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Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (390~450 FPS)

55 Customer Reviews

by RYAN D. on 05/29/2012
"I have used this thing for the games, and it is amazing! Dead on accurate, powerful, and intimidating. Sadly, the fps was not what is advertised. the fps was about 380. It is more like the m100 version, but i ordered the m120.

Full Metal

FPS is not what is advertised
Buffer Tube was loose

Ill give it 4 of 5 because of cons
by Ryan L. on 02/28/2012
"when you first get it, it looks like any other m4 style. but put this on an 11.1v lipo and it's crazy. the rate of fire without an 11.1v is not all that good.there's 3 types of people: those who like power (which this has), those who like speed (which it has on an 11.1vlipo), and those who like both (me). this gun has the best of both worlds. the externals aren't really that good, but it makes up for it in performance. the only bad thing that i see is the externals, but that's it.
by Nick B. on 08/12/2011
"Performance: this gun is everything an airsofter could want for long range: high power, long range, deadly accurate, very high rpm, plus the endless customization options of any m4 system. zero complaints here.

Build Quality: this is why i had to give this gun a 4 (if i could give a 4.5 i would). the metal body, pistol grip, and trigger assembly were nice and sturdy, however the stock had some wobble and the handguard felt kinda cheap (i replaced mine with a metal free floating handguard) the dust cover will not stay shut, don't bother trying, it wont work. not too vital but still. theres a random hex screw sticking out of the outter barrel near the body that im still not sure the purpose of. if anyone knows why its there the information would be appreciated. it doesnt seem to have any purpose.

Conclusion: out of the box it really doesn't need anything besides some tightening up here and there to kill the wobble. since it does come stock way too powerful for any indoor arena i decided to go crazy with modding and put an m170 spring in it, a 650mm 6.01 angel tightbore barrel, and a matrix magnum long type motor. i know it says theres a magnum installed but i wouldnt recommend putting the stock motor to a high powered spring like the m170. currently shooting around 520-ish with .4 gram bbs... sorry got distracted, wonderful gun, worth every penny, just tighen it up and youll be very ready for combat

also like basically everyone else i recommend an 11.1 lipo battery for this gun to really show the full potential
by jake r. on 09/20/2010
"this gun is really great if u want a gun that can take out people from long distances and u have the benefit of full auto. i like this gun alot because of the way it feels and the nice clicking noises when you shift from safe to semi to fire its very upgradeable and has no wobble. in my opinion it is quite hard to disassemble Im not really a airsoft techy.
there are some interesting flaws about this gun first off since your supposed to put the battery in the hand guard it doesnt leave you alot of space for larger more powerful batteries. the 8.4 1100 MAh batteries dont have enough juice to pull the spring back if there not completely charged, well basically what im saying is the battery isnt gonnna run as long because of how much power it takes to pull back the spring so ive decided to get a hand guard with rails so i can get a nice PEQ box on but it kind of sucks because right now my gun is not operational and i have to wait until my new hand guard and peq box with the new battery. otherwise this gun is great for all reasons except those few flaws :)
by Patrick K. on 08/18/2010
"This gun is great, and very powerful. Infact, it might be the most powerful assault rifle on At around 450 fps (I bought the $230 version), this thing hurts!

-Sturdy body, all metal
-Adjustible stock (6 positions)
-Removable barrel for custamizations such as silencers
-Very powerful
-Removable carrying handle and adjustable sights (removing carrying handle reveals rail)
-Fast rate of fire
-Nice weight
-Nylon Polymer handle (what real M4 handles are made of).

-Foregrip is kind of loose and is not made with rails, so you would have to purchase another foregrip for custamization
-Battery is also very hard to put in; bottom foregrip a pain to put back in place
-Dust cover never stays closed (who cares)
-First time I got it, I was never able to shoot it because the magazine jammed ( there was nothing wrong with the gun itself). I was sent a new mag for free.

