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G&G GR15 Raider Full Size Carbine Electric Blow Back Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black / Gun Only)

28 Customer Reviews

by Kody y. on 03/27/2016
"it is very durable and accurate also i painted mine green
by Frank L. on 06/11/2015
"Great Gun!

When i got the gun i noticed that the front sight is not removable and that the inner barrel was kinda floating inside the outer barrel. The inner barrel would kind of "shake" after being shot which made full auto extremely inaccurate. To solve this i removed the stock outer barrel and put a G&P outer barrel and then put a magpul handguard. Shoots great.

Great accuracy
nice blowback
nice ROF
solid construction
fairly lightweight
firm hop up
metal front rails
metal magazine
firm magwell (no wobble)
very nice motor grip
very tight groupings

crappy outer barrel
plastic hop up (Works very well, barely even a con)
plastic rails get indented fairly easily ( i solved this by putting a metal sight riser on the plastic rails)
buttstock is very, very hard to take off the buffer tube
by Noah D. on 01/21/2015
"i have had mine for a while and it has held up amazingly! i did a DMR build and it is the best one yet this is a honestly a great platform to build a custom gun off of, i have changed this gun a lot ad it still has the same polymer body, the polymer is super strong i dropped it of my deck and it landed on a rock and didn't snap your not going to need to replace the upper and lower, the gears are solid and the piston doesn't even have a scratch also the black on tan contrast looks wicked nice on this gun the chrome bolt just makes the looks on this gun!
if your going to put a heavier spring in or anything internaly GET A NEW MOTOR, i killed mine on an m140 spring and 7.4 lipo after 1000 rounds

accuret (i was able to hit a 10in target at 180 ft, put a tight bore in and you'll hit 200)
awesome polymer
shoots faster than other m4s with blow back using a 9.6
shoots hard
looks cool
light weight
crane stock
strong gears

rail wobbles after a while
g&gs pain of an orange tip
motor works but its not great
by Cole s. on 05/07/2014
"this gun is awesome i love it. the mag feeds awesome I've had no jams which is good,the sights are descent (i recommend getting and optic) looks great, has metal rails, but polymer body, pretty accurate I've hit a coke can 20 yards out with it while it had an eotech holo sight. i don't understand this "oo the rails can cut your hands" mess just wear gloves or toughen your hands up. I've never cut myself on them.

works with 9.6v battery
looks awesome
good mag
you should use a sling it has 2 points for sling mounting
by Miles F. on 04/11/2014
"If you are looking to buy this gun then stop looking and just get it! I've had this gun almost since it came out back in 2010. Now 4 years later it still performs like it just came out of the box. This gun is great for beginners or veterans, not to mention this is probably the best buy you will get for $200.

-Great Weight
-Blowback (which is always cool)
-Perfect FPS which makes it great for both outdoor and indoor (375 fps)
-The accuracy is on point, if its not, the hop-up is easy to adjust to make it dead on
-Rails offer maximum customization (I have a grip, sight, laser pointer, and even a bayonet on it!)
-Battery compartment is tough to get open but easy to put in battery (I consider good, may vary for others)

None that I can think of off the top of my head
It jammed twice in four years (if you consider that a con)
The front rails + barrel shell came off once or twice but only need an Allen wrench to tighten the screw and its fixed in 2 minutes. (not a con in my book but others might see differently)

Overall this is a great weapon and I wouldn't expect anything else from G&G. It's really just that good, get it!
by Maria T. on 03/15/2014
"This is a very good gun i am not a beginner i have been playing airsoft for about two years now and i know a good gun when i see one. I have seen no problems with this gun and its a good gun to just trick out.There was only on minor problem i saw when i had the stock fully extended the wire on the battery tore a little bit i fixed this problem by not full extending the stock. this is an overall good gun and i would recommend this to anyone... but i would get another pistol grip this one is a little uncomfortable
by Zachary L. on 10/08/2013
"I'm not going to go into a pros and cons list because the people before me said all that can be said there. I just wanted to say that this is an extremely reliable gun. I have had this as my primary gun for about three years now and it still works great. I orriginally bought it when I was moving from paintballing to airsofting as more of a begining gun just to get into the sport. However, I have never felt the need to get another gun. This thing is a tank, I have dropped it many times, once in a stream, and it performs just as good as ever. I recommend this gun for cqb games because at longer ranges it is not as accurate as some other guns however with that being said it is still a very good gun.
by Kovy Rosenbaum R. on 09/10/2013
"I have spent a few months with this gun and have really gotten a feel for it's performance. I took it out on multiple outdoor battles, and this gun performed amazingly for the price, rivaling $300+ AEGs from other manufactures. The actual build quality of the gun could be just a tiny bit better for the price, perhaps more metal and less polymer but it is sufficient and nevertheless a high quality body. This gun has never failed on me.

