoots way more consistent than this gun.
- THE G&G BRAND HAVE LIMITED UPGRADEING PARTS SO ONLY BUY IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO KEEP IT STOCK OR PLANING TO DO MORE PERSONAL CUSTOMIZATIONS. For example if you are planning on getting a mock silencer the thread is different and I bought a adapter but still the thread is wider than the universal thread in the world of airsoft.
- Does not shoot as well as it looks.
- Does not have much upgrade parts on the market at all and mostly are not compatible.

EXTRAS: The battery compartment is 7" but can only fit about 6.75" in length. Height can fit about .75" and width is about 2" across but considering it being rounded off a 1.75". Unless you are planning to sand it out and make more space but you can only get so much room considering the hand guard is only .25" thick. I also use .28g bb regularly on this gun.

OVERALL: If you just want a good performing gun this is not it for you. If you are looking for some headturners and regular performance this is it. (That is if you have the cash.) The overall outside of the gun is very well done. Internals are great if you don't like customizing to make it better. So pretty much if you want performance you can look somewhere else unless you are planning to further the performance. If you want a beauty this is it for you. For me I wish someone would gave me this much information before I got it. Either way I love this gun because it is a real beauty but the performance I think it should of been better considering the amount you pay for it. Price = beauty.
by Robert R. on 07/19/2012
Hits hard
looks great
400ft range (.20g)
selector switch (marked a for auto on one side so you cant be confused)
Pistol grip (real size, ABSOLUTELY NO WOBBLE! :D)
Rate of fire
No bar in battery compartment
price (since its so high, most people wont have one)
Pro/Con- battery compartment. Hard to get into, but very secure

Blaze orange tip- bright and ugly, and its painted on, not a cap...
there's a small pin on the barrel that is easy to lose
mags are a pain to get in if your not used to it
long battery connector wire takes up a ton of space
racking the bolt sounds... cooler than most AEGs, but not as realistic sounding as some other EBR models...

Overrall, This gun IS worth $500. It is a beauty and a beast. If you buy it, make sure to buy heavy (.30+g bbs) and a smaller battery. Don't use a lipo battery because it isnt lipo ready. Buy it if you have the cash, and want a Navy SEAL loadout, sniper loadout, or DMR role. Thanks Evike for a great rifle!
by David S. on 06/14/2012
"Ordered one(1) of these and looks impressive. Very long, but light considering the size. Running 7.4v 2300 mah battery and has good ROF. Gearbox was shimmed well and runs very quiet along with piston. Field it forthe last 4 weeks with no problems. Magazines are proprietary (only G&G or Classic Army). At the top rear of magazine it has a square notch to accomodate shape of gearbox(so call before ordering mags to ensure compatibility) . Chron
o'd yestarday with.2's @ 392 fps(highest) 389fps(lowest).
by Chad T. on 12/19/2011
"This rifle is Amazing!!!, It is simply an beautiful piece of work, G&G has done it again, and evike got it to me in perfect condition. If you have the money to dish out on it, BUY IT!!!.

Pro's :
Full metal build
Hi cap mag
looks amazing
Can take a lot of attachments(scope, laser, bipod, etc...)

Hard to put battery in at first, but you get used to it(came with a large type connector, however they included a small type adapter, so no worries there)
No others
by joshua g. on 12/19/2011
"This is an AWESOME aeg. Ive had it for about a year now and i have won almost all of my games with it. It is very durable because the gun is almost completely metal, the only parts of the gun that is plastic is the pistol grip and the foregrip. The gun is realy easy to opperate and customise. Its a little bit heavy but its not too bad. It is realy accurate so you can snipe with it but it also has a collapsable stock so that you can use it as a close quarters weapon. This gun is amazing and is definately worth the money but you need to buy a battery because it doesnt come with one.
by Drew L. on 07/28/2013
"This rifle is beautiful... It has range, it has accuracy. I recently acquired this rifle and allow me to say it is worth every penny. This rifle is as solid as a tank except for the front site which slides off so dam easy. People come up to me all the time and are like your rifle is bad ass.
By the way because I know someone out there is going to be a moron, Do not use .2s in it, they will curve up even with the hop up at the lowest setting. I lent it to a friend and he put them in there and he complained about it for a long time and I wanted to hit him with it.
Not your standard rifle either

the orange tip, it is the entire flash hider which is very large
the front site falls off very easily
not a great rof but hey you dont buy one of these for rof