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CQB Master / WE Complete Hyper Speed Aluminum Slide Set for 1911 / HICAPA Airsoft Gas Blowback Series - Black

5 Customer Reviews

by Evan W. on 01/11/2013
"This slide set is well worth the money. The inner barrel is blue, but I don't believe it's a tightbore, just made out of aluminium. The hop-up could be better, which is to be expected for $55 (a good one will cost that much by itself). The frame itself looks amazing; its not quite black, more of a very dark grey which gave my kjw M1911 tact. a cool two-tone look.
As for duribility, I put a guarder 150% recoil spring in it and it's still holding up well (has an enormous kick) because of that this slide will decrease gas efficiency quite a bit. I'm testing it in the winter though so at 40 degrees it's going to fair poorly anyways.

Besides that, the only real con I had was that the slide could have fit a little bit better on the lower frame, had to put a few strips of tape in between to stop a little rattling. also the slide rubs and can sometimes catch on the hammer of my gun. hopefully a little file work will fix that
by Chris B. on 07/22/2012
"Honestly for this entire slide, it's well worth it. My 5.1 hi Capa silver Dragon wouldn't shoot the same. So I decided to go for the cheapest solution. I didn't want to troubleshoot each part and end up buying little by little. (hop chamber, slide, spring ,etc). So I bought this.

This in my opinion has a harder kick that than the original dragon slide. So much that it broke my WE Tech stock grip in half. There are these hard ABS plastic grips that work well with this slide. The ABS plastic has not split in half since this slide has been installed.
by Nicole K. on 09/22/2010
"what type of threading is the barrel? -14mm or +14mm? thanks
by Quynn C. on 09/17/2010
"First up, this is a steal. It's a complete upper slide assembly for any modern 1911 Colt/Hi-Capa style pistol. It comes with everything to get working right away, and for my TM 5.1 Hi-Capa, this was a perfect fit. On the product description, you can see already what it comes with, so again, this is downright ROBBERY for how much this thing is. You need any replacement part for your upper slide assembly for your GBB? It's is much cheaper to buy this for all it's parts than to go for the individual parts, unless you are looking for higher performance parts like a tight-bore barrel or whatnot.

Consider this for the cost of replacing an entire slide through individual parts alone:
- Slide = $55-300. Honestly, the higher cost ones are either just fancy or are lighter/ machined very precisely, which this slide came with no issues, and I can't agree to that cost after getting this slide kit.
- Front and rear sight = $25-50 Seriously, just for the sights alone.
- Metal Inner barrel = $35-60 This is for a decent tight-bore barrel. And this comes with a 6.04-.05mm barrel versus the 6.07mm barrel of the TM Hi-Capa 5.1.
- Metal Outer Barrel = $30-40. And the barrel comes with a threaded adapter for a mock silencer.
- Spring Guide = $12-15. This seems like an average spring guide, though it glides really well.
- Recoil Spring = $12-20. Only if you want a harder "clack" when firing, though this one comes with a satisfying clack and recoil, though light enough to keep a solid bead.
- Hopup unit =$20. This is much harder part to come across. This seams already well adjusted out of the box/bag.
- Blowback chamber and loading nozzle = $20-30 A bit hard of a part to find and get, but still expensive.

So add all that up. You will at least spend nearly $210 on retail prices. And instead of hoping to find a decent boneyard/junk gun to scrap for parts, this comes with all the replacement parts you need for a quarter of the price you'd be spending otherwise. Seriously, if just one part of your upper assembly is broken, you may as well get this to take care of any other part replacements you need.

As for the product itself, It seems to have a very fine machine design quality, the matte black is solid and doesn't easily scratch off. The barrel design is fluted, and has a nice unique look which goes well. The branding is limited to just CBQ Master on the left side, and .45 ACP on the right, so it doesn't stand out of place from the gun. Sadly if you want the original branding, for say the TM Hi-Capa, then you'd have to go for the Guarder slides if available. The weight is about a little over a pound, and does add some weight balance to my 5.1 TM Hi-Capa. The slide is either well machined or comes with a light oil and thus easily glides on the lower frame assembly. There is a slight grind sound, but then again, the oil will take care of that, and won't be that noticeable when you're firing off shots. I personally think it adds to the slide sound experience.Plus, though the threaded piece is blaze colored, it still is a silencer adapter that you can keep on or off if you plan on moving to a longer barrel, so it takes care of any future modifications.

It'll likely not be as nice as more expensive slide replacements, but if you want a practical and cheap part replacement for your 1911/Hi-Capa GBB pistol, then this will fit that bill perfectly. I bought this after I lost a side screw for my rear sight, lost the front sight, and after my original slide cracked, and I haven't been happier.
by Daniel H. on 09/13/2012
"Very nice aftermarket slide
worth the price
6.03 blue coated inner barrel

hop up does not stay when adjusted. As you shoot, because of the huge kick back, it will tend to shake the hope up adjuster down.