Reviews: Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (390~450 FPS)

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Model: AEG-MTX-M4-M120

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by Jonathon R. on 2014-11-26 06:05:08
"Since I'm new to airsoft I tried to find a good quality m4 for a decent price and when I picked up this gun it was on sale for $175 so after hours of constant research I found this gun to be a solid choice. So as for the build quality, this gun is solid aluminum an good quality too the receiver is solid but the plastic for the stock and hand guards feels cheap the motor grip feels firm and heavy. As for how it shoots, it's insainly accurate and fires at a average speed and hit consistently at 100 feet with .25s and a 9.8v Nimh battery. Originally I wanted to run a drum mag so I wouldn't need to carry mags and I could keep shooting but the mag well is too deep for the one I got, otherwise the matrix flag mags work great and feed flawlessly with it. I put a re dot on it to help myself aim, the iron sights are nice and solid. And the whole gun just packs a punch. Only problem I had is that I had to bypass the fuse because it fell apart and didn't work

Full metal
Good rpm (9.8v)
Feels great
Amazing range
Good fps (outdoor ranges)

Bad fuse
Cheap plastic
Heavy (can e a pro)
Picky about mags
by Matt S. on 2014-09-30 16:46:24
"Mine arrived looking like it was used... EXTREMELY sensitive to different mags, as well as the mag it came with didn't feed well. For a Matrix AEG it was packed with no protection other than zip-ties, the manual wasn't even specific for that gun. Stickers on gun leave residue that's a pain to get off and the plastic used is low quality. Good weight and the times it didn't skip fire it was powerful but defiantly returning this gun.
by Derek D. on 2014-09-10 18:05:28
"This gun is great for the money with the upgraded gear box it shots high fps, and is very accurate. Comes with certain parts loose like a lot of people have been saying such as fore grip but fear not because this is easily taken care of by tightening one little screw overall build quality is great very sturdy once everything is tightened.
by Sterling V. on 2014-05-27 17:23:09

Amazing sound
Great feel
High fps
High rof
Large battery space


(Personal opinion) I don't like the sights, Don't get me wrong they are good, just I must say, to me I hate default m4 sights and Recommend a ACOG.
Wobbly handguard

Overall the gun is great and to people who don't mind the default m4 sights this gun is ready to go out of the box! The handguard is a tad bit wobbly but you get used to it after a while. The fps is really good for the gun just coming out of the box. If your looking for a wonderful AEG at a cheap price this is the one!
by Charles M. on 2014-01-02 13:54:03
"Had this gun for about 8 months.
UPGRADE YOUR INNER BARREL 500mm 6.03mm tight bore with a 150mm suppressor to get the most out of this thing.
Metal body
M120 pre upgraded gearbox
Good ROF with 9.6v

Barring Bushings (I bought metal bushings that dont have barring because i expect them to fail before the 1 year mark
Motor burnt out after 1 month. Buy a Matrix Ultra High Torque 3000 motor. Its worth the $45 bucks
by Nick S. on 2013-12-25 20:19:40
"i bought this gun and had it for about a week now its a pretty good gun if you can get it to shoot...... the mag it came with doesn't fed to the gun right, to make the gun shoot i either have to flip it upside down or push up on the mag witch is really annoying. Im gonna buy a mid and high top mag from a different company and see if the gun feds better but beside that this gun is amazing high fps great range and is just great gun beside the mag problem
by Cody K. on 2013-05-05 15:27:10
"I had bought this gun for 170 USD on sale but after using it for a while i would have bought it for 250 USD. The hand guard, hand grip, and LE stock are all plastic, which, i have no problem with it keeps weight at a reasonable number. But i did change out the LE stock for a Fixed stock and the hand guard for a Railed one. My intentions for buying this was specifically for the Matrix gearbox knowing the externals were not going to be great. Once you have a good gearbox, you can take care of externals later. This gun is compatible with a variety of internals and externals.

-Great deal for the price
-High FPS (may need to downgrade to meet requirements for fields)
-compatible with most accessories
-Great Gearbox (best feature of the gun)

-A bit heavy (maybe a pro for some people)
-dust cover releases on its own
-the three piece "removable" outer barrel was a bit difficult to remove
-somewhat picky about the magazines it takes (i say "somewhat" because ive only hadd trouble with G&G 450rd high cap, no problem with my mid caps though)

I would take this over a G&G combat machine anyday
by Joe C. on 2013-03-24 15:29:08
"I ordered this gun knowing that it wasn't going to be 100% perfect. Only due to the fact that the internals were so greatly upgraded and the gun only cost me a $200. I knew there was going to be issues of some kind but just didn't know what sort of issues exactly until I got it. I gave this gun a 4 star for the following Pros/Cons.

-Great FPS
-Good range
-Pretty solid feeling gun
-GREAT internals- Thank you EVIKE.

-EXTREMELY sensative to the mags it takes- for instance, this gun wouldn't even feed correctly with the AIM TOP high cap mags that the gun came with! I tried NUMEROUS M4 magazines, including high and mid caps and the gun still would not feed correctly. I tried lubing my hope up unit and barrel like EVIKE told me to do and I still ran into the same problem. The only mag that seems to feed right with this gun are my old ECHO 1 350 high cap magazines.
-Very loose dust cover- barely closes and opens when you shoot the gun.
-Gun does not come with a battery

All in all, this gun is worth the buy if you can deal with the cons above.
by bob s. on 2013-01-17 18:38:15
"A great gun! Came amazing right out of the box. Nice rof and accuracy. I would recommend a new bucking though. Mad bull 60 degree works great! Get them from here from evike great price for 2! I just have two minor complaints and they are the hand guard seems wobbly and the dust cover will not stay closed! But those two things do not affect the performance so not to bad.

Great gun
Awesome rof with 9.6
Full metal
Seems reliable
Nice internals

Handguard and the dust cover thats it.

But this is to the webmaster.
What would the inner barrel length be if i screwed off the front part of the outer barrel?
Please respond. Im looking to have it be used as a cqb and field gun.
by RYAN D. on 2012-05-29 16:16:21
"I have used this thing for the games, and it is amazing! Dead on accurate, powerful, and intimidating. Sadly, the fps was not what is advertised. the fps was about 380. It is more like the m100 version, but i ordered the m120.

Full Metal

FPS is not what is advertised
Buffer Tube was loose

Ill give it 4 of 5 because of cons
by John W. on 2012-04-04 17:21:28
"this is the best gun ive had for 3 years and airsoft every month. this gun is so awesome get it
pros:beast dain fast awesome hurts alot beast accrucy
cons:hard to put battery in
I airsoft in the desert so if you live in the desert this gun is perfect for you but get it sprypainted
by Ryan L. on 2012-02-28 20:11:50
"when you first get it, it looks like any other m4 style. but put this on an 11.1v lipo and it's crazy. the rate of fire without an 11.1v is not all that good.there's 3 types of people: those who like power (which this has), those who like speed (which it has on an 11.1vlipo), and those who like both (me). this gun has the best of both worlds. the externals aren't really that good, but it makes up for it in performance. the only bad thing that i see is the externals, but that's it.

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 55 reviews)

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