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Pre-Order ETA July 2018 S&T PPSh-41 WWII Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Submachine Gun w/ Drum Mag

46 Customer Reviews

by Andrew S. on 03/30/2017
"I recently got my PPSH and I wanted to share my opinions and observations. First and foremost the external quality of the weapon is A+++++ the wood grain on mine is superb and looks and feels very nice. Its some of the best wood i've ever seen on an airsoft gun besides on an E&L AK. The steel is VERY high quality and won't be deforming or breaking anytime soon if ever. The only thing I really dislike about the externals is the big MADE IN CHINA text in white but its not to big of a deal since it can easily be painted over or a little piece of black duct tape would do. The orange tip is an abomination but again could be painted over or removed. The battery space is the stock is great and can hold most of your common style of battery and can even hold two 7.4v lipo batteries inside (though I do not recommend using a battery that would produce such a low fire rate).

Now to the performance. This gun is a shooter for sure. The fire rate with a 9.6v battery is very good on full and semi auto. The accuracy is amazing considering its real life counterpart is a submachinegun. The accuracy and range can be compared directly to a Krytac M4 which is quite surprising. The hopup is also quite easy to adjust. One thing I don't like is how long the trigger pull is, at first I thought my gun simply wasn't firing but it turns out the trigger just had to be pulled all the way to the rear which is quite a distance. The drum magazine I received has little to no wobble while in the gun and doesn't really have any feeding issues but what it does do is whenever you wind up the magazine too much and start firing on semi auto bb's will get jammed up and about 4 or 5 of them will fire at once. This only occurs if you wind the magazine too much and only on the first couple of shots after winding then it smooths out. My magazine issue could be COMPLETELY dependent on my magazine and my magazine only not all mags will do this, and its really not a very big issue to begin with once you get used to dealing with it. The gun chronos in the high 380's into the 390's with .20 gram bb's. This is PERFECT for outdoor games and the quick change spring system makes it very easy for you to change the spring for a more CQB friendly area or field.

One issue i'd like to point out is the EBB (electric blowback) system. It is very very unreliable. It only works once in a blue moon and most of the time it won't move at all while firing. Again this could be completely dependent on the build of my gun and not all guns will do that.

Overall I highly recommend this gun for a WW2 Reenactor or someone looking for a skirmish ready rifle that has amazing performance and build quality and is different from the boring modern weapons.
by Maggie V. on 02/16/2017
"pretty good gun, a little heavy but still gets the job done
by samuel e. on 11/19/2016
"I have owned this gun for about a year know this thing feels like a beast with really good metal and really good wood but if you find a way to break it like I did it is extremely difficult to find parts But if you don't break it this thing is a beast with 2000 rounds I would recommend It but don't play it really aggressively because parts are hard to find I contacted s and t and ares and they didn't do anything at all unles I wanted to by like the whole new gearbox and parts for it which was like 169 dollars$

real really good wood
all metal
really satisfying kick for ebb
2000 rounds

huge orange tip
very hard to find parts
by Julien C. on 08/23/2015
"This is a great gun! Perfect for WW2 reenactments or people looking to get away from the same old M4, like myself. This gun is made of durable and heavy stamped steel. The wood stock is sturdy but does not have a nice finish, which is no big deal but can be redone if you really need to. FPS is perfect for out door airsoft, around 400 FPS. Rait of fire and blowback is insanely fast! Magazine misfeeds every once in a while but it usually fixes itself, if not just open up the mag and wiggle the feeding tube around a little. My gun broke after a few days, not entirely sure why. But I sent it back to Evoke, they paid for all shipping and fixed it pretty quickly. Since then, I have had zero problems and learned to appreciate Evike's great customer service!
by Wyatt B. on 06/18/2015
"It's a great airsoft gun, you will have problems loading it if you are a new airsofter most likely but it will come to you. The only problem I have had is the feeding sometimes won't work but you can fix the drum mag by moving the feeding tube to the right spot. By the way the blow back is BEAST! it creates a little bit of kick and sounds a lot louder in real life than it does in the videos.
by Robert R. on 05/13/2015
"I've had this gun since October of 2014 and for the most part, I can say it is absolutely awesome. This gun is very accurate with .2g. It is front heavy due to the somewhat uncomfortable way to hold it (your hand is supposed to be behind the round drum.) and is VERY loud, which I personally like. However my two biggest problems with the gun are the following: 1.) The bolt on the side of the gun broke off. I was disappointed with this because I never touched it other than for the safety and hop-up adjustment, but now I can't put on a safety or open up the to gearbox. 2.)The round drum started to misfeed within only two months of owning it. This wouldn't be a problem if the drum mag wasn't $45. I own the stick mag but it is a HUGE pain to put in at first and even months after. That too misfeeds (mine did within a month). However, other than the bolt, this gun is built so solid. the orange cap is super easy to take off with a flathead screwdriver. All in all, I would highly recommend this.
by Ernie G. on 05/06/2015
"My ppsh arrived yesterday and I simply have to say this gun is amazing it looks like the real thing. Now I hope its just the battery but I put a 8.4 nunchuck 650 mil and the bolt only comes half way back and the battery sounds dead but it is fully charged. All in all this is a sweet gun.
by Alek E. on 10/14/2013
"Love this gun, had it for a while now and it proves to be reliable. Its a little noisy and my friend said it sounds like a woodpecker, but it dose not annoy me. the mag takes a little bit to get in but all you really need is a good small shove.

