Reviews: Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (390~450 FPS)

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Model: AEG-MTX-M4-M120

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by Emerson S. on 2010-03-16 20:54:37
"This is the BEST gun you will buy for its price!!!!! I got this gun today and I have loved it so far!!! The paint scratches easily off the metal, but that has only happened once to me. If you use this gun correctly then you will never hav This is the BEST gun you will buy for its price!!!!! I got this gun today and I have loved it so far!!! The paint scratches easily off the metal, but that has only happened once to me. If you use this gun correctly then you will never have any problems that I see possible. To use it correctly, when you first use it, only use it on Semi-auto for the first clip or so…. once you've done that, full auto is a blast!!!! Anything target wise (other than people) you shoot it with gets torn up, which can be bad in some cases, but don't use targets you don't want to obliterate!!!

Extremely accurate!
Feels awesome, properly weighted and everything!
Magazine Cap. is really high!
No wobbly bits/pieces!
Full metal (except a few areas)!
Perfect for CQB matches!
Fires straight no sudden curves!
EASILY worth the money!
Dovetail attachment rail!
adjustable hop up!!!
Efficient battery life!!
Full metal gearbox and easy to upgrade (you don't need to though)!!!

6.5 LBS can be a drag to carry in a day long match…
Paint chips if hit right…
Battery compartment is tricky to close once you put in the battery…
Doesn't come with a sling…
Has a 60 FPS Delta and cannot be used in a official regulation match until it shoots at 400 FPS or lower… SO use the gun a lot and wear in the spring!!!
This is the perfect gun for its price and quality!!!
by kevin p. on 2010-03-16 14:58:46
"does anybody know what is the best bb to use for a gun with this kind of power

Webmaster: 0.25g or 0.28g. Use Matrix or high quality bbs only, tight bore barrel.
by Manuel O. on 2010-03-13 19:53:17
"Just got this gun a couple days ago and all I have to say is wow. This is one great gun for the price, worth evey penny. Using airsoft elite .20g bb's I was able to hit a 6' by 2' man sized target 4 out of 5 times at 180', however that is about as far as it shoots before it drops to the ground. And I was able to hit a monster can every time at 120'. The rof of this gun when using a 9.6v battery is about 750-800 rpm. This gun is also very solid. Nothing wobbles when shook other than the stock(not the stock bar) but that can be fixed with two rings of electrical tape around the stock tube. I also like the fore grip, pistol grip and stock because they're made of ploymer not cheap abs like you would find on other mid to low quality aeg's. the gun also has very nice weight to it unlike those half plastic half metal m-4's that are too light. The only thing I would advise you to watch out for is the high fps on this gun because most fields don't allow aeg's to shoot over 400 fps with a .20g bb. Luckley for me my local field allows aeg's to shoot 400 fps with any weight bb. If you're looking for a good, solid, and reliable m-4 this is the one to get. Overall great gun!
by Monica V. on 2010-03-12 16:28:55
"this is a great gun!! just got about 4 hours ago and ive been shooting it great accurecy! and very high fps if you get this gun make sure you get both a lipo battery and 9.6! so u can see feel and hear the differnce its a reaally great! sturdy all metal awesome! and makle sure to buy 4 extra mags! yeah!!!!!!!!! thanks Evike!!!!
by Terry T. on 2010-03-10 17:31:08
"Already ordered one of these bad boys! Judging from my past expereicne with the matrix system parts, I know this gun will be superb. I have one question though, will the 363 mm tightbore barrel fit this gun webmaster!? thank you.
by Julie B. on 2010-03-01 16:00:15
"This is an amazing gun. I went into evike to get a gun repaired and ended up with this one. unfortunately for me all they had was the display model so i had to take that. It works great and is amazing for the price. mine is just ever so wobbly on the stock and handgaurd and for some reason my dust cover. my mag release also sticks quite a bit. The gun is very accurately and when i chronoed it, it was shooting between 440 and 470!

Long range
High FPS
High ROF
Mag feeds very nicely
6 position stock

wobbly (mine might be because it was the display model)
no RIS built onto it

Other thoughts:
Overall a 4/5 because mine was wobbly and i have to buy replacement parts to make everything nice and tight. hopefully i can get some from my friend.
And guys, if you get a chance to go down to the store, i highly recommend it. They have outstanding customer service.
by Caesar D. on 2010-02-11 22:32:22
"First Review! Just got this rifle at Evike.
I had the gearbox for over a year now so I decided to give the gun a try.

Very accurate. Dead on at 30 feet, which is the most I could test at Evike shooting range.
Great pricing. For the price of a Dboy, Echo1 or JG, you can't beat this.
Very realistic feel and heavy. Sturdy.
Gun firing is very smooth and feeding is very smooth.

For the price of a Dboy, JG or a CA or G&G sportsline (with plastic body) you cannot beat this.

Magazine takes an exact angle to click in, but it doesn't wobble or fall out like the Chinese clone metal guns.
A bit heavy, but some would consider that a pro.

If you are in the market for a nice M4 carbine AEG, this model is highly recommended.
Get 9.6V battery or lipoly for this AEG.

Displaying 49 to 55 (of 55 reviews)

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