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FN Herstal Full Metal SCAR Heavy CQC Airsoft AEG Rifle by VFC - Dark Earth

12 Customer Reviews

by Matthew C. on 06/03/2015
"This gun is absolute beast! VFC truly knows how to make excellent high quality AEG's.
Lipo ready
Light weight gun
Offical trademarks make it look very cool and realistic

con for me, $$$$ price is sort of high but I bought this during the memorial day sale so...
Overall 5 stars this gun!!!!
by Christian G. on 04/30/2015
"Owning 4 scars, I believe I've got what it takes to review at least one
Very nice FN HERSTAL trademarks
Full metal upper receiver
Working bolt catch
Adjustable cheek rest
Collapsible/folding stock
Ok battery space(9.6 nunchuk can fit comfortably)
Signature SCAR flip up/down sights
Orange tip was beyond easy to remove in my case
Ambidextrous in just about any way
Gas block contains tool for dissassembly
More than enough rail space
Wiring for the stock is in the folding section of the stock(spare me the exact details guys)
Comes with expensive $40 hi cap (duh)
One unforgivable, unforgettable con is the Rear wiring, it utilizes a car style fuse, very outdated and takes up space
Bottom and side rails are polymer...a hard polymer but still....
Notoriously difficult hop up replacement issues, mine works fine but it may be problematic for others
EXTREMELY expensive mags, $26 midcaps and $40 hi caps
If the gun doesnt empty ur wallet then extra mags will
Hi caps are smooth and flawless fitting, midcaps are EXTREMELY tight fitting for whatever reason
Mags seem to scratch up easily too...
SCARs in general aren't easy for techs to work on, keep that in mind
I'm any case this gun is very much worth the money, VFC is a great brand and SCAR Hs especially are a very rare sight in any field
Very much recommended
by Caleb C. on 12/29/2013
"Well let me say this. This gun just destroys it is an amazing gun this is the perfect Scar for Scar lovers it beats G&G Scars by MILES . I have taken down so many guys with this in the field. I have 3 scars and this thing beats em all don't think twice buy this instead you won't regret it. The info on this gun is wrong the gun has the FN Herstal logo and it has a beautiful color and it shoots about 390-400 FPS out of the box. VFC has done an amazing job! Love it!
by Aaron S. on 04/07/2013
"I barely got this gun last week and it is AWESOME! It is the sickest looking airsoft gun I have ever seen. It will even put cool looking SAWs and M60's to shame. It is so detailed. The picture is wrong, it does not say MK17 MOD0 on the side, instead it has the FN Herstal logo, and in the top right of the left side it says SCARH 7.62x51, then the serial number. Mine shoots around 360 fps with .2's. If you are concerned that the colors don't blend well like they don't in the last few pictures, don't worry. The colors blend well and they look absolutely awesome.

Great FPS for CQB, con if you want to play field
Doesn't really look like the first picture tan, it is more dark earth, which looks really cool.
Comes with a long heavy flashider
Folding, ergonomic stock
looks better than the light version
7.62x51 mags hold 500 bb's.

Expensive mags
Very limited battery space ( you can use a stick type battery, it will fit)

EXTRA PRO: the flashider works as a tuning fork. Just tap it on metal
by Jesse M. on 06/22/2012
"Had this gun for a few months now and i still love it. I haven't had any problems whatsoever. Also has the cool factor. Not the rarest gun out there but definately not as common as an m4 so its something different


-full metal
-no wiring exposed when stock is folded
-functional bolt catch
-authentic FN Herstal trademarks
-tan looks wicked
-as realistic as it gets
-superb rof on 9.6
-nice weight (feels durable)
-performs awesome to date
-breaks down like a real scar (not necessary but just cool)


-Sights are slightly off
-came with a couple deep scrates (1-2cm long, 1/2 -1 cm wide and deep enough it took the paint off)
-fps is a little lower than i'd like (around 350fps good for cqb but i play field)
-having a 9.6 small type battery in the stock only lets it close to the second shortest position (positon 1-5 are usable, position 6 is not)
-my biggest problem is that the sling points are too small to be able to fit a 1-point sling in (mine anyway) and the sling points are plastic with no metal replacements

overall the cons are pretty minor annoyances that ive found and the pros definately outweigh the cons. i would definately buy it again.
by Adam Milam M. on 02/03/2012
"This gun is amazing. The battery is fairly easy to get to and simple to use. My only concern is with how cramped the battery holder is. My battery fits well into it and everything is in order. Fantastic gun.
by zach k. on 12/02/2010
"Great gun! it shoots around 350 fps and thats good for cqb i upgraded the spring so i can use it in woodland but i am disappointed that i have to rewire the gun do to fragile wiring but if you are a huge Febrique Nationale Belgium(FN HERSTAL) fan like me it is a great buy

no wiring when you fold the stock for great realism!
comes with a very nice and very realistic steel flashhider
good rof
good fps but its an easy upgrade for more
functional bolt catch
i could go on all day............(REALISTIC!)

