Reviews: Matrix Pro-Line Lipo Ready 8mm Gearbox Full Metal M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG (330 FPS / 23 RPS!)

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Model: AEG-MTX-M4-M100

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by mason h. on 2010-12-22 00:28:41
"i just got this gun last weekend along with the holy cow deal and two extra mags. the holy cow mags do not fit in the gun period i couldnt even get them to start to go in.
there are two things wrong with this gun.

1. after only putting a mag in and taking it out twice the paint begins to scratch off the gun and the mag itself
2. i HATE that on my gun i cannot unscrew the two barrel pieces at the end of the gun.

other than that its a great gun and i cant wait to go out and shoot something
by Colleen R. on 2010-12-17 20:21:42
"this is my moms account. this gun is amazing! i used my fully charged 9.6v in it and sounded exactly like a lipo with an amazing rate of fire. also this thing has great accuracy and range.

high r.o.f.(with 9.6v)
great accuracy and range
almost full metal
lipo ready
pre installed tightbore barrel

it jammed once in the middle of skirmish

conclusion: 5/5 this gun is amazing most m4s don't have this much metal. i reccomend it to anyone looking for a decently priced amazing m4
by alex h. on 2010-11-14 00:23:32
"My friend got this gun as his first because it is a good starter AEG.
The first 100 rounds on his lipo poured out at around 26bps, and it had pretty good range for a stock weapon- but the accuracy could use some work (probably just a new bucking).

Anyway, after almost emptying a single MAG 120 round midcap there was a terrible grinding noise and the gun's fuse blew. Uh-oh.

Turns out the piston jammed back because the gearbox was poorly lubricated, and the steel teeth shredded the gears (and ended up cracking the guiderail on the piston as well). Well, luckily as my teams tech I had an extra set of gears lying around and lots of spare pistons- after an hour I had it working like clockwork again.

If you get this gun, before you shoot it you should re-lubricate the gearbox and get a full polymer piston (no metal teeth). Otherwise it could self-destruct ($70 to fix at minimum, or deal with Evike’s hassle they call customer service)

Cheap Full Metal M4
Nice internals (mostly)
High rof and fps

Poorly lubricated gearbox and a piston with metal teeth
Pathetic “Matrix Tactical System” etched in bright white on the receiver… yuck…
Sketchy packaging
Magwell is stupidly tight; my Magpul E-mag wouldn’t even fit…
It’s another M4 (personal opinion, but you know I’m right *wink*)

And just wondering where people get this information, but magazines don’t just fall out of Chinese clones- I own an AGM M4 and have worked on several Dboys ones. No problems.
by Josh P. on 2010-11-08 14:21:08
"To start of this gun is awesome. Just awesome. The stock hand guard is a bit touch to get off but its no big deal. It has 14mm ccw threads of course. Amazing gearbox.(This one is the Speed up model so it has high speed gears. So lets get to the pro/con!

Very good fps ( Ill go with 375 average which is definitely under.)
Incredible R.O.F
Externally beautiful
Realistically heavy. Not unbearable by any means.

Haven t found one yet! Owned for over three months
by David l. on 2010-11-03 17:27:18
"First impression: Wow, this thing looks awesome right out of the box. Gun is well put together, no crazy seams or sloppy assembly marks on the exterior of the gun. The one gripe I have with its outward appearance was the collapsible stock, looks/feels slightly cheesier than the rest of the guns plastics. Was an easy fix, just swapped it out for a different stock. Internally the gun looks solid, basically exactly as advertised. It's easy to disassemble, reassemble, and maintain.

With a 9.6v butterfly battery this guns ROF was absurd. I don't have specific numbers but it out shoots anything I've used to date. I mean its ridiculous how quickly you can empty a hi cap mag with this gun. Li-Poly would be overkill for anything but the most serious speed ball type games or something. It empties a 30rd no wind basically instantly.

One issue I did run into was the interior of the mag well. There is some pretty good seaming of the metal inside that effected the ease (or lack there of) of equipping or removing the magazine. I cleaned it up with an exacto knife and a small file and now it accepts any magazine, polymer or metal that I've tried to use.

Handle removes easy to add optics or other sights. Be aware, if you plan on removing the carry handle and want to add optics you WILL have the front sight post co-witness the sight picture of the scope/red dot etc. If you don't mind it than it's what ever.

I'd recommend buying a different 'flash hider' from evike for this gun when you order it, the original is uuuugly, bright orange and will make you stick out like a sore thumb in wooded terrain.

ROF is insane
Looks like a real M4, hard to tell the difference side x side
price price PRICE!
accuracy is spot on when sighted in.
shoots at a good FPS

Cheap feeling stock
mag well needed cleaning up
stock flash hider stinks

Absolutely would recommend this gun to others, with out a doubt.
by Jon P. on 2010-10-10 17:52:49
"I got this gun a few days ago, and when I got it I was impressed with the external build. But like any real player knows, a gun can only be judged by the internals. I ran into the same problem that the old Classic Army M15s had, after firing about 200 rounds, the gearbox locked up. But it was an easy fix. All I had to do was disassemble the gearbox and place everything in the right position. I put it back together, and it's firing great now. I've fired about 1,000 rounds out of it on an 11.1v LiPoly, and it's holding up great. After firing the 1,000rnds I took the gearbox apart again, and there were no signs of any wear and tear on anything.