Overall, This gun is really good with only a few minor flaws.
by Jaymin J. on 04/12/2010
"Got the Gun today and it is a great gun. i had some problems with the clip that came with it, as the winding seemed to stick or jam shortly after i began firing with it, resulting in a sporadic feed to the gun. Gun shoots very accurate and has a great ROF when clip is working properly.

i would recommend getting some kind of rail extender if you are planning on mounting a sight on this gun. something like this
if not the red dot sights will be partially blocked by the forward sight.

also the hop-up is kind of stiff and not easily turned by hand.

Overall this gun is great so far, would recommend it to anyone who wants quality without spending 400$$ on a airsoft gun.
by andrew s. on 04/10/2010
"just got the gun, and was amazed on how fast it travels. But everything has its cons....

1. very very accurate. my other gun shot accurately to 60ft, this baby shots up to 150ft(when adjusted)
2. Feels real
3. Realiable
4. Great gearbox(competes with those worth $300+)
5. Great Fps (they dont say hit, they scream it)
6. very fast
1. poor packaging
2. Wobbly front grip that holds the battery and wobbly stock(although that doesnt bother me)
3. When shooting semi automatic, if you pull the trigger too fast it will not shoot out, then shoot 2 bbs the next time you pull the trigger.
4. none really at all
Final: this gun is well worth the money, and my experience in airsofting, i never got my hands on a gun like this. It shoots very hard and is accurate..This gun is basically all what you want.
by Julie B. on 03/01/2010
"This is an amazing gun. I went into evike to get a gun repaired and ended up with this one. unfortunately for me all they had was the display model so i had to take that. It works great and is amazing for the price. mine is just ever so wobbly on the stock and handgaurd and for some reason my dust cover. my mag release also sticks quite a bit. The gun is very accurately and when i chronoed it, it was shooting between 440 and 470!

Long range
High FPS
High ROF
Mag feeds very nicely
6 position stock

wobbly (mine might be because it was the display model)
no RIS built onto it

Other thoughts:
Overall a 4/5 because mine was wobbly and i have to buy replacement parts to make everything nice and tight. hopefully i can get some from my friend.
And guys, if you get a chance to go down to the store, i highly recommend it. They have outstanding customer service.
by Christian A. on 12/04/2011
"Overall this gun is ok. I bought this gun maybe a year ago and at first thought it was great. It seemed to fire pretty far, had an ok rate of fire, but what I liked the most was how high the feet per second was. But as time went by, I learned more about airsoft and opened my gun up. Inside was pretty bad. The shim job was bad, but I guess functional. The gears are a little bit weird but again functional. One of the bigger problems was that the motor plate was glued in. But my biggest complaint was the gun's ability to endure different outdoor terrains. I used this m4 maybe 3 or 4 times, and right before the fifth war, I noticed something was wrong. My gun was no longer shooting and when I pulled the trigger it made a clicking sound. So I opened it up and everything seemed ok, as most of the internals are pretty good. But I checked the gear box to see if the spring was jammed. I then opened up the gear box to find the entire thing ruined. All the parts were out of order, some of the plastic parts were snapped, the gears were way at the bottom of the gearbox, and the spring was bent due to heat. I am not saying this will happen to everyone who buys this gun, but heat is definitely a problem for this gun. Here is my overall thought of the gun.

Not extremely heavy
Pretty good ROF
High FPS if you like having it
Pretty good internals
Nice Look to the gun

Bad shim job
Not very good gearbox, maybe just for me
Bad heat resistance
Other various malfunctions

So this is a good gun if your looking to upgrade it a lot, but otherwise I would not recommend this gun
by Matt S. on 09/30/2014
"Mine arrived looking like it was used... EXTREMELY sensitive to different mags, as well as the mag it came with didn't feed well. For a Matrix AEG it was packed with no protection other than zip-ties, the manual wasn't even specific for that gun. Stickers on gun leave residue that's a pain to get off and the plastic used is low quality. Good weight and the times it didn't skip fire it was powerful but defiantly returning this gun.