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Model: GP-WE-053

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by Nash C. on 2012-06-25 19:27:46
"I just wanna start off by saying that this is a really great gun, especially for indoor/CQB Fields, i got this gun as it is my first gas gun and my only one right now

Great tan look
Nice color contrast
Full metal excluding the side panels and air nozzle
Perfect for CQB and pistol games
1 10 second load can fire 2-3 magazines

The paint scratches easily
The glued orange tip is very hard to remove
Thats about it
by Michael B. on 2012-05-29 18:29:21
"Very nice looking pistol. Well built frame and slide. Black paint on the levers comes off rather easily but makes it look weathered. That's a plus in my book. The magazine has a thick bumper on the base that doesn't allow green gas can valves to reach the charging point. You need to buy the adapter but Evike sells it for a couple of bucks. See below.

Matrix CNC Gas Can Extension Metal Adapter (For Gas Mag with Deep Charging Valve)

Had to rate it in the middle for two reasons;
First, because WE doesn't advise the deep charge valve requirement.
Second, when I did order the adapter it worked great but the gun came with a leaky mag. Argh!
I'm sure the warranty squad will take care of things and the gun will be up and running "sound as a pound".
by Mark I. on 2012-02-01 13:50:45
"I am just gonna cut to the chase. I can start off by saying that this gun is great! The full metal weight adds for a very realistic feel. The rail on the bottom is perfect for flashlights. The threaded barrel is perfect for mock silencers for players who like the tactical look. The gun shoots at around 300-320 fps and is extremley accurate. When i got it i didn't even need to change the hop-up. The gas system is very efficient and you can run through a normal 2 magazines with 1 7 second injection of gas. The sights are perfect. The other thing i like about it is that you get a carrying case when you purchase this gun. I am not sure if it was out of the kindness of evike or if everyone gets it. But all I know is that this is a great gun. There is only one drwaback for this gun. The normal magazine for the gun is an meu mag. The valve is soo deep into the mag that most green gas cans nozzles cannot reach the valve. This is not a problem for propane users but for green gas users, it is. If you are going to purchase this gun, you will need to get a nozzle extender for your green gas can which can be purchased from your green gas manufacturer. If you do bot want to go through this trouble, you can purchase a spare we cqb master mag which works with all green gas types. Other than that, this gun is very worth the money and you will not be disappointed.
Great heavyweight feel
Very realistic feel
Great for cqb
99$ with a carrying case
nice trigger pull

meu mags are not efficient with most green gas cans
by robbie b. on 2012-01-14 22:46:53
"its a great gun it will not let you down in the field. full metal construction and many other freatures

full metal
light trigger pull
more compact than other 1911's
comes with a gun case

i got a leaky mag with mine
sights wobble
needs to be lubricated constently
slide some times locks up
over time assembly gets a little difficult

over all about a 8/10 but in is going to be very reliable in the field you know its gonna go band every time
by Kevin O. on 2012-01-12 19:32:03
"This is my second GBB pistol and it is awesome! Right out of the case it is ready to go and this gun will not disappoint. The blowback gives a nice kick and the overall feel of the gun is great. Aesthetics wise this gun has great appeal. Only thing I noticed is no markings of any kind on the gun but it really doesn't make a difference. Anyone on the receiving end of the gun won't even notice. As a secondary weapon this gun will get the job done. The grouping at 25 ft was very tight. I had no problem hitting a target which was 4 inches in diameter. With green gas and using .2g BBs this gun averaged 290 FPS. Overall this is a great gun for a great price!!

Nice Heavy Feel
Great Rail System for adding lasers/tac lights
Good Performace
Threaded Barrel for Silencer (gives the gun a great tactical look)
Solid Blow Back kick
Very accurate for CQB scenarios

My gun came with a slight scratch mark on the grip plate
Grip Safety takes a little getting use to... I've only used a glock before this gun...
Wish there were some markings or logos on the gun... Looks plain... nice but plain
(notice all my cons are aesthetic related, the performance had no complaints.)