Good build quality
Great fire rate (with a 9.6V BFB)
Range is good
Good weight. Not heavy, not a paper weight.

Not full metal
crane stock (personally not a fan of it, but thats just me. You might love it)
...thats about it.

As per the blowback function, Its a nice little touch but honestly not enough to actually feel. I do like the noise it produces, its more of pop then the typical electric spring-action noise from non blowback AEGs. At the end of the day Its really just a personal preference.

I do recommend you upgrade the inner barrel, I found it to increase my accuracy drastically. Keep the internals lubricated and use a powerful battery (recommend 9.6V 1600mA) and you will enjoy this gun thoroughly.
by William G. on 07/21/2013
"I got this for my birthday in June. I have since used it in several battles and put several thousand rounds through it.

The gun preforms perfectly. It has great range and accuracy, and a respectable rate of fire. There is a treeline out probably 200 feet or more away from my deck that I use for target practice, and I'm able to hit the trees no problem, though I recommend getting an ACOG to help you with this.


-Good range
-Great accuracy
-Looks great
-Feels good
-Nice rate of fire


-Hop-up is a bit stiff out of the box
-RIS has a slight wobble, which is just a bit of an annoyance than anything
-Front sight isn't removable
-Orange tip is a pain in the arse to remove

Overall, it's a great gun. If you are considering buying it, do it. You won't regret it.
by George D. on 10/15/2012
"this gun is amazing, if you want to find that perfect gun out there, this is the one.

pros: great fps will let you go to tournaments
perfect weight
high rpm
durable body(wont scratch or anything)
lots of rail space
blowback is awesome
great sights
crane stock holds big batteries
crisp trigger
perfect hand grip
6 position stock
looks awesome

cons: the orange flash hider is impossible to come off
rails can be sharp
by Reagan G. on 09/26/2012
"got this awhile ago and can say that it is one of the best guns i have ever used.

good fps
good weight
battery is in the stock
comfy grip
good iron sights

really hard to remove orange tip
cant take off front sight
good fire rate

overall this is a really good gun!
by Orion S. on 08/11/2012
"This gun is amazing right out of the box. It is the best gun I had so far and will recommend to friends.

Light weight
Nice size mag
ROF fire is great

Stock is a little wobbly
the mag mis-feeds at times
body is plastic

Overall i rate this gun 5/5 right out of box. Its a good price for this rifle. I reccomend at 9.6 1600 battery to make rof higher
by brenndan f. on 04/28/2012
"This gun is amazing! I just got the gun and it works like a charm! I recommend this gun to everyone the blowback adds a LOT of realizm. The rail fits most attachments. I have a for grip, acog, and they fit nice and look great. The gun is also point 1 sling capable.
by zack f. on 01/27/2012
"i shopped at the evike walk in store after shopping online for an m4 intermediate gun by G&G. i tried out some JG brand m4s but this one was overall better, though more expensive, but way better quality. the workers in the store were friendly and let me try out thier guns. i give them and the gun 5 out of 5 stars! i replaced my old AK-47u by JG with this and havent looked back since. i absolutely love this gun and reccomend this version over the regular size carbine, because it has more accuracy and range, depending on how you put the hop up. evike, as well as i, reccomend the 9,6v 1600 mAh battery and smart charger

-metal rails
-great adjustable sights
-accurate and adjustible range
-niiiiice grip
-perfect for field
-can take off the rear sight and mound fancier optics like acog, holo, or others
-adjustable stock
-can put a bayonet on it

-plastic body (can be upgradable by most trusted airsoft stores)
-does not come with battery or charger
-adgustible stock wobbles a bit, but wont fall off
by BRANDON M. on 12/28/2011
"first off, this gun is nylon fiber reinforced abs. BUT DONT LET THAT DETER YOU!!!!!!!! this gun is BEAST the rate of fire is about 14-16 with an intelect/g&p 9.6 1600 mah battery. there is NO flexing like a cheap chinese clone. the tan from the metal and the plastic are almost the same color. this gun looks like metal but is half the weight. the iron sights are really nice but hard to see with a mask.

light weight
looks beastly
high ROF
high FPS for G&G
nice tango down grip


otherwise this gun is REALLY good and you should get it, its best with a intelect 9.6