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Matrix 11.1V 25/50C 4000 mAh High Performance Airsoft Li-Poly Battery Pack

8 Customer Reviews

by Tyler P. on 10/24/2013
"Great battery!!! The charger that came with mine is a bit diferant though. (it works great, charges my battery fast and mine came with instructions) it comes with a large type tamyia connector. Other than that, you get everything you would want from a lipo and it is well worth the money. I love mine and am confident u will love yours.
by Adam B. on 10/24/2013
"Just got my order yesterday. Battery seems great, but I am a bit annoyed about the charger. This is the first Li-Polymer battery I've owned and it did not come with any instructions on how to use the charger properly. It has two lights while charging that don't have labels. One was red, the other green. My assumption is that the latter was a confirmation that it was on (seems a bit silly really), and the red will go green when it's done. Also, it was not the same charger depicted. This one looks cheaper, though they are valued at the same price so whatever.

4/5 rating because I am quite happy with the battery which is the main thing anyway. I might recommend just buying the brick separately and going with a better charger. More costly, but you wanna treat your lipo right.
by Kris A. on 10/24/2013
"These battery packs are awesome! The rate of fire clocked faster than my Venom and it lasts almost 3 times as long! I have used many lipo and I have never used on this powerful. There are some 7000mah I am thinking about trying but they are simply too big, these are just the right size.
by Jason V. on 09/22/2012
"This battery is insane! I had to switch to mid cap mags because i couldn't wind the high cap as fast as my gun was shooting. Your rate of fire will be drastically increased with this battey. Plus you can play a ton of games without having to recharge. This battery is worth the price in my opinion. If your ready to step up your game then get this battery.
by Hayden K. on 11/29/2011
"All I can say is WOW!!! This battery made my KWA SR10 dump a mid cap in seconds!! This battery is huge, so I am using an external stock battery pouch, and it works and fits perfectly!! This thing is more powerful (more MAH) than my three other batteries COMBINED!! HIGHLY recommended to those who play long periods of time or want to be able to put 50 rounds on target in a second and a half!!

High ROF
High MAH
Good for all day events/ops.

Cons: Large - 5 1/8 inch tall X 1 7/8 inch wide

Just a note: This has a large connector so guns with a small plug need an adapter.
by Stefano P. on 06/26/2011
"This Battery is awesome! Makes my M4 shoot 30bbs a second. Last all day no problem. Only down side is, I keep burning motors out. Even Shooting Conservatively, the motors tend to over heat and short out.

Because of this I will be down grading to a different battery because I can't find a motor to handle the juice.

But if your set-up is super awesome and for some reason you have a motor I can't purchase, than this battery is for you!
by Eric B. on 11/30/2010
"I have had this battery pack for about a year and a half, play on average twice a month, and have only recharged it twice...that being said, I do shoot very conservatively but that is still a heck of a long time to hold a charge. On the days I play, it's either pulling the M130 spring in my primary, the M120 in my secondary, or either of the M150's in my DMR's. General trigger response and ROF (especially with the M120 spring) are completely insane! Many of the guys and gals on my team ( use the same battery and have had similar good results. Great buy, just make sure your gearbox and wiring can take the extra power...if so, you'll never use another battery again (except for those below-freezing winter days when a lower voltage battery can save your gearbox from cracking). So good that I'm buying another one soon!
by Gabriel S. on 01/28/2011
"Great LiPo, amazing rate of fire. Bumped my 22 RPS gun to 28 RPS, great for pulling high FPS springs or for just a high rate of fire set up. Great discharge rate of 40C makes for a ridiculously fast set up. I wouldn't recommended this for anyone using a low reinforcement gun or piston, as you would run a high risk of stripping the piston.