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Softair Licensed Metal Gearbox FAMAS F1 Bullpup Airsoft AEG Rifle

48 Customer Reviews

by Kevin C. on 12/26/2016
"Great quality and price, its old but its actually great with the right bbs, its held up through alot and just overall a great gun.
-its old
- thats about it
- quality is great
-amazing range
-fully upgradeable
-easy to carry around and short muzzle
by Lisa S. on 12/01/2016
"This is a great gun, and it has never failed yet. I have had it for a while now and the only problem is you have to make sure to pull the trigger all the way back in semi auto otherwise it jams. To unjam the gun just simply put it in full auto and shoot it for like 1-2 seconds.
by Pamela V. on 07/27/2016
"Amazing gun! I've ran so many games with this rifle and it has proven itself many times. I've used it in CQB environments and dominated, as well as large open forests, never once has it failed me!

This rifle is perfect for anyone wanting a begginer gun as it is cheap and high quality. This is definitely a rifle worth buying, and it will not disappoint!
by Patty S. on 02/17/2016
"Ive owned this for 6 years. This is the greatest airsoft gun EVER. It is lightweight, compact, accurate, powerful, and unbelievably reliable. Ive put 100,000 rounds out of it, easy. Not one jam. This was my first AEG, and it is by far the best. I own a A&K M60vn( Another great gun), and this is still my favorite. The FPS is just perfect for use as a all-rounder AEG, chrono'd at 288 FPS with .25 g BBs. Good for outdoor or CQB battles. I use a 9.6v NIMH brick-type battery, and the fire rate and trigger response is amazing. It performs particularly well in CQB due to it being a bullpup rifle. My only complaints are that it doesn't perform well on semi-auto when the battery is low: It will stop firing and act like its out of battery even though there is still some left. i found that if you switch to full auto and fire a few rounds then switch back to semi, it will start working again on semi. A second issue that has come up is the battery compartment is small, just barely large enough for a 9.6v NiMH 1600 mah. It will fit, but dont expect anything bigger.
Compact and lightweight
FPS perfect for any battle scenario
Hop-up easily accessed
Second Safety mechanism
Rate of Fire
Durability (even the plastic is tough!)
Affordable (why don't you have it yet????)

Semi loses reliability with low battery
Small battery compartment
Doesn't have many customization options like M4's or AK's
I didn't get this from evike

Overall, i give this 500 out of 100 (yup, i just said that).
This is a great gun and i would recommend it to anyone, whether they are pros or noobs, young or old, new to the game or veterans looking for a fine addition to their collection
by Alucard C. on 09/19/2014
"This is probably one of the best guns I've ever bought for the price. While stock it doesn't perform the best, it easily took a M120 spring and the stock motor pulled it easily with a 9.6 batt.

Stock it shot 310 w/ .25's and with a M120 installed, it shoots 370 w/ .25's.

Look online some tutorials to mod some M16 mags and you'll be set.

Easily handled M120 spring with no after market motor.
Rather sturdy plastic.
Cylinder is Ver7.
Ver1 "modified" gearbox is upgrade-able with Ver2,3,7 parts.
Simple Dremel work to make the magwell to accept M16 mags, and to make M16 mags work with the mag release (and can still be used in M16's).

Wiring was soldered to motor.

Which you don't need to upgrade the motor anyway. Seriously though, this thing only need a M120 and a tightbore w/ new bucking and you will be all set.
by Travis P. on 07/11/2014
"Great gun!
Bought this gun a couple months ago and after is many battles, its still holding up great. it has a nice FPS (feet per second) and ROF (rate of fire) but the bipod is quite useless. Of all the airsoft battles I've done with it, I've never used the bipod, but because it is useless in battle doesn't mean its useless out of battle. I have found that the bipod is very helpful when it comes to display. But I'm getting of track. The point is, its a great gun for both the experienced and the rookies and I should know considering the fact that I have owned 4 AEG's (automatic, Electric, gun) in my airsoft career... but just remember. Have fun and play safe. Its up to us airsofters to show the world that we aren't just a bunch of trigger happy nut-jobs...
its up to us airsofters to show the world that we are just men and women doing what we love... airsoft...
by Dylan n. on 11/09/2012
"This gun is great i have seen a lot of videos saying bad stuff about this gun.. i pulled it out of the box and fell in love. it grew on me! and deff makes people take a second look when you walk by! it gets about 380 Fps with .2 so its not bad and keeps that rate and gets 12 rof so its ok! you can fix it with a 9.6 volt battery! oly prob is where the battery goes its a pain..
by Mitchell G. on 03/04/2012
"First thing I will say, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. This gun is a great gun. alot of people complain about "the outside being cheap plastic" It isn't cheap plastic I am 275lbs and I landed on this thing on rocks no cracks or anything. The real gun is plastic on the outside so if you want a metal one well you don't need this gun because you don't know about the real one. The gun is almost the exact same weight as the real one.

