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Element QD Barrel Extension w/ 14mm Positive Scar & Masada Type Steel Flashhider for Airsoft - Tan

7 Customer Reviews

by Rick S. on 04/14/2014
"Nice product, decent price, looks nice. I like the fact that I can easily remove the silencer.
by Andrew N. on 04/14/2014
"For $45, you cannot beat it. Most places I looked at sells this kit for over $80! But then again I personally know a few resellers that buys everything from Evike. Easy to use and my favorite part is the steel sound it makes when you install this.

Conclusion: Looks awesome on my scar! The flashhider on this kit alone in my opinion is worth the $45 since it looks so much nicer than the plastic one that came with my gun!
The ability to quickly screw on the suppressor when needed is a plus. (I hate unscrewing the flashhider).

I am trying to see if I can fit a tracer unit in this suppressor, stay tuned for my future reviews.
by David A. on 04/14/2014
"This product could be better; the look, feel and weight are perfect, but I believe my suppressor unit does not fit the hider as snug as it could, this could be fixed with the proper-size rubber o-ring but as it stands, when crewed on, my suppressor actually blocks some of my shots because it sits off-kilter at a canted angle.

The hider itself does have a very aggressive look, but mine came with a lot of patina over what looked like an old finish; I don't recommend painting it flat black unless you're planning to have it anodized so that the paint doesn't fleck off as easily upon impact.

This suppressor combo gets 4/5 due to the fact the suppressor sits canted; the hider is heavy and robust, but its finish is a little lacking, which is purely a cosmetic discrepancy whereas the suppressor is a genuine function issue. Perhaps mine was just the bad one out of many good ones, but at this point it's just eye-candy for me.
by Jonathan p. on 04/14/2014
"love it!
the flash hider gives the gun a nice metallic ping w/o the suppressor attached.
the suppressor is also very nice! it comes apart and is filled with foam rings and may not really quiet the gun but it does give it a different tone.
I've paid more for less so I have to say it's worth every penny for your WE Tech gbb SCAR.
by Josh K. on 04/14/2014
"This thing is very well made. I put it on my G&P M4 Alpha and it really adds to the overall look of that rifle. Mock Silencer is perfect size and works very will with BB's ROF and line. Foam inside holds well. But my favorite feature of this set, is how easy the silencer attaches to the always attaches flash hider. You just attach it and twist 1-2 times and click - locked in. Very well made and durable. Great piece of gear.
by Alex C. on 04/14/2014
"amazing (mock) silencer. weighs so little i can barely tell it's there. A lot lighter than a AAC suppressor. fits the flash hider well. great quality.
by Tomas P. on 12/10/2012
"This is a good looking flash hider with mock silencer included. Easy to take it on or off.

The only problem with it is that it does not screw on tight enough and can become loose and even loose enough to mess up the bbs if your inner barrel is not long enough. I actually smashed some bbs inside of it once. You could glue it but then it makes the standard flash hider useless.

- Looks Good
- Easy to put on and take off

- Becomes loose too easily
- bbs can jam/ break apart inside of it

Final Thoughts: You might think about getting the stubby version of this. There will be less chance of obstructing the bbs.

Final Rating: 7/10