NOTE: if you purchase the flashlight and silencer I have two things to say... First, the flashlight looks awesome but if difficult to put on. Be careful when sliding it onto the rail system. Second, the mock silencer I have is the JBU 4.75 inch barrel. In order to make the silencer work, I had to add a washer which allows the silencer to not interfere with the fake gas tube. You will notice it when you first install your silencer, when you try and pull the slide back that the back of the silencer will hit the lower tube. Don't panic just use the same washer which can be found on any M4 nozzle.
by Alexander O. on 2012-01-10 16:06:21
"This gun is amazing it shoots 320+ FPS with .2 grams. It did not come with a carrying case but it came with a threaded barrel instead which I think is great. But anyways great pistol, great price, and a big bang for your buck
by Denise L. on 2011-12-28 09:58:04
"I got this for my son and this gun came perfect out of the box he is already shot it like a hundered times and he wont stop holding it he is in love with the gun

Pros: great kick, nice feel, full metal, nice grip, and has rails

Cons: 15 round mag, only one trade mark
by Jack Ryan R. on 2011-12-22 19:53:53
"Ok so i just got this gun today, and let me just say OHH MY GOD!!!! This gun is superior on all fronts.
Its light durable and compact.


None that I could find.

All in All 5/5
by Stephan P. on 2011-12-08 20:42:28
"Very good gun, get one if you have the money you wont regret it. It looks fantastic to go along with any tan/desert loadout
by Jasper A. on 2011-07-13 03:14:31
"Since I dont see any other latest reviews, I feel it would be beneficial to others if I wrote one myself, in a much more recent matter.

I believe right now it is out of stock, but keep your eye on this gun! Ive waited a good month checking it weekly, and finally it was in stock, every penny is worth it with this gun.

All in all, this pistol does the job. for $99 you cant go wrong, If you do plan on purchasing this pistol you have to grab the Holy Cow Special, its almost a sin for not getting one. The pistol has an amazing feel to it, as others stated it does have a much darker color in person, but its no problem. Great kick. and overall just looks good. The nice carrying case that comes with it, tops it off as well.

I used this gun almost as a primary when I was at my local CQB Arena, I was the main flag carrier for my team, and let me just say. This pistol was scaring everybody, you can practically hear it kick and see slight smoke clouds coming out of the gun. The overall accuracy is amazing on this pistol, I didn't need to adjust the hop up at all. I found myself using this much more often then my primary.

To round things up.

Pros ;
- Great Kick and Feel
- Holy Cow Special
- $99 w/ a carrying case
- Accuracy is on point
- 330+ FPS.
- 16+1 ( not much, but its enough for me , having 32 bullets to use on a fast paced CQB game )
- Comes with a rail, any laser pointers or flashlights you may have slides right in.

Cons ;
- I purchased the supressor attachment and found myself having trouble using it, idk if its just my gun itself or the supressor, but I don't recommend getting it.
by Anders C. on 2011-06-16 19:01:10
"All I can say is... Wow. This is my first gbb pistol and I have had almost no problems with the gun.
Well, almost none. Upon recieving the gun, I immediately wanted t try it out. So I filled the mag with green gas and tried firing it. I only got two shots off before it ran out of gas. Confused, I checked the Internet for a solution. I did everything, lubing the o-rings, putting tape around the fill vavle. As it turned out, I filled the mags the wrong way. After that, it has been excessively happy trails.

Pros: heavy (in a good way, very balanced)
nice feel, slide moves in place with a reassuring slap
threatening looks (one guy mistook it for a dessert eagle!)
great recoil feel
Cons:heavy (not a problem for me, but for others)
rail system is wobbly and takes away fear factor
mag problem (more human error for this though)
Over 9000!!!!!/5 stars
by cody t. on 2011-04-27 08:29:00
"I recived mine about 2 monthes ago and I am just purly in love with this gun it is the best gas pistols I have ever handled it has a great feel to it and it is very solid. I used it in a couple of matches and I just love it it's amazing out on the field.

Feels great
Comes with hard case
Good fps (CQB)
Accurate out the box

Nothing at all
This is an amazing gun it won't disappoint. BUY IT NOW!!!!

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