Reviews: Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (330 FPS / 23 RPS!)

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Model: AEG-MTX-M4-M100

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by Lance B. on 2010-04-21 12:01:30
"I have had this gun for a while now and may I say, wow.
The stock was a little disappointing, but given the performance of the gun I am willing to overlook it. I must agree with the other reviews the packaging was very disappointing and I consider myself lucky that my gun was not chipped in the shipping process. When I first went to shoot the gun I was outraged, the battery got extremely hot and the fuse blew. I then checked the bolt at the bottom of the grip that applies pressure on the motor and it was glued in far to tightly. After some adjustment the gun's performance blew me away. Averaging 380 fps with an M100 spring is amazing, and the 20 rounds per second made all of my anger melt away. I have upgraded to a 10.8V 3300mAh battery and performance is unmatched on the field. I would advise getting an RIS but be warned when I bought my UTG RIS the fron post was not in the right position and the delta ring was not tightened down tight enough. Minor modifications and this gun is back to tearing up the opposing team.


All metal
amazing gearbox
Extremely efficient
20 rps on just a 9.6V 1600mAh
6.04 tightbore included gives extremely good accuracy

Took some tinkering out of the box to get to shoot
1cent mags fit very tightly inhibiting a fast reload
No battery included, but I wouldn't complain because with a gear box like this you want a better battery anyway.

Great gun for the money. Way outclasses anygun for the same price and even guns 100$ more expensive
by Steven S. on 2010-04-20 21:17:37
"Just got the gun today. My first AEG aside from the old days when I used the ordinary spring guns. I was pretty bothered by the packaging. I knew the M4 came in a box with zip ties holding it down, but mine didnt even have the zip ties holding it. Besides that, the gun is working fine, luckily. From Cali to NJ is definately a long ride for an AEG to travel.

As of now, I am quite happy with the gun! It is definately worth the money. Stong metal body. My barrel wasn't as shakey as I thought it would be. It's pretty solid overall! The gun can outperform many other AEG's for the same price. I compared it to my friend's m4. With the 9.6 small nunchuck battery from intellect, it fits right in the barrel with no problem what-so-ever. I have a small problem with the dust cover opening on its own, but there are other aeg's with the same problem. I dont mind a little bit of tape there to hold it.

Over All Solid
Performance is outstanding
Clean sleak and simple M4 look
Metal (quite heavy, I like it)
the HOLY COW package does wonders!
easy install of small type nun-chuck battery
Strong and accurate

the box packaging cold be a bit better. throw in some newspapers or bubble wrap would be nice enough
the magezines are a tight fit (could get use to it tho)

The gun is worth the money you spend. Stong, accurate, and i really like it.
by MARC V. on 2010-04-19 20:03:52
"All i can say is "wow"
This gun has an amazing rof with a 9.6v battery.
Fps is strong and perfect for courses.
Gun looks good, feels good and shoots very smoothly

Ultra fast Rate Of Fire with 9.6v
Great accuracy and FPS
Beautiful internals and upgrades (what made me buy this gun)
Lipo Ready

Packaging was HORRIBLE, the gun was zip tied and everything was banging around inside the box.
Plastic stock and handguard are wobbly
Gun is very loud shrieks like a banshee ( i guess this could be a good thing)

Despite the horrible packaging and other cons this gun is amazing i am VERY happy with this buy and its better than the M120 version cause you get a faster rof and if you really want the fps you can buy the spring for $10
Reason for 4 stars is because of the careless packaging.
by W.J. G. on 2010-04-08 14:13:49
"I just got my new M4 today. It is a very well built gun. Packaging is bad thought my sight adjustment knob came broken off and its unfixable. The mags are nice and the holy cow deal is amazing. the mags are tight in there they scratch alittle paint but i dont care. I haven't got to shoot it yet but i am tomorrow. I wish it came with a battery that would have been nice. It truely is full metal and the handguard battery compartment is actually pretty big.

I would highly recommend this gun thought.
by Jonathan w. on 2010-04-07 20:21:06
"Giving this product three stars for some very good reasons.

Yes, this is a VERY good gun for 200 INTERNALLY!
But external lacks quality....

The front grip and butt stock wobbles...not just a slight wobble...I am talkin major wobble.
The metal body is cheap as well as the pistol grip and "iron" sights...swapping it out ASAP!