You can upgrade the gearbox, the one in it is based on the v1 from TM but there are others that fit in there, just do alot of research.
I have learned that no 2 of these guns are the same for FPS. I have seen video's of people only getting 340. While iv seen people getting 365+. Mine personally out of the box is doing 385 with .20g

Another massive thing I see alot when seeing reveiws for this gun is about the mag, I almost said screw the thing because mine was having problems. The problem is the internal spring, take the clip apart and tighten the spring on the feed wheel. IF that dosnt work you can modify m4/m16 mags to fit in the gun perfectly.

To sum up this is a amazing gun to get. It preforms the same as my friends kwa m4 on everything other then fire rate which can be fixed by using a 9.6v. Where I am from all you see are m4's other then in my group so you get alot of people wanting to hold it and look at it

The price is better then the TM and the gun is better then the TM.
by Doug G. on 12/06/2011
"Great Gun! For everyone who is having trouble with the battery: Rip the grey foam square out of the hand guard and you will have no problem. I would recommend a 9.6 volt battery because the rate of fire is a bit slow, but really its an airsoft gun no big deal about rof as the accuracy of the rifle is fantastic, i added a fore grip to help improve the accuracy even more and i can hit a quarter from 40 feet out with fixed sights and perfect shooting conditions. MOVING ON get this gun if
A. You want an accurate and compact airsoft gun
B. On a budget, defiantly one of the best AEG's in the price range
C. Are tired of lugging around crappy metal guns that are really useless because you won't be breaching anything... i hope. Please guys learn to handle the gun and maintain it and it'll work as expected. Really 361 fps as a con gimme a break... As long as your gun shoots above 300 fps and can hit a man sized target from 150 feet away you got your self one damn good gun. Thanks guys and you can see my video review on Youtube @ R3volutionaryAirsoft's page
by Steven J. on 11/21/2011
"This was my first airsoft gun, and it's the best so far! It is ultra-reliable, pretty sturdy, packs a punch, and it's ergonomics are top-notch. I would recommend this gun for anyone who doesn't care much for customization.

extreme reliability, ergonomics, excellent handling, easy to use, good mags, powerful fps (averages about 380 fps on a good charge), battery life lasts a while, perfectly balanced rpm, great reputation, beautiful weapon balance, very basic and very infrequent maintenance, worth more than the given price, multi-role capabilities, ambidextrous design

maintenance of the bipod, lack of rails (for those who care), weight (for smaller people), putting the battery cover on the gun with the battery inside (for first-time owners), longer-range accuracy

Overall, it is excellent. It is most useful from CQC - medium mid-range combat.
by Benjamin R. on 02/18/2011
"Great gun out of the box chronograph was around the 445 range with matrix 20 grams.

Pros: Great range and accuracy
Good Bi-pod
Nice mag
very good weight
Bottom rail
Good safety

Cons: Stock goes into negative slant and makes you want to point it up
no scope rail

If your the kind of person that uses a red dot sight or even a scope i suggest buying an m16 carrying handle adapter for 12 buck over the famas rail for 35 only because there the same rail just slightly smaller. over very good gun.
by Logan E. on 01/05/2011
"This is a really good gun for its price... Good for the mid players but not the advanced players.

The biggest feature I love about this gun is how rare they are... Bring one to a game and just watch peoples head turn.

Pros are great accuracy, good FPS ( Mine chronoed at 350-360, that could just be mine though ) good size mag (300 Hi-cap) *I suggest you get a spare*, strong plastic, bullpup design, it has two safety systems to be extra sure, very heavy on the hands if your looking for realism and its rare design.

Cons though... Its hard to find extra parts for this gun, i.e; if you want to put a optic on it you have to buy a rail which are hard to find... The only one I found was $50.00 and it was sold out... another is getting the battery in is REALLY HARD!... Im just letting you know now...

In the end, it is a very nice AEG and it has treated me well on the battle field!

If you are looking for a good gun at a cheap price, a bullpup design or looking for a gun thats different, this may be the gun for you!
by Dave l. on 12/27/2010
"I got this weapon on chrismas day and it works fantastic it shoots fast doesnt jam is is a good weight.


hits hard
shoots fast
has a nice weight

doesnt come with a foregrip which is really a con to me becausee it doesnt say it does
by Pierre-Marc L. on 12/21/2010
"i got this gun on pre order and when i got it i was pretty happy with what i got

pretty good weight
bi pod sturdy and metal
comfortable feel to it
good fps

acuracy isent that good because the sights arent that good u have to find the sights u want and c how they work for u
not full metal like i thought it would be only bipod clip trigger gard barrel is metal
by Sam N. on 11/29/2010
"This gun is amazing. I personally use 25 gram BBs with it but 20 packs a harder punch at close range. the only problems are the unclear manual and that there is no place to put a sling. i just tie it around the carrying handle. one thing you should know is that you must wind the wheel on the bottom of the clip until it starts making a different noise. any less and it wont fire the whole clip or any more and you will brake the spring coil. the bi-pod is quite useful and the sights aren't half bad. not to mention they give you a grenade launcher sight ( it flips up int the middle of the handle). I just cant figure out what the lever in the carrying handle does.

good equipment

manual doesn't tell you anything
no place for a strap
the battery is impossible to get back in without it looking like you might break the barrel.

Seriously, what is that lever for?