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G&P QD Vertical Foregrip for Airsoft AEG Guns (Black)

4 Customer Reviews

by Aren L. on 11/06/2011
"No problems whatsoever on a KWA RIS. The QD feature offers convenience and the design will accommodate batteries and still be nice to hold. There was only a moment of confusion during the install when I tried to slide it over the rails instead of attach it directly so feel free to buy it and not fail at attaching it like I did.
by Jacob V. on 11/05/2010
"Not a bad buy, for $20. The QD presents a minor flaw in that, at least in this case, it doesn't fit perfectly to all rails. It grips fine onto stock and the after-market G36 rails I've stuck it to but takes a lot of muscle to actually mount or dismount it. My attempts to adjust the tension in the QD claw resulted in some cosmetic damage to the unit and a proportional grunting of expletives. I tried it on the RIS of a JG stubby M4, however, and was left with atrocious wobble, which I remedied with a few layers of electrical tape on the rails. I had to use the same fix for my chosen grenade launcher on the stubby, so it's not too big a deal for me, but it might pose a problem if by chance your gun's rails are manufactured few microns too wide.

Evike Staff: G&P makes some of the best parts. This grip will fit perfect on G&P, Classic Army, Echo1, G&G, Matrix and other real gun spec. size rails easier I suppose.
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by Michael P. on 05/15/2014
"This rail feels great! My only marks off were for that it was very difficult to mount on but also it was very wobbly. I will apply tape as someone mentioned before, but I didn't expect it to be this loose
by Aaron K. on 06/03/2014
"This grip is way to difficult to fit onto my rid, and even when i did get it on its really wobbly. It is well made but the effort you have to put in to get it on isn't worth the 20$