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Matrix Elite Detonics 1911 .45 Combat Master Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol (Model: Silver)

15 Customer Reviews

by sam r. on 09/15/2017
"Just got this. Good quality. Good range and fairly accurate for a compact. Looks to be an almost exact TM detonics clone. Perfect size for a back pocket, leg holster, or mag pouch. The grip may be uncomfortable to some, but the reduced profile makes it very easy to carry. I jave had full size pistols that dont perform as well. This will take care of you of you take care of it.

The slide is a little different internally than a full size TM 1911, just FYI neither the slide or frame will fit with the full size without modification. Good initial impression of build quality. Very tight. If anything there may be fitment issues that are tight amd need sanding. Seems like it may last. Not the greateat upgrade parts selection, but it has alot of potential for the price. Little things like a tightbore, and some sear and trigger work woukd make an outstanding difference. Overall im very happy with it so far. I think it will field well and be as reliable as any other TM copied 1911.
by Mark S. on 08/24/2017
"Is a very good buy especially at the sale price of 65.00. I liked the gun so well I bought a second. Does have low gas storage I was able to get only one magazine to 1. 5 magazine per fill. Great copy of one of the first compact 1911"s ever made. be careful it is easy to overfill and can blow the gas seal. Was very accurate at my 15 foot indoor range. I do suggest buying several spare magazines due to gas storage.
by Luis W. on 06/08/2017
"These work fine alright. Easy to fit real wood grips on as well, if you know woodwork that is. Just buy regular ones and cut them short, taper off the cut, drill a hole and you're good to go.

The internals are all TM compatible, since its a TM-clone, which means replacement parts exists. The Nozzle are special for just this model thou, but as i said, It's a TM-clone, spare parts exists.

Buy it. Its cool.
by Aaron A. on 03/23/2017
"Works great! This is probably the most compact 1911 you can find and the amazing thing is that it takes full size mags!
by Joseph D. on 02/23/2017
"I had mine for about 2 months now, this pistol is great for short distance combat, not for outdoor.

Super compact

Not for outdoor games
by Michael G. on 01/13/2017
"Absolutely a hell of a deal. i own a kwa 1911 so this pistol feels right at home for me. perfect for indoor cqc due to the fact its fps is perfectly rated for Indoor use.wish it came with more than on mag.
by Austin M. on 11/14/2016
"This pistol is simply amazing. At first I was turned off by the looks, because the pictures don't do it justice. I recently ordered the Evike Box of Awesomeness and I got this pistol, so worth the money! This pistol is a lazer beam, so accurate and shoots so far! The gun is built very nicely, and has an amazing weight for such a small gun. The hop up on this pistol is by far the best I have ever encountered on a pistol.

accuracy and range

Doesn't hold a lot of gas, so you will have to gas each mag fully after every dump

I highly recommend this pistol, especially for the price.
by Austin W. on 11/10/2016
"I love this gun!

Smaller-sized, made for close-quarters and indoors, and fires very well. The mag is double-stacked, which works well with the smaller mag size.

Smaller-sized on the grip. If you have larger hands, you might have trouble keeping your whole hand on the gun. Also, everything about the gun is a little harder than I expected.

Essentially a great compact pistol if you're looking into getting a 1911,

by Alex V. on 10/30/2016
"This is a great pistol that packs a punch for the price! With its full metal construction, its feel like a reliable backup, or even a secondary! Only thing is I wish it had a threaded barrel. All in all, amazing pistol that surprised me for the price!
by Chris D. on 10/23/2016
"A lovely, lightweight sidearm.

It isn't going to pack the massive recoil or punch you may get from other guns, but great and pretty accurate sidearm, especially for its size.

FPS shouldn't be an issue unless operating in colder weather.
by Davis B. on 09/26/2016
"The Detonic 1911 is awesome!!

Don't be fooled by this palm sized pistol, it is packed with full size 1911 power! Best of all, it takes my KJW 1911 full size magazines with a bonus extended look. Because it is a smaller slide, the kick seems to feel even better than a full size 1911.

Compact, I don't think you can get any smaller
Compatible with Marui and KJW 1911 magazine
Metal slide, frame and magazine

by Alex V. on 09/19/2016
"This is a great pistol that packs a punch for the price! With its full metal construction, its feel like a reliable backup, or even a secondary! Only thing is I wish it had a threaded barrel. All in all, amazing pistol that surprised me for the price!
by D-trick H. on 02/11/2009
"this thing is really nice, it looks very real. i dont know the fps cuz its not mine ive never seen it shot, but the guy said its accurate as heck, im gonna give it 5 out of 5, just on the looks
by Thomas C. on 10/11/2017
"Here's my little run down of this product:
The fit and finish is acceptable, it's pretty solid. It feels about on par with my WE M9s in terms of its build. It isn't nearly as tight as my Marui 1911s.

The one that I received does not suffer from overhop or mag leaks, like a lot of reviews have stated. It's built by Army Armament, so the QA is a little off on these, it's to be expected for a sub $100 Taiwanese gun. Accuracy wise, again, it's not nearly as good as my Maruis, it gives me the ability to reach about 50-60 feet reliably to hit a man sized target outdoors. I was a little impressed with it.

As far as the Marui compatibility goes: It LOOKS just like Marui/KJW internals, but my Marui Detonics and Series 70 slides do not fit onto the frame. The Matrix R45 slide fits onto my Marui frames fine, though. The blowback action of the R45 does seem to function slightly differently than the Marui models, it looks like the nozzle doesn't delay the same as the Marui models, which actually contributes to a sharper recoil and a little less gas efficiency.

I get between 15-25 rounds per charge of propane and GG, which is dissapointing with the 22rnd magazine. With Duster/HFC135A it's even less. Another point on the magazines is that TM and KJW full size mags fit, but don't drop free from the gun. The AA supplied magazine does drop free, no problem, but the Marui and KJW mags require you do pull them out.

The trademarks on the gun are well engraved, but do differ slightly from the pictures. I don't really care about that on a sub $100 Taiwanese GBB.

Sweet little pistol
slide fits on Marui compatible frames and trigger groups
full metal
pretty accurate for it's size
tons of upgrades
For someone with thinner hands, like me, the grip is perfect

too small
Marui slides do no fit frame
poor gas efficiency (this is systemic with this particular gas system, so expect it from KJW/Bell/AA/TM 1911 single stacks)
Trades differ from pictures, but again: sub $100 Taiwanese gun. It's gonna happen.
Not 100% marui compatible like advertised, but for the most part it's close
Very uncomfortable and weird for larger handed individuals

Final verdict: It's a fun gun to use. It's well worth the sub $100 price tag. If you're thinking of getting one, get it. It's just fun to have.
by Hunter M. on 09/21/2017
"First of all, this gun looks and feels amazing.. I would give it a 5/5 but I am am having an issue. No matter how I adjust the hop up, the bb's curve extremely high up when shooting past around 10 feet. I wasn't expecting to be able to shoot 100 feet out with this accurately, but I did expected to be somewhat on sight at 25-50. It's shooting around 5 feet high at 25 feet and 10 feet high at 50 ft. Sounds like other people have had great experiences with the gun, so it might just be the one I received.