fragile wiring (my conneter snapped to the fuse about a $10 wiring fix if u do it by yourself
comes with a midcap
mags are expensive
by Daniel H. on 11/18/2010
"to clarify some information on this gun, everything stated above is correct except for the magazine, the capacity is 500, not 300. This gun is exactly the same as the VFC SCAR-L, except for a longer hop-up, air nozzle, flash hider, larger magwell, and larger magazine. this AEG is absolutly phenomenal. the 500 rounds per hi-cap mag means you dont have to reload as often which is great for cqb, and midcaps are available, and still hold more rounds than a conventional M4 midcap. this gun is perfect if you want something you're really familiar with (feels very similar yet more comfortable than an M4 or M16) yet want to stand apart from the M4/M16 crowd.

working bolt catch
excelent tan finish
feels extremely sturdy
made of light yet solid materials
full metal
perfectly replicated FN style flash hider and magazine
MK17 markings laser etched into the side of the reciever
INSANE rate of fire on a 9.6v
350fps, perfect for going into cqb or woodland
more versatile and adjustanble than a swiss army knife
breaks down just like a real FN SCAR

sights are a little bit hard to use, front sight shroud is a bit too thick. but who cares you're gonna use an optic with this gun anyway.
limited battery space in the stock, wiring gets in the way
bolt catch doesnt catch when the gun is tilted to the right
by Dennis O. on 04/02/2010
"Just got this gun and I must say it looks and feels much better them my AGM scar lite, I shot about 1,000 rounds out of it and it's smooth and has a killer ROF on a 9.6 battery. The barrel is shorter then what I thought it would be it's all good, the wiring is a pain though it's too long and needs to be cut to be less of a pain for the battery to fit snug. Overall great gun for the money sure beats my old AGM scar!!!!
by Chris D. on 09/26/2013
"Gun shoots great out of the box looks fantastic as well.
All the parts are made to last except the piston. After buying it and using it for a while i learned that the included piston isn't too great and mine is already stripped and being fixed as we speak. A fairly inexpensive fix, but the fact of the matter being that I didn't expect that too be a problem. Besides that, this gun is superb in all areas looks feel everything. Well worth the price tag especially when you add on the accessories (AFG Holo etc)
And DO NOT WORRY ABOUT BATTERY SPACE. I guess people don't think this through. Get a strap on pouch to mount on the side of the stock and it will fit any battery. And it also adds some BAMF looks to the gun. It's like a $5-$10 fix and is always overlooked.
by Kyle W. on 10/15/2016
"This replica is very aesthetically pleasing to look at and has the iconic shape to signify that you are a scar owner. The platform is solid no rattling noises.

VFC is known for the externals of the gun and this doesn't disappoint. Very well made and balanced pew pew stick. The gun is noticeably light weight for .308 replica. It has trades on the replica system, although I don't care for them they do look nice and compliments the overall flow of the system. The traditional motor grip is comfortable and is slimmer than other stock grips on the market. Selector has a positive click to know that you’re ready to go. The only external gripe I have is that I don't like on the replica is the stock, granted it has lasted a while I wouldn't put too much stress on it though. The bolt catch does work and it is the sound of divine intervention to hear it rack.

The internals are trash, to be straight with you all. For full price this gun is not competitive or durable. The self-shimming gears sounds like a good idea but it was not well thought out. I have less than 5k rounds and I am seeing metal shaving inside the external shell of the gun and it is from the gears. The hop up system is the worst hop up ever used by far. Doesn't hold adjustment the hop up arm misses the barrel window with the hop up nub. The result of this is poor range which makes this pew pew stick a $380 paper weight. Not all the internal parts are trash, the trigger, compression parts, motor and wiring are nice. The compression holds up well for stock parts. Motor gives it a snappy feel with good trigger response. Speaking of trigger, most comfortable trigger and smooth motion. But the gears and hop up to this gun is really a glaring weakness to this iteration for this replica.

Great gun to look at and admire from a far; that's all you will get unless you put time, money and effort in this pew pew stick to make it competitive. Gears will need to be replace and a huge overhaul on the hop up unit must be done to be able to play competitively. Gears can be replace and shim them the normal way. There is not simple fix for the hop up unit though you can't replace it since it is proprietary and metal one they sell on here is junk. You can get this to shoot well but it will take time to do so: good barrel, bucking, rhop, m nub, and modifying hop up unit. I spent over 14 hours just with the barrel assembly to make it shoot amazing. I love my scar but I say all these things because this will be a project gun not a good stock gun. I would not recommend this gun to a novice or someone that is not tech savvy. I hope this helps

Great build quality
Light weight
Oddly comfortable trigger

Hop up unit
Self-shimming gears
Price tag for a project gun

by Anders M. on 04/01/2010
"This gun is great, but the price is another story. It also has 40fewer fps than say the dboy or echo1 scar/mk16. It may be more sturdy, but fps and price are at cost to it. Same gun model, different price and weaker gearbox.