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S&T PPSh-41 WWII Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Submachine Gun w/ Drum Mag

41 Customer Reviews

by Alexy K. on 11/21/2016
"I have this gun for more than a year now and I can say: thats an epic war machine! Range, fps and accuracy are perfects for urbans orperations, The 3000 rounds drum-magazine make me sure that I'm never gonna run out of ammo, and he works great. The only con that I can say is that theres only hi-cap magazines for this gun, and maybe that the connection circuits for the battery sometimes decide not to work. But overall, it's the most awesome aeg I have never bougt. I recommand it for anyone who wants a cool gun or just something different of an M4!
by Tanner J. on 12/18/2015
"By far my favorite AEG. I've had it for about a year or so, and have literally zero problems with it. It takes abuse and just keeps on working. Only issue that I could foresee being a problem in the future (for myself atleast) is the selector switch, it feels very loose and wobbly. Anyway, other than that, the rate of fire is pretty good right out of the box with 9.6v or 7.4v lipos, but i wouldn't upgrade the ROF TOO much considering its ebb. Only "upgrade" it needs out of the box is refinishing the wood, its' finish is nasty right out of the box.

ROF, not quite the 1000rpm you get in the real thing but close enough
Accuracy, out of the box it isnt SUPER accurate but combined with your rate of fire and large magazine it is good enough
Extremely durable, just be careful with your selector switch
Weight, this is a pro for me but might be a con if you are younger. Almost 10 lbs when fully loaded.

The finish on the stock out of the box is pretty nasty, but with some sandpaper, finish of your choice and patience its NBD.
Sometimes when opening the receiver the bolt comes off of its track and wont blow back, but its as simple as setting it back on.
by Laura D. on 12/10/2015
"This is an excellent gun, but it broke. I had it for about 6 months and then I learned that "drizzling" is still raining it it will get into the gear box.

large mag
fire rate

the blow back system has some problems but can be easily fixed
by Matthew Z. on 05/27/2015
"Ive had this gun for over a year now as and it still never fails to impress me both in general appearence and its insane rate of fire. However; I was a bit disapointed when the blowback piece within the gun broke in half after about 20,000 rounds.
-amazing ROF
-very realisuic
-holds alot of ammo 2000 rounds (if you find yourself running out then use your sights)
-can take a beating
-it a PPSH
-lacks in accuracy
-lacks range
-low FPS 347
-simi auto sometimes doesnt work (probally can be fixed)
all in all it is a very good SMG for both price and ROF strongly advise getting it espicallt for historical accuracy.

by Austin M. on 03/21/2015
"The PPSH I ordered recently came in. I must say I love everything about it. This is a great fun for a great price. ($200) at the time. The construction is absolutely solid and the easy-to-access internals make it a breeze to fix any problem. The spring detention ensures that you will use this gn for a long time before you need to replace parts. I must also say that the battery compartment does take a 9.6v mini-type battery, but you must be careful to get it in right, because it takes some squeezing to get it in. I recommend using .20s ion the gun, as the .25s I used lacked range significantly when the battery is low. I recommend this gun to anyone who wants an LMG, but doesn't want to pay $400 for one. It can spit a large amount of BB's onto the field and has a capacity. This is obviously great for WW2 enthusiasts.

Great fps
2000 round drum

Somewhat lacking Hop-Up
Large Orange Tip
by Eric S. on 01/13/2015
"Excellent replica, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Got mine over Christmas, and so far, just shooting it out back, it performs very well. It has a pretty nice rate of fire (using a 7.4 v lipo), though I don't recommend using a 9.6 v nimh or 11.1 v lipo, as the fire rate will add additional wear and tear on your gearbox and bolt, possibly causing a failure, besides the ROF is sufficient with a regular 8.4 nimh/7.4 lipo, unless you're the type of player who wants 30 bbs per second, but then you wouldn't be using this gun anyway.
This is a intermediate level/advanced level AEG, but it's fine for beginners too, just keep in mind, if you buy this you'll need a battery and smart charger also. It's all steel/ metal construction and real wood stock (yes, it's real wood) make it durable, but also heavy ( around 7 pounds or so), so may not be ideal for younger players having to lug it around all day. It is also fully ambidextrous, with the exception of the safety, but that's not too much of a problem, because you're not typically using your safety after the skirmish starts, plus the safety is noisy, due to the fact that when you release it, the bolt clangs shut, so not too stealthy, adding the fact that the 2000 round drum magazine can rattle a lot with the bbs in it. Otherwise, an excellent and highly recommended AEG.
by Brendon C. on 11/23/2014
"There's nothing you need to know about typical operations of this gun that they don't cover in the video they've made for it.
build materials are steel metals and the imitation wood, which doesn't sound appealing but its actually a very nice quality imitation wood I haven't seen before. can't really tell the wood is fake unless your holding it.
I own it, all good things to say:
VERY high fire rate.
Mine's never jammed.
High capacity drum mag
quality mag, mines never jammed and never once misfed firing a blank shot.
Perfect fps
Very accurate. 9/10
large orange tip (whatever the gun kicks serious bum)
could be real wood (but that would raise the price a lot so again, whatever)
The high rate of fire this gun has, combined with the ammo capacity and accuracy delivers devastating effects. You can mow groups of enemies down in seconds.
by Grayson P. on 07/11/2014
"For the sake of neatness I'm just going to make a pros and cons list but I would buy this gun
Fire rate
Drum mag
Pretty accurate
It is kind of heavy
Not really a beginner gun
Slightly challenging to put in battery
Orange tip
Otherwise a great buy
by adam a. on 10/21/2013
"this gun is a great buy if you love ww11 guns and especially if you love the ppsh

. amazing blowback systems
.real wood and built amazing
.has a awesome sound
.look awesome with it
.great accuracy
. can take 8.4 or 9.6
by Carolyn O. on 09/29/2013
"great gun if you have the money I suggest buying it. it tears up as a cqb gun im in the process of making/finding rails to mount on it
by Ian B. on 09/19/2013
"I purchased this gun, and I love it. The real wood and metal is just outstanding. It fires very fast and is the size of a sub-machine gun, but has enough bb storage to be classified as a light machine gun. Instead of paying 500 or more for a m249 just buy this honestly.

