Reviews: Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (390~450 FPS)

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Model: AEG-MTX-M4-M120

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by Evan .. on 2012-02-27 15:20:24
"I've had this gun for about a year and a half, and its still getting me kills/hits! This gun is good, great rof, super accurate (the groupings are amazingly close), and kinda heavy, but not really a problem. some things about this gun is that is its metal around some areas. inner and outer barrel, iron sights, mags (the ones i got from the gun), trigger, and the top rails. If your looking to get a gun that will get you some where..... this is the gun for you!!!

the rof
great accuracy
good weight
lipo ready :)

i havent found any problems at all!

i would give this gun a 5/5, the only bad thing is that you dont have it!!!!
by Dillon K. on 2011-12-20 16:04:31
"Its pretty good, I use an M4, and its awesome, I have a drum mag for it, the 5000rd kind, and I named it 'Mr. Wiggles' it works great, my friends fear me on the field. so, to sum it all up, Three words: I Like It.
by Christian A. on 2011-12-04 16:47:32
"Overall this gun is ok. I bought this gun maybe a year ago and at first thought it was great. It seemed to fire pretty far, had an ok rate of fire, but what I liked the most was how high the feet per second was. But as time went by, I learned more about airsoft and opened my gun up. Inside was pretty bad. The shim job was bad, but I guess functional. The gears are a little bit weird but again functional. One of the bigger problems was that the motor plate was glued in. But my biggest complaint was the gun's ability to endure different outdoor terrains. I used this m4 maybe 3 or 4 times, and right before the fifth war, I noticed something was wrong. My gun was no longer shooting and when I pulled the trigger it made a clicking sound. So I opened it up and everything seemed ok, as most of the internals are pretty good. But I checked the gear box to see if the spring was jammed. I then opened up the gear box to find the entire thing ruined. All the parts were out of order, some of the plastic parts were snapped, the gears were way at the bottom of the gearbox, and the spring was bent due to heat. I am not saying this will happen to everyone who buys this gun, but heat is definitely a problem for this gun. Here is my overall thought of the gun.

Not extremely heavy
Pretty good ROF
High FPS if you like having it
Pretty good internals
Nice Look to the gun

Bad shim job
Not very good gearbox, maybe just for me
Bad heat resistance
Other various malfunctions

So this is a good gun if your looking to upgrade it a lot, but otherwise I would not recommend this gun
by Nick B. on 2011-08-12 07:14:10
"Performance: this gun is everything an airsofter could want for long range: high power, long range, deadly accurate, very high rpm, plus the endless customization options of any m4 system. zero complaints here.

Build Quality: this is why i had to give this gun a 4 (if i could give a 4.5 i would). the metal body, pistol grip, and trigger assembly were nice and sturdy, however the stock had some wobble and the handguard felt kinda cheap (i replaced mine with a metal free floating handguard) the dust cover will not stay shut, don't bother trying, it wont work. not too vital but still. theres a random hex screw sticking out of the outter barrel near the body that im still not sure the purpose of. if anyone knows why its there the information would be appreciated. it doesnt seem to have any purpose.

Conclusion: out of the box it really doesn't need anything besides some tightening up here and there to kill the wobble. since it does come stock way too powerful for any indoor arena i decided to go crazy with modding and put an m170 spring in it, a 650mm 6.01 angel tightbore barrel, and a matrix magnum long type motor. i know it says theres a magnum installed but i wouldnt recommend putting the stock motor to a high powered spring like the m170. currently shooting around 520-ish with .4 gram bbs... sorry got distracted, wonderful gun, worth every penny, just tighen it up and youll be very ready for combat

also like basically everyone else i recommend an 11.1 lipo battery for this gun to really show the full potential
by Massimo P. on 2011-03-14 22:01:15
"Get this gun. If you're another one of those people who are borderline on your decision to buy this gun, don't be. If your just browsing, put buying this on your to-do list. I love this gun. Here's a pro and con list.

