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Pre-Order ETA July 2018 S&T PPSh-41 WWII Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Submachine Gun w/ Drum Mag

46 Customer Reviews

by Bruce Z. on 06/17/2013
"This gun is amazing. The steel is of really good construction, making this gun very heavy at around 10 pounds. The wood is nice. I bought the matrix 9.6 volt battery at the bottom of the screen. With that battery, the battery compartment is VERY cramped. I could barely get it in. I would not recommend getting that battery. I've heard that a butterfly 9.6 volt works well so I would recommend this battery. I don't think that the drum mag actually holds 2000 rounds. I think it holds closer to 1500 rounds at the most. This is still really good for a high cap. The blowback is cool but I would recommend turning it off most of the time. This gun has a really nice rate of fire with a 9.6 volt, and this is even better with the blowback turned off. FPS is around 360ish with 0.20 grams. I'm not sure if this is the case on other PPSH's but the fire selector swith is sort of wobbly. It still works but this is something I'm going to pay attention to. Here are the pros and cons.
All metal and steel
real wood
High cap drum mag
Very good rate of fire
Surprisingly Accurate

Cramped battery compartment
Wobbly fire selector switch
If you are still on the fence about getting this gun, you are trully missing out! This gun is just a beast. Good for ww2 reenactors or somebody who wants to stand out from the hordes of M4s and AKs. I Love this gun!
by Jill W. on 04/16/2013
"This thing is awesome! I got it a few weeks ago and it runs amazing. Don't bother trying to put on any attachments. It is a real wood stock with metal parts. The battery life isn't the greatest though, and after about a half hour of firing, the battery gets wicked hot. The door to the stock is flimsy too. The orange tip is more like an orange cover but I managed to take mine off using a screwdriver and a hair drier to prop it off. This thing, when ya get shot, stings like a b****. I made dents in my mailbox from 20 yards away. The rate of fire on full auto is great. Just don't run it too long or the gearbox runs dryfire.

WWII style Russian/German gun
1:1 scale . Basically like an m16 on steroids
Hurts like h e l l. When shot
Real wood and lots of metal.
Hi capacity drum magazine
Electronic blowback

Front heavy
Some batteries may not fit in all the way into the stock
Bad buttstock cover, cheap flimsy metal
Big orange tip if you can't remove it or if it is illegal in your state or country or county or town to remove it
No place for optics
Would have to fabricate pieces for attachments to cling to

Overall it is a great gun with amazing power and its great for WWII reenactors or gun collectors
by Mark S. on 03/26/2013
"The wood is quite lovely along with the blowback. It can handel a 7.4 lipo quite well and it does have quite a kick to it. Nothing major like a gbb but you can feel it. I changed out the barrel for a madbull v2 python 300mm and there was a noticeable increase in FPS and accuracy. The stock bucking is quite good and I would not change it. It has a v- hop bucking which I found impressive infact. You can turn the blowback on/off easily. Oh don't get a barrel larger than 300mm, the stock one is about 265mm or something. The madbull fits in nicely.

For 175 I would get it I like it except for
You have to be careful with the mag. You need to make sure it is in or else it will fall out
You can't go past 300mm inner barrel with out showing (not really a con)
No threads so I can't put my noveske kx3 on it :(

Evike doesn't have mid caps :(.
by Michael G. on 03/26/2013
"I got this gun for a gift to myself last christmas. It has THE BEST externals on a airsoft gun ever, it redefines the term full metal. It has the coolest blow back for a AEG for that matter. Also the stock 2000 rnd mag makes it very skirmishable out of the box. IMO it also has the quickest takedown time, also the quick change spring system is also awesome for transitions to CQC. The biggest CON I have is that it doesnt fit some 9.6 batteries id recommend getting a nunchuck style, another is as being one of the only ppsh's, parts are VERY propietary. overall I'd give it a 8.5/10
by John P. on 10/17/2012
"This is one beautiful gun, as far as WWII airsoft guns go, this has to be at the top. Overall it is a great AEG, it is very accurate, has a realistic feel to it, and it has Electric Blow-Back! Another great feature is the Drum Magazine, it holds 2000rds! That is almost as much as an airsoft light machine gun! I highly recommend this gun to anybody who is interested in WWII style airsoft guns or just wants something a little different.

Full Metal
Real Wood Stock
Electric Blow-back
2000rd Drum Mag
High FPS
Very Accurate
Easy to use / Very clear instruction manual
Quick change spring system

Doesn't come with a Battery. (Would work great with a 9.6v)
by derek g. on 09/07/2012
"i just got this gun today, chronoed it, fired a full mag out of it already and did some shooting with a team member
all i have to say is that this gun is worth every penny, full metal full wood gives it a realistic weight and its pretty loud.

by alp s. on 08/29/2012
"First of all i love this gun, its a masterpieace item as a collector. The only issue i had was the problem at's store. I got this gun 3 days ago from the store. After 1 hour i brought it back cause there was a gap between the wood stock and the metal reciever ( as a collector these kind of stuff really matters) so i took it back and i got another one. And today it turns out that inside the earbox the fuses are burnt? So i bring it back again.. I get another one and i tested it in the shooting range. And it turns out its a supppper accurate gun and has a high fps. Not to mention the realistic blowback action that has a sweet little recoil to it.

