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Pre-Order ETA January 2017 SOCOM Gear Licensed Noveske N4 10.5" AEG w/ KX3 Flashhider

5 Customer Reviews

by Daniel D. on 01/06/2015
"Just got mine in tonight , and I must say it is impressive , rof on an 11.1 is great. Looks amazing feels amazing . As stated above the mag provided is quite tight but all my other random mags fit fine. The rail and the upper still don't match up quite right but my eotech clone doesn't seem to mind. One thing I did notice when adding attachments is the rails are a tiny bit wider than everything else I have so putting my afg on was a bit of a hassle and my magpul rail covers don't close 100% ,but they hold on fine. The pistol grip feels great very slim as mentioned. The trades look great and are very well done. The best news is that they changed the hop up unit to a rotary unit, didnt have to adjust it . So far it shoots like a laser. The kx3 cracks like a whip. I plan on adding a mosfet asap too. I considered an E1 platinum ,the krytac crb and the aps kyptec guns and I'm glad I went with this gun!

Buy it now!!!!
by Steve S. on 09/24/2013
"I've been very impressed with this gun and would highly recommend it if you play CQB or just like a short barrel gun. The Noveske externals are the best I've seen outside of real steel. With the VFC internals and Noveske externals Socom Gear did not cut corners when they made this gun.
As I mentioned it has the best internals and externals around.
Solid T6 aluminum receiver and rail
22 RPS
408 FPS
Light weight
Great trigger response

Mag that came with it is a little tight
Crane stock wobble, could be better
by Gilbert L. on 04/26/2010
"VFC on the inside, Madbull on the outside? Can't go wrong with this gun. The only gripe I have about this gun is the auto shimming gears, which will lock up and need replacement later on when the springs wear out. The flashhider on this gun makes it really loud, almost too loud, which is great because it creates an intimidation factor for the other team, especially indoors. If you have the money, get this gun. You won't be sorry.

Unique rail system (sorta)
Very loud
Lightweight despite being full metal (some people consider this a con)
Bolt Catch (although it sounds a little cheap sometimes)
22 rounds per second stock on a 9.6v!!!!

Comes with no sights (I mean seriously, come on)
VERY LOUD (lets everyone know where you are)
Lightweight (for the masochists)
420 fps stock (way too hot for cqb, which it was designed for)
Plastic hopup
Gears will need replacement eventually
Crane stocks are annoying, but what else is there?
by Andrew F. on 05/07/2014
"Alright so first off I have had this gun coming up on three years now. I have used it extensively as my primary in well over a hundred games. Overall it has been pretty good. I say this because it is the most finiky gun i have ever owned. When the hop up cooperates, and everything is running it is one of the deadliest airsoft weapons i have ever encountered, able to hit targets up to a hundreds and twenty yards away with amazing accuracy, even with the short barrel. But it is a finiky gun, prone to hop-up issues. among other things,

superb accuracy even with short barrel.
Fantastic externals, it's so gorgeous I want to lick it. extremely rugged rails and body
Out of the box around 360 fps, pretty good.
good rate of fire.
almost no mag-well wiggle with my mags
excellent gear box parts
amazing range

stock hop up is freaky sensitive and finiky. when it works it is amazing, but difficult to adjust and get working right,
mag-well didn't accept my G&P mags
KX3 looks good, but actually makes the gun really loud.
A2 pistol grip is not comfortable.

Stripped the piston after about 6 games. burned the motor out after a year. fell on the crane stock and it split in two pieces.

Overall its a great starting place. It is a 360$ airsoft gun with 110$ rails, a KX3, and an amazing metal body for just 360$. I don't recommend this to first time users, but more experienced players will love it.
by Luke F. on 11/19/2012
"This gun is a great gun overall. It has VFC internals, and Madbull/Socom Gear externals. It is a little bit pricey, but is definitely worth the money spent. It is a completely metal gun, apart from the pistol grip and the crane stock.
Full Metal Body
Full Metal Rail Interface System (RIS)
MidCap magazine included
300mm inner barrel (non-tightbore)
VFC internals
Full metal body and RIS
VFC Internals
High Quality externals
Crane stock
Thinner pistol grip (to emulate a real AR-15)
The magazine that came with the gun did not fit
No iron sights came with the gun (I mean really, for $360 they should include iron sights)

Overall, this gun gets a 4.5 but there was no option for that.
I would strongly recommend this rifle.