fast fire rate
easy to handle
built to last
2000 round mag

small battery compartment, it takes a bit, but you can get it in there.
Weight at first, but you can get used to it.
by Diego G. on 04/28/2013
"The AEG works well, and holds a lot of pellets. The orange tip is huge. I can't get it to shoot to point of aim though, but it is not bad. The blowback feature makes it more fun. I compared it with a real WWII (1942) PPSH 41 and I thought that you may be interested in several differences between the two, especially if you are collectors:

1) The AEG's wodden stock is grossly oversized.
2) The fire selector works the other way around in the real gun.
3) The lower receiver in the AEG gun has "wings" coming upon the upper receiver. This was an "improvement" developed after the war. Check war-time pictures if you want to see what I mean. I see this mistake in most video-games though.
4) The barrel-jacket in the AEG is substantially more square in shape than the original gun.

Please don't take these as negative feedback, as I am overall very pleased with the AEG, as it is fun to play with, it feels a lot like the real gun (sight picture, magazine operation, etc.) and its quality is good.
by Andrew E. on 04/10/2013
"I got this when it was $175, a week or two ago. Once everyone saw it, they said the brand was bad and that it would all fall apart if I didn't do heavy modification.

There were very wrong. I went out for a day match with 20 something people and it performed like a champ. Never had a motor jam, hop up was good, rate of fire was good, no broken shot or shot jammed in barrel, motor sounded good and clean, the EBB was just fine.

My only beef after the first match was the battery life. I used a 9.6v and it only lasted through ~2000 shots (2 hours of game play). I attribute this to the extra juice needed to run the EBB, but a second battery would solve the problem.

Obviously, I cannot rate how well this piece will perform over time, but so far I am very pleased.

I would recommend this gun to any one looking for an "Exotic" piece that you can show off, and will also perform.
by konner S. on 04/08/2012
"I LOVE THIS GUN! pretty spendy but you will not regret any minute of it though. i got this gun about a month ago and it is pretty much indestructable on the outside. but some bad things after about the month i had it the internals on the drum mag broke because all of the interiors are plastic. over all i would recomend this gun but get the 540 hi cap mags, also it doesnt come with a battery so you have to by on.

Pros: Good Accuracy
Feel of the gun
Real wood
High rate of fire

Cons: Really Loud
Very very very heavy
by Jackson H. on 12/24/2011
"Hello I am actual very impressed SO FAR by this gun very nice has little problems besides that its really heavy because when I got it in the mail I wasn't supposed to know it was here and I picked up while in the shipping box and IT WAS HEAVY it has to way at least 9 pounds its mag was a great but how you load it in was disappointing also one more problem is that the blow back puts stress onto the gearbox so its a little sad but eventual you actually might WANT to buy a new gearbox to make a little fresher and to make the blow back seem better and the blow back is AWESOME no matter what angle you are shooting at because the cocking lever/ Charging handle surprisingly also moves back along with the slide/ dust cover the FPS is good for cqb if the rules are lenient and also great for out door
-motivates to keep it together
-big mag capacity
Cons =(
-BB Input
-stress to gearbox
All in all good gun but i would want to find it during a sale or at a cheaper price/used
by Nicholas S. on 02/26/2016
"It was a great gun. 5/5 if the Gear Box did not give up the ghost. I have a Mosin nagant now, and i will probably find a new gb or get a whole new gun
by Alex M. on 10/25/2010
"I bought this gun and used it last Saturday in a woodland environment.

Overall, this gun is pretty awesome. The wood stock and stamped steal body make it awesome just to hold. A bit on the heavy side, but still awesome. The 2,000 round drum mag is great. It's very quiet for a drum mag, but has a slight wobble to it when in the gun. Other than that, the gun is solid as a rock.

Shooting wise, the gun is a bit off. Once the hop up is adjusted correctly, the gun's range only goes about 50-70 feet maybe. (I didn't measure it exactly) The gun is very accurate at this range, but the range is somewhat disappointing. The blowback on this gun is awesome. The gun has a slight kick to it, but that just makes it more awesome.

Nice feel/look
blowback and kick make it more awesome

disappointing range.
by Billy Z. on 04/30/2014
"the only really good thing about this gun is how realistic it is...I bought the 9.6v battery fully charged it and took to the first it seemed like a good gun, amazing rate of fire and decent accuracy..i used the gun for about an hr and it started losing power so i thought the battery was dying...i took it home and charged the battery and now bbs shoot about 10 feet with absolutely no power...i have no idea what the problem is, ive tried breaking down the gun and finding whats malfunctioning and nothing...sorry to say but this gun is a waste of money, DO NOT BUY!!