Performance wise, this gun outperforms most high end AEGs I've used. It by far, out performs the G&P M4 I used. And the KWA M4 doesn't even shoot this far or this fast. With a Matrix 11.1v LiPoly, I'm getting 28 rounds per second ROF, and the bbs are flying straight for over 250 feet (Matrix .23g). When I bought the gun, I thought I needed to buy a new hopup to get good range...but the hopup it has is already amazing. It shoots much farther than the UTG MK96 did, AND it's more accurate. So, basically, if you put a scope on here, you already have a DMR. The velocity is actually very high, especially for an M100 spring. Most M100s shoot around 300fps, but since the air compression is so great, I get an average of 390fps with a .23g bb. So, you're getting the velocity of an M115 spring, with the ROF of an M100.

This gun is overall amazing. I would expect it to cost at least $400. At $230, Evike is cutting you an AMAZING deal. The range, accuracy, and power of this gun...combined with the ROF...make it the best M4 I've ever had.


Thick/heavy metal receivers
Laser Etched markings
250ft Range
Dead accurate
Convertible barrel
Polymer handguard/pistol grip
No wobble at all


Standard Rails don't fit on here, the front sight is too close to the Delta ring, so the rails are too long to go into the disc to hold it in place. So you have to stick with the standard handguard. Which isn't really a big con, but I like to be tactical.


I highly recommend this gun to experienced players. Best M4 I've ever owned.
by Josh P. on 2010-09-22 15:37:33
"I have played a few scrims with this gun and i personally think it is amazing. Very accurate stock mostly all metal except for the handguard of course. It is very strong plastic however. My gun came with hopup door broken but after waiting 2 months for it I just said forget it and dealt with it. Gonna get another one.
by Derek W. on 2010-09-13 15:02:41
"webmaster. i am wondering if the matrix tactical system PDW is as good as this matrix tactical system m4?
by peggy g. on 2010-09-09 16:40:10
"the packaging on this gun was extremely bad everything was just thrown in a box, the only thing tied down was the gun itself. the magwell is very tight so it is hard to do a quick reload. but other than that this gun is amazing. it shoots hard an accurate, its very cheap for a gun of this quality. i highly recomend this gun to anyone!
by karen k. on 2010-05-13 19:39:57
"This is a great gun buy it got 6outs in 10/11 match first time i used it
you get 2 super high qualty high caps

under 400fps
Amazing rof
good paint jop
gearbox is beast
tightbor accurcy good

windage agustment fell of but easy fix with hex screw driver
front end wobels a little bit
Stock wobels a littlebit easy fix put electical tap around stock tube
externals are not high qualty
the uper reciver i think may be plasic

But over all great buy for $200
thanks evike for lowering price to 200 from 230
i know my speeling is bad lol
by Tony S. on 2010-05-06 22:10:30
"I was looking for a good AEG that was pretty cheap and I came across this one. This AEG is EXACTLY what i wanted. something around my price range and still good.

my cousin has an echo stag arms, on a 10.6v 2400mah I'm currently using an 8.6v 1600 and my ROF still blows his gun away.

imagine if i were using a 10.6v lol i dont even need to upgrade my battery. I am going to though but i dont NEED too....

The guns accuracy is also good on only .20 gram bb's and the FPS is bout 375 ish? im not sure havent chrono'd it.

all in all i reccomend this gun, this is as close as you'll get to a KWA or VFC at this Price.

Great ROF
Good FPS
Full Metal (heavy)

-Hand Guard is wobbly
-My Sling Ripped my Stock in half... so the stock isnt that great you might wanna get a reinforced one.
-My 2 Piece barrel got stuck to the gun, only way i could take it off was with pliers so i scratched the crap out of my barrel. but i use the gemtech silencer anyways.
-sometimes my mags dont feed due to the high ROF.
- The color of the metal are different, my gun has a 3 tone metal color... Carrying Handle, Lower Reciever and outer Barrel all different colored metals. (wtf.. -_-)

Notice how most of the Con's are External.... you can fix all that with a nice little upgrade which i plan to do. when everything breaks... lol
by mark l. on 2010-04-26 11:46:48
"This weapon rocks! I received mine about 2 weeks ago and fielded it this past weekend. Right out of the box, it shot straight as an arrow and put pounds of plastic down range. Trigger lag was non-existant, and it chrono'd at 407fps. (on a 9.6v 1620mah battery.) The battery lasted all day (approx 8 hours,) and could have gone 2 or 3 more. The only gun better is a systema ptw, for 6 times the price! No need to keep shopping, buy this gun and some external upgrades and you'll have a much better weapon than a kwa for the same price.

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