Reviews: PolarStar Airsoft APS Type 96 Light Weight 90 Piston with Delrin Glide Rings


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Model: Parts-PS-PSN-APS96

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by Trevor H. on 2012-05-26 06:35:04
"This product is very solid. But it only fits the basic springs. If you want a spring that will spit out more then 500 FPS so you can use .4 BBs and get a accurate shot. This is not what you want. But if your just looking to upgrade the piston and not the spring. There is no other product to buy. And you will need to buy a different piston head as mentioned in a previous review.
by Brandon G. on 2011-03-02 09:08:47
"this is a great product, i bought it for my utg l96, it increased accuracy 100%!! and the consistancy of hitting a target, well worth the money, but make sure you buy the polarstar spring guide with it, or else the trigger will not catch/ fit into place with it.
by Aaron P. on 2010-05-11 20:15:12
"I would highly recommend this product if you have a Maruzen or Tokyo Marui sniper rifle they are much more expensive but cost more to upgrade due to the cost of the gun itself. But I would defiantly not recommend this for the utg, well, matrix, or double eagle l96 sniper rifle. I had bought this item expecting it to work in my utg l96 but it was too large also i would recommend buying the purple piston and red pistion head for the utg aps2 type sniper rifles. The common error is where the less expensive sniper says aps2 this piston is made for the more expensive Aps type 96 sniper rifles. Also the polar star 35 dollar spring guide does work so buy this instead of the crap brass one for 39 dollars or just buy the 50 dollar set for your utg etc... sniper

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)