The only con is the weight. Due to the real wood and steel, this gun is extremely heavy for me. If you are an adult or young adult the weight is most likely not a concern, but if you are a teen or child that is not the strongest, I wouldn't reccomend the gun for cqc, but maybe use it as a stationary gun in outdoors.

Overall Great gun
by Wendy H. on 08/16/2013
"first off... the thing is a beast. It is an amazing aeg with high rate of fire, and accurate. I can hit targets well beyond 120ft and the drum magazine us pretty awesome. the gun is pretty heavy. and the metal with real wood... love it. its just a great all around weapon and is very reliable. I do recommend a 8.4 1600mah battery. I thought about buying a 9.6v but I didnt and ended up buying a 8.4v. it still gives it that holy poop fire rate and is VERY loud. yes the orange tip is huge but can be removed. long story short... its amazing. dont hesitate in buying it. yeah its price tag is big but if you got the money, I recommend this.

fire rate
drum mag
wood with metal
blowback (can be a loss)

big orange ugly tip (yes I know its the law but I mean come on, make it a little smaller please)
heavy (maybe for other people, doesnt effect me)
VERY small battery compartment
blowback wears on the gears
fire selector switch is wobbly
by Kevin Z. on 06/26/2013
"To start this off. #1 advice I can give you to keep this gun in great shape:

***USE 8.4V MAX*** This is coming from and expert. Why? The gearbox can't handle a 9.6v for a long time and it burns it out and not ony that, but the gun fires too fast for the mag to keep up. I own two 8.4v Small Type 1600 batteries and they work perfectly.

The gun itself is definetly nicely built. The wood is not orangish like in the pictures. It's a nice brown that can easily be restained to your liking. The orange tip was sort of a pain to take off.The blowback is a cool feature, but I suggest after some use, disable the blowback as it will increase the performance of the gun. It has a good weight to it. Sure its a little heavy, but if it bothers you, you really need to start working out ;)


USE 8.4v 1600 small batteries!!!


Pretty Accurate
Hop up is easy to adjust
Well built
Heft: It really isn't bad at all as its compressed into a small sized package. Hit the gym if its too heavy.
Great mag quality, space, and peformance


Orange tip is a pain to take off but can come off
Distance is okay not amazing.
Blowback can break the gun overtime, but its easily disabled so this isnt a big deal.

Now people say well this is a crappy version of Ares and Hexagon is better. Well I havent gotten my hands on a Hexagon PPSH as they went out of business and you can only buy one from Hong Kong at a ridiculous price. But it looks as if the gun itself is better than the S&T. But, the S&T being $215 and your able to get 2 batteries, a smart charger, and a PPSH for $250 including the use of coupons? Its a great deal. This gun has performed up to its price and if you have an interest in WWII or just want something besides the everyday M4 and M16, then go with the S&T PPSH.
by Bruce Z. on 06/17/2013
"This gun is amazing. The steel is of really good construction, making this gun very heavy at around 10 pounds. The wood is nice. I bought the matrix 9.6 volt battery at the bottom of the screen. With that battery, the battery compartment is VERY cramped. I could barely get it in. I would not recommend getting that battery. I've heard that a butterfly 9.6 volt works well so I would recommend this battery. I don't think that the drum mag actually holds 2000 rounds. I think it holds closer to 1500 rounds at the most. This is still really good for a high cap. The blowback is cool but I would recommend turning it off most of the time. This gun has a really nice rate of fire with a 9.6 volt, and this is even better with the blowback turned off. FPS is around 360ish with 0.20 grams. I'm not sure if this is the case on other PPSH's but the fire selector swith is sort of wobbly. It still works but this is something I'm going to pay attention to. Here are the pros and cons.
All metal and steel
real wood
High cap drum mag
Very good rate of fire
Surprisingly Accurate

Cramped battery compartment
Wobbly fire selector switch
If you are still on the fence about getting this gun, you are trully missing out! This gun is just a beast. Good for ww2 reenactors or somebody who wants to stand out from the hordes of M4s and AKs. I Love this gun!
by Jill W. on 04/16/2013
"This thing is awesome! I got it a few weeks ago and it runs amazing. Don't bother trying to put on any attachments. It is a real wood stock with metal parts. The battery life isn't the greatest though, and after about a half hour of firing, the battery gets wicked hot. The door to the stock is flimsy too. The orange tip is more like an orange cover but I managed to take mine off using a screwdriver and a hair drier to prop it off. This thing, when ya get shot, stings like a b****. I made dents in my mailbox from 20 yards away. The rate of fire on full auto is great. Just don't run it too long or the gearbox runs dryfire.

WWII style Russian/German gun
1:1 scale . Basically like an m16 on steroids
Hurts like h e l l. When shot
Real wood and lots of metal.
Hi capacity drum magazine
Electronic blowback

Front heavy
Some batteries may not fit in all the way into the stock
Bad buttstock cover, cheap flimsy metal
Big orange tip if you can't remove it or if it is illegal in your state or country or county or town to remove it
No place for optics
Would have to fabricate pieces for attachments to cling to

Overall it is a great gun with amazing power and its great for WWII reenactors or gun collectors