-Accurate really accurate
-EBB blowback!
-rpm is great
-steel, real wood..
-heavy (for some people it could be considerd a con, but for me its defenitly great.)
- the look, feel.

-the mag when locked into place, is wobbly.
-the GIANT flash hider... What is that thing...
And thats actually all
by Brince W. on 05/11/2012
"I recieved this gun last wednesday and I gotta say this gun is beast with a hint of suicidal death. The only problem I had was that after Evike upgraded it the fuse went bad and I had to replace it. Other than that the gun is beast and I highly recommend it.

Shoots insanley accurate
shoots far
Easy spring change system

Giant orange tip
Selector switch is very loose

Oh and some people say its heavy and its not. Even if it is heavy to you, you wont notice it on the field.
by Zach S. on 04/02/2012
"I have held one of these monsters at true edge and lets face it IT IS HUGE for an SMG, my brothers Thompson is without a doubt pretty small (despite its size) compared to this. And for its weight, it feels about 5-7lbs (or about the same as a standard M16 with no attachments). All I can say is I want one.
by Maureen D. on 02/17/2012
"This gun is amazing and really stands out. It has a good blowback feature and shoots at around 370 fps. I got a spring to upgrade it and it is so easy to install!!! One problem I have is that the blowback can flip off the mag release causing the mag to fall out. I got this gun on a different website so it only came with a drum mag and no battery. I have seen many airsoft guns so I was skeptical of ST but this is by far one of the best guns I have ever seen!!! [:]

good fps when upgraded
amazing accuracy
good build

magazine release can be triggered by blowback
by Eric C. on 02/15/2012
"Amazing gun!
Very different from all the others and it will definitely turn heads.
I have used it for many skirmishes, although the 2000 round drum mag isn't very "milsim" at all, I enjoy the overwhelming advantage and fire power. Can't lie.

Get the curved 540 round magazines, they are a great backups and much easier to carry instead of another drum mag. is awesome for having drum mag and curve mags available!
by Eric c. on 09/26/2011
"Great support weapon or as a point man weapon.

Great accuracy, the drum mag will spoil any shooter and the unique look and feel is simply amazing.

Over all, I would highly recommend this gun to anyone!
by Paul C. on 09/23/2010
"The ppsh-41 is the best gun i have ever bought. It has amazing details and looks just like the real thing besides the orange tip. The box isnt highly detailed but still very cool. When you open it you have direction manual, the gun, and the magazine.

When i opened up my box the gun was opened up at the top and the charging handle wasnt cocked back and i heard that if you do not pull the charging handle back and lock it, it can tempararly damage your gun.

Pros: Cons:

highly detail Nothing

Great collectible for anyone who likes WWII

good fps

easy to load and put in battery
by Dotti P. on 03/28/2010
"Holy cowturds! I have been looking for one of these for a long time... the ppsh 41 has always been one of my favorite WWII sub machine guns. If you have the money and you are looking at this buy it, this is a rare find
by Robert h. on 05/02/2018
"i would give this gun a 5 out of 5 however my charging handle that slaps back and forth with the blow back blew off after about 10,000-15,000 bb's. (i was using the recommended batteries also the 7.4 lipo so that was a little disappointing that it blew off.)overall the gun IS phenomenal with .23 matrix bio-deg bbs i was shooting out 150-200 feet with my ppsh and the first 2 games i played with it everyone was amazed how far it shot. im not kidding when i say im out performing 300$ m4's WITH scopes. i was fighting 3-5 people at once in the woods and i killed them all 150 feet out through the thicket. we had revives and i ended up watching at least 5 of them walk back and im pretty sure i gottem all. this gun is no joke a monster. its worth the 220 i got mine for. everyone always asked me to cover them when we moved up because my gun had the furthest range and the most cover fire with a 2000 round mag. the ONLY bad piece on the gun is the charging handle if you can disable the blow back (even though i know its one of the best features of the gun) i highly recommend you do so. i have a feeling that this ppsh will be my primary for a long time even though the charging handle broke off unless i get a sniper rifle there probably wont be anything that ill find that will shoot further than this and keep its accuracy at 150+ feet with .23 i would say 4-5 bbs would be right on point. (even though my charging handle broke off i can still pull my bolt back to show the hop up, also i can still disassemble mine and get to the quick change spring system. so i truly only lost the safety/charging handle. my break could just be luck but considering i only lost the safety/charging handle my gun is still pretty functional and i dont mind too much)


2000 round magazine

its a ppsh ^.^

range/accuracy at range

everything is wood or stamped steel(except charging handle _._)

everyone fears you when they hear the clack


charging handle im guessing is made out of semi-cheap aluminum; broke after maximum of 20,000 shots, no way i shot anymore than that and i went to detention the spring and the rest of my charging handle ripped off im 23 y/o man child that weighs 110lbs if i can break that anyone probably can rip it off its just garbage (weak metal vs strong metal:stong metal wins everytime thats just poor design on the charging handle)

rear sling mount is kind of small i had to use a rear sling mount adapter for mine

though it says electric blow back it really shouldn't probably be an electric blow back