-Great Internals
-The air seal is superb
-The range and accuracy is great!
-This has been tested at 165 feet (tested with range finder) and hit 8/10 shots (on semi)
-High ROF (with 11.1v lipo)
-Metal Body
-Metal Orange Tip (may seem like and odd pro, but it does seem much more real, minus the orange)
-High FPS that is well over 400 (can be pro or con)
-Really low cost for performance that can be compared to the KWA
-No battery (but expected on a good gun)
-There are more pros, but they aren't as major

-Shoots (or cycles) twice on semi, but that may be the lipo battery
-Dust Cover opens all the time, seriously it is impossible to keep closed
-The handguard is slightly loose
-Shimming may be bad, mine was but my friend who has the same gun was amazing
-Very loud
-May jam on semi, but can be fixed if switched to auto (once again may be the lipo battery)

As you can see, the pros are much better than the cons. Buy this gun and get a 9.6v battery now.

Recommend upgrades:
-Metal Hop-Up (Prometheus or King Arms)
-A m110 spring for indoor fields
-6.03 steel inner barrel
-Mosfet(if you get an 11.1v battery)
by Kara D. on 2011-02-25 15:57:34
"THere is one lonely word to describe this gun Awestriking I literely just got it and i allmost fainted when i first shot it because of the 6.04 tight bore barel i was able to hit targets at 180 feet when they where running and this gun rate of fire and fps combined make it a for sure pack a punch you might want to invest in a 11.1 volt instead of a 9.6 but a 9.6 will work fine the only thing i didn't like that the handgaurd was alittle loose so i'm going to try to tighten some screws or get a new hand gaurd everything else is perfect practicaly full metlat gearbox and motoer that combined are worth $150 GET THIS GUN
by Ian H. on 2011-01-24 14:56:48
"I have had this gun for about 6 months and it is extremely powerful. It is reliable in combat and packs a punch that is sure to take care of whatever task you need to complete. When i first got the gun I was a little dissapointed because the hand guard was loose. This was easily fixable by adjusting the set screw under the front site. I highly recomend this gun if you want a high quality gun for a not to steep cost.
by Sandy S. on 2011-01-15 16:12:52
"This gun is Awsome!!!!!!!! When my friends found out how great this gun is they all started to get m4s and none of them can find one as good as this one. FPS is Great and is shoots faster then all of my frineds and some of them have li-poy batteries. All around its and amazing gun!!!
by Edi A. on 2010-12-04 20:42:57
"This gun is amazing, i use the matrix lipo-ly battery in this and its just awesome!! Kind of a pain to get the battery in this gun, but not too much of a problem. Like to other people who reviewed this said the dust cover can be annoying and opens really easily but its not a big problem either . I highly recommend this gun to anybody! Very good gun with lipo-ly or just a 9.6 but either way incredible gun. 5/5
by tanner p. on 2010-12-01 16:21:31
"I got this gun a few days ago and tested it with .25 and it ranged 200ft. over all solid gun well built my favorite yet. a friend of mine bought the TAR21 and my m4 has better range. shoots well with 9.6 and .25s. overall the m120 spring gives it a little extra of what is needed. Good gun made well and very nice and solid. excapt the dust cover hatch wont always stick but with a little tape you can get the job well done.
by Tara G. on 2010-10-22 16:11:28
"It is a great gun but the only bad thing is [ THE DUST COVER IS SUPPOSE TO BE OPEN ] but they do this because after you shoot an M4 the dust cover is always open
by jake r. on 2010-09-20 13:40:56
"this gun is really great if u want a gun that can take out people from long distances and u have the benefit of full auto. i like this gun alot because of the way it feels and the nice clicking noises when you shift from safe to semi to fire its very upgradeable and has no wobble. in my opinion it is quite hard to disassemble Im not really a airsoft techy.
there are some interesting flaws about this gun first off since your supposed to put the battery in the hand guard it doesnt leave you alot of space for larger more powerful batteries. the 8.4 1100 MAh batteries dont have enough juice to pull the spring back if there not completely charged, well basically what im saying is the battery isnt gonnna run as long because of how much power it takes to pull back the spring so ive decided to get a hand guard with rails so i can get a nice PEQ box on but it kind of sucks because right now my gun is not operational and i have to wait until my new hand guard and peq box with the new battery. otherwise this gun is great for all reasons except those few flaws :)

Displaying 13 to 24 (of 55 reviews)

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