Reviews: Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (330 FPS / 23 RPS!)

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Model: AEG-MTX-M4-M100

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by Cole S. on 2016-03-19 16:36:11
"Great gun. The front end is a bit cheap, but it's nothing that can't be upgraded. With the front wiring, make sure to check the wires and adjust them so that the mag isn't smashing them. Mine shoots ~365 FPS out of the box. The stock and the front has plastic parts, but they work well. Seems to be very easily up-gradable. Planning on camo-wrapping it, putting a metal rail system on the front, and putting a better stock on it. I would recommend auto-winding mags if you're going to be in heavy engagements. I'm ordering a couple of 3000 round beta mags for when I'm feeling extra motivated.

Awesome RPS
Great FPS
Metal receiver
Easily up-gradable
Accurate right out of the box

Cheap front end
Cheap stock
Wiring in mag well may need to be adjusted

Burns through mags extremely fast
by Sheryl K. on 2013-07-02 17:19:11
"This m4 is the best one I have held and fired. It has great range and accuracy. I am looking forward to getting it chronoed.

Great ROF
Magazine works great(For a highcap)
Very customizable
Loud(could be a con)

Motor needs slight adjustment
other than that none!

Great buy worth every cent and a must have for someone who wants an m4 platform.
by Burk M. on 2012-11-06 13:52:46
"Extremely good gun! Shoots right through a coffe can! The only bad part is that not all batteries fit in the battery compartment. And this probably wont happen often but my stock was a little sticky when i first got it.
by Cristian S. on 2012-11-06 13:52:25
"Just received this gun two days ago.
So far everything is just as the description says it is.

Full metal. Feels real nice holding this gun. Stock feels a bit unstable at first but works great. Mag holds 300 rounds. Feeds ok but i recommend using another mag. Two piece outer barrel is real nice for attachments. Only flaw on external make-up; the bolt catch. Not very sturdy at all. Opens sometimes just shooting the gun.

Haven't opened up yet.

This is by far the loudest and most powerful aeg i have ever shot. I don't have a chrono but definately shoots a LOT harder than my echo 1 p90. With a 9.6volt it gets great rate of fire. I plan on changing the spring so that its CQB ready. I cant imagine how the ROF will be then. Insane powerful gun.

Got this with two free mags because of! Great customer service
I give this gun a 9 out 10 for its price.
by nick w. on 2012-11-06 13:52:02
"Amazing gun! The tightbore barrel really made an improvement from other M4s.
.fll metal
.nice feel
.great accuracy
.good fps
.nice rof

.stiff stock
.very little but noticable handguard wobble
.shakey carrying handle
.ring part falls off

Overall Rating:100 but it will only let me go to 5
by Corey S. on 2012-11-06 13:51:38
Fast RoF
Metal Body
Shoots Perfectly
Loving the mags cuz they work with my other gun
by jonathan b. on 2011-11-07 12:51:44
"so first of all the gun is well build except the wiring and the gear box on mine was complete messed up in the first place cause i got mine 5 days ago and i just opened it for my b-day and it didn't work.took it to my local army navy they said the gear box locked itself...

-good looking
-very light weight(like maybe at the most 10 lbs)
-really good accuracy
-high rate of fire(R.O.F)
-good gun over all
-good hand guard

-very bad wiring
-bad gear box(on mine at least)
-didn't come with a battery

if your looking for a good battery try the small type 9.6v 1600 MaH nun-chuck the place you put the battery is in the hand guard so its hard to fit batters but just buy two if ur looking to go plaay airsoft for like 8 hours.

overall the gun is good except the internal of mine(gear box and wiring)
by Eric c. on 2011-09-09 21:39:39
"For the previous guy, this rifle is Tokyo Marui Specification. So most free float or marui ris will work. Real Spec or real spec hand guards may need a new barrel or some modification to fit. (Moving the delta ring a bit forward).

The trigger switch is very basic similar to most other brand of M4 and I haven't had issues with mine.

Good external finish and the gearbox is amazing. The firing sound is very distinguished "nice" compare to other M4s I have shot. Since it is Marui system, very easy to work on.

For all M4 owners: Since there is a mix of Marui or real spec guns on the market, I recommend getting a "free float" if you don't want to deal with compatibility issue or moving of your hand guard ring. Companies like Classic Army, Echo1, JG, Matrix, or even some of the big names such as G&G, G&P all in some time switched their front-end system to either Marui or real spec, so free float is your ticket out of front end compatibility issues.