Internally, however...this is a beast.
Clocked in at 370fps with 1200 RPM (tested at local store)
It has great internals..and can't beat it for the price.
by johnathon s. on 2010-04-06 17:41:17
"First off, I personally own this (m100 version). I have already put this weapon through 5 skirmishes and it has not let me down yet. The rate of fire is wonderful and is even better with the lipo battery. I use a firefox 11.1v stick battery which i also purchased from evike. The magazine well is a little tight and the magazine must be angled correctly to fit inside, but that isnt much of an issue. My 9.6v batteries seem to last alot longer in this gun as well, most likely due to the weaker spring. This gun also fires harder than my JG G36c. ( I do not have a chrono, but the difference is plane to see.) All in all great gun for the money. Thank you evike.
by Sandra B. on 2010-04-02 09:40:44
"This gun is great. I just got it. First impresions were the gun had some rattles.with some black electrical tape it was a quick fix no rattles at all, very sterdey. i would recomend i 9.6 1600 mil, i will eventually get a better one but this gives a good rate of fire and a charge lasts a long time. It looks so sexy i love this gun. I have been into airsoft for a long time trust me this gun is good. The first thing that i would recomend is checking the shimming in the gear box im sure it is fine but this will ensure the life of your gun. If you have any questions about this gun you can email me at
by sal n. on 2010-04-01 15:50:49
"ok, i gotthis gun 2 days ago, i bought an acog replica with it. the first time i fired this gun, it felt as if i was holding an actual m4. i almost shit myself when i noticed the accuacy and range of this gun. i was playing around in a skirmish with my friends and he has a G&G m16. this gun exceeded that of the G&G with accuracy and range. honestly to me, i would never second guess this gun at all. literally if i were anyone i would not second guess this gun. its overall beautiful.
by Steve L. on 2010-03-21 20:37:38
"I am very very happy with this gun. I got it on Monday and took it out to the field for the first time on Saturday and was very impressed. I use a 9.6v butterfly and its probably shooting 22 bbs per second (i haven't chronoed it yet). The on thing i would recommend is buying a better heavy duty fuse, mine blew the first time i shot it. this has nothing to do with the gun, its just the cheap fuses from over seas.

Overall, Very good gun! just get a new fuse
by Michael S. on 2010-03-20 10:16:31
"Webmaster: We will make a note for shipping to package the free mag given nicer / wrapped separately.<br>

I got this gun yesterday and when I opened the box I was not impressed at all. The gun was not strapped in. The magazine was bouncing around everywhere during shipping. Also, due to the mag bouncing everywhere, there were chips in the gun. First impressions were not good at all!!. pretty much everything but the stock and hand guard are metal. The stock and the hand guard are made out of sturdy nylon. The mag is kinda hard to get in but once you find out how to get it in, it gets easier with some practise. I don't have a battery for the yet so I don't know how it performs. Also, the mag is steel or iron ( not sure). I also got the holy cow special for two free mags. These mags that I got are amazing! No wobble, holds 300 rounds, and you get two!!

eligible for holy cow special (highly recommended)
looks awesome

very poor packaging
doesn't come with battery
wobbly stock (not very noticable at all)
very slight mag wobble.
price went up after I bought this gun (use to be 195)
by lois s. on 2010-03-17 21:12:48
"This is THE BEST AIRSOFT GUN FOR THE MONEY BY FAR. If you are looking for a high end AR variant, look no farther. This rifle has the same feel and quality as other high end companies, such as ICS and G&G, but for nearly $100 less. The internals are stong and will last for a very long time without upgrade or repair. I own many airsoft gun, and this is not my first M4/M16. Comparing it side by side with the CA M16, this guns stock format outclasses and outmatches EVERY other aeg on the market. Its range is superior to most other aegs with the same barrel length becuase of the 6.04mm inner barrel. The power matches that of chinese clones, such as jg and echo1, but uses and m100 spring instead of an m120 or m130 to get the same fps. The only gripes i have about this gun are the hop up chamber itself, the motor plate, and the gear set. The hop up chamber is chea plastic and should be replaced within a few months. The bucking is rough and dry and needs to be lubricated asap. The motor plate's adjustment screw is glued in place. You should either replace it or super head it so that you can remove the cheap glue. The gear set inside this gun is supposed to be a high speed set, specifically the after market AIM TOP set that you may have seen for $50 with the steel tooth piston. They do not increase the rate of fire at all. In fact, they slow the rate of fire. I recommend replacing them right away. They are loud. Apart from that, every part in the gun is excelant!
Hope this review has been helpful.
by Chase G. on 2010-03-16 17:42:39
"Okay, What is the difference between this one and the other one? Is this one just one weaker?

And I am getting a Li-Poly 11.1 with this would you recommend A weaker one or the stronger one? I'm trying to keep the FPS around 430..

Webmaster: Everything is the same on the M120 and M100 model. (Difference is the spring. You can put whatever spring inside the AEG you want.)

If your field limit is 400 FPS and strictly enforced, the M120 model has such a great air seal it shoots over that out of the box. So you might want to consider the M100.

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