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Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (390~450 FPS)

55 Customer Reviews

by tanner p. on 12/01/2010
"I got this gun a few days ago and tested it with .25 and it ranged 200ft. over all solid gun well built my favorite yet. a friend of mine bought the TAR21 and my m4 has better range. shoots well with 9.6 and .25s. overall the m120 spring gives it a little extra of what is needed. Good gun made well and very nice and solid. excapt the dust cover hatch wont always stick but with a little tape you can get the job well done.
by Tara G. on 10/22/2010
"It is a great gun but the only bad thing is [ THE DUST COVER IS SUPPOSE TO BE OPEN ] but they do this because after you shoot an M4 the dust cover is always open
by Travis S. on 08/30/2010
"Webmaster or anyone else, how long is the front hand guard?

Webmaster: 363mm is the inner barrel length....
by mark g. on 08/19/2010
"just got my gun the other day and it is a good gun for the money! but has some problems

high fps (for me that is a pro)
good accuracy (not the best but pretty good)
hardly any wobble in the stock and forward grip, no wobble in the mag
large battery compartment (awesome for battery upgrades)

broken dust cover latch (not that it is really that big of a problem but I expected more from a new gun)
mag had some feeding issues, but a little silicon oil fixed that problem easily
doesn't come with a battery

it's a 5 star gun, but it would be nice if evike would offer to send me a dust cover kit...
by Jill C. on 06/06/2010
"i got this gun not too long ago and it is great,and is probably one of the best guns i've ever had.

this gun has great fps; not too heavy and has a great feel; adaptable barrel assembly

hand grip is a little bit shakey; doesent come with a battery; doesent have many rails

but i still give it 5 stars
by Jordan C. on 04/24/2010
Amazing accuracy
Long Range
Very cheap for how good it is
Shoots 450 consistently and is very fast

Magazine is a bit hard to put in if the gun isnt held level
Magazine a bit loose
Bit heavy (because it is full metal but gives good feel of a real gun)
Doesnt come with battery or strap (buy a lipoly its worth it)

All over it shoots awsome and is one of the best guns ive ever bought at its price.
by NADEZHDA A. on 04/19/2010
"I got this gun a week ago, I guess I have the only Matrix gun in Russia lol. Everyone was asking me during the game from where I got it. When they try it they just say WOW.

It shots accurate and the range is very good compared to others in my team. However, you must change the magazine since it sucks. I'm using a G&P mag with it now without any problems.

Have to try a Lipoly with it and see how much ROF will get out of it.

This gun is strongly recommended.

by Anthony E. on 04/12/2010
"I just got this gun last week and I must say I was very impressed. It fired extremely accurate for me and had a great ROF. I am looking forward to officially testing this at my next airsoft game! I had no problems with this gun aside the fact that at first I had trouble getting the magazine in but after a few times it is easy. I highly recommend this gun if you want a great AEG.
by Anthony S. on 04/08/2010
"I just got this gun to day. It is off the charts. My gun is shooting 457ftp and a rof of 14.3 rpm. What can be sed that hashed, if you like or love air soft like I do you must have this gun 10/10
by Matt B. on 03/31/2010
"Incredible gun. It shoots 450 with.2s out of the box, which is actually way too hot for my preference. It shows that the air seal is superb, but I would have rather gotten the M100 version, unfortunately I bought it at a local retailer and this was the only one they had. The externals are great. The gun weighs about the same as the real steel (with no battery). The only bad part of the externals is the handgrip. It rotates quite a bit, and along with it the front sight. This is a problem I've heard of several other people having. Also, since the battery compartment is inside the handgrip, there isn't a huge amount of space. This also means that with the battery in, the gun should be pretty front heavy (I wouldn't know since I got mine rewired to the back, but mine is pretty back heavy. It might just be the gigantic 9.6 4200mah battery I'm using). The gun has a stock tightbore, so it's very accurate.

Great looking
Matrix gearbox is incredible
High FPS
Good weight
Great air seal

Handguard/front sight wobble (doesn't bother me that much)
Small compartment (an intermittent problem with the M4 series
Shoots WAY too hot for me

Overall, this is a great, cheap, high end gun, but I would recommend getting the M100 version instead.
by Reid B. on 03/28/2010
"This gun is amazing, extremely accurate, high fps, and full metal (and a good quality metal!). I bought a 9.6 V battery and it is taped together so it doesn't fit in the gun, but after a few minor modifications it fits better than an 8.4V.

High fps (not for the weak!)
High rof
High grade nylon parts (like the real m4)
Solid Internals

Terrible Packaging (the worst i have ever seen)
Mag takes a while to click in
Loose parts

I would recommend this gun to anyone who can take the pain and likes to have an accurate gun. It will come with a sloppy dust cover, but get over it, it doesn't affect the gun.
by Dylan R. on 03/27/2010
"Amazing gun so acurate and powerfull. A verry study and reliable gun. i ordered a 9.6 volt battery cua my 8.4 volt sounded weak. Dose any one know what type of scilencer i hsould buy for this gun my price range is from about $20-$60
by Dylan R. on 03/25/2010
"GREAT BUY! Verry solid and derable gun i had a $130 fire power AEG from dickssportingoods and had so many isues being a backyard airsoft player i bite the bullet and bought a gun a little out of my pirce range. It said this gun was going to take 5-7 came on the 7th day so good shipping. Any ways the gun is a fantastic gun. I thought it came with a battery but dosent so i used my old 8.4 volt battery, but am saving up for a 9.6. so far this gun is grat no isues and veryy good fps and acuracy
by Patrick H. on 03/22/2010
"I got this rifle last week and all I can say is wow. I am in the US ARMY and this rifle looks and feels like my service rifle. I took the hand guards off and put an RIS on it and a vertical grip along with a red dot and it just adds to the rifle to make it hell of a lot better.

High Velocity (Shot a can about 75ft away and cut it in half!)
Great feel and weight.
Affordable (Bought mine when it was $195)

Dust cover open on its own when it wants to.
Stock sticks when it is fully collapsed.
The cons are little things

11v Li-poly is highly recommended found mine for $25.00

Overall I am very satisfied with this M4 and with and great service. HOOAH!
by Jacob P. on 03/21/2010
"This gun is definitely the best gun I have used so far (besides my friends KWA M4). Very accurate, nice FPS and rate of fire. I've had it for about about 5 days now. Had my first field test and it out gunned all but the KWA which its right behind. Using a 9.6V battery in it right now, tested it with an 11.1V Li-Poly and it was insane.

Is there anyway to fix that dust cover though, it opens up real easily? Other than that there have been no cons so, far .2g BB's work well but .25g are superb. Can someone tell me if MAG magazines work in this gun. I know the KWA brand didn't, not much surprise.

For me being only 16, this gun was very nice for its price. I bought it when it was only $195 and got the 10% off also.