For wiring harness, this gun has a silver cord high resistance wiring, but the wiring harness is just like the CA, Marui, G&G where a good JG, or other reinforced ones are recommended if you are looking to run super high power batteries.
by Jeremy P. on 2011-08-17 17:46:43
"My friend and I own 3 of these.

All in all, most of these reviews tell the truth about the gun.
The stock internals a great...

All except for one part.

The wiring/trigger parts on this gun are bad.

On all three of our guns, these parts have either failed, broken, or no longer do their job.

*The trigger contacts will die immediately if you use them.
*The clamps from the wiring to the motor will be loose and if you clamp them down, then they will separate from the wiring itself.
*The trigger trolleys on two of the three guns have already broken with hardly any use with the third gun suspected to have the same issue (haven't taken a look to prove it yet).

All in all I would not suggest buying these guns unless you are willing to dish out a little more cash to upgrade these parts. For this reason I cannot give it more than two stars even though most of the internals are solid.

I suggest getting the JG wiring set with the included mosfet while it is still available. This should fix all the problem I have listed above which were found in ALL three of these that we own.

8mm gearbox
mostly great stock internals

Wiring and trigger unit need to be replaced
Externals are not up to standard sizing:
*buffer tube is slightly too large for most stocks
*barrel is slightly too small for some front units (Tested to not fit a Magpull carbine length MOE handgaurd)

All in all I would not suggest buying these guns unless you are willing to dish out a little more cash to upgrade these parts. For this reason I cannot give it more than two stars even though most of the internals are solid.

I suggest getting the JG wiring set with the included mosfet while it is still available. This should fix all the internal problems I have listed above which were found in ALL three of these that we own.
by Josh S. on 2011-07-11 08:24:06
"This rifle is seriously awesome!!! The metal body is of very high quality and the rifle has a very solid feeling, you would swear you where holding a Classic Army. The rof on this thing is insane and it has pretty good accuarcy. The mag well is pretty tight so there is no mag wobble at all but if you dont hit it exactly right the mag wont go in. If you practice a bit this wont be a problem. The only problem I have with this rifle is the front sight is too close to the delta ring so you wont be able to fit a standard rail on this thing. You might be able to fit a free floating one, but i dont know for sure.

I have had this thing for almost a year now and have taken it to numerous airsoft matches. I have had no problems with it at all other than ones I have caused by being a noob (this being my first real airsoft rifle). Even with my tinkering i havent done any harm to the thing so that should be another plus, it can handle noobs messing with it. Overall, this is an excelent rifle for starters and airsoft veterans alike, although it was cheaper when i bought it ($200), which i thought was a steal.

insane rof
heavy duty, very solid
nice internals
a clean slate from which to add the inmurable m4 customization options
good air seal (pushes 380 fps with an m100 spring)
decent accuarcy

Cons: NONE!!!
(unless you count the not being able to put on a standard rail but i think it can be done with a little more tinkering)

I would recommend this to any airsofter who wants a solid, dependable main weapon
by Simon F L. on 2011-02-11 04:36:47
"Got this a cuple days ago and test it alittle. What I can say so far is that it looks exactly like it does in the picture. Frontsight along with the front assembly wobbles alitte, but is easly fixed with some superglue in the front. The rate of fire is quite high with a 9.6v battery, but not extreme. The adjustable stock wobbles alittle aswell, but you can tighten the adjustment screw, so it's fixed in less than a minute.

I run it with Matrix Tenergy High Output 9.6V 2300mAh Ni-MH Custom Type Battery (For PEQ box, M4, AK47 and AUG), and it fits in realy easly. It's easy to do a quick field battery swap.

Only bad thing I could dig up was that the screws seem to be weak. I tryed to unscrew the screw that holds the mag release in place, but the screw broke, even when I had used the right screwdriver.

Also, like someone said before me, some rails dont fit on the handguard. My handguard seem to be abit shorter than other handguards and the holes are places diffrently, yet I managed to fit the rails on it after adjusting it.

I recommend buying this weapon.
by Robert N. on 2010-12-25 09:40:40
"This is an awesome gun! It shoots around 370 fps and is full metal except for the stock,pistol grip, and hand grip which is all nylon polmer. My only complaint was that the dust cover was open and broken

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