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Echo1 Red Star AKM Full Metal AK74 Airsoft AEG (Real Wood)

21 Customer Reviews

by Kyle R. on 05/22/2017
"I've had this AK for a year now, it's a hidden gem on the market, if you want a very realistic, good, and reliable AK that's affordable, this is the perfect match for you.
by Crystal M. on 11/27/2016
"Great gun out of the box. It is solid with no wobble, if you want wobble you will need to really look for it. It is well made and accurate, it shoots far with good grouping if you have .20 or highr bb's. Def reccomend to beginner and pro alike. I'll cut to the chase with the pros and cons:

- Sturdy body
- Accurate at range
- Solid FPS
- Superb hop up system
- Hefty weight
- Solid Iron sights

- Wood is smooth and light brown, not cheap and is very durable however, it is ply-wood
- High FPS
- you dont have it yet
by Seth Y. on 04/15/2016
"The Red Star AK is a top notch AEG for the price. Having a version 3 gearbox combined with a sturdy metal body makes the rifle person excellent at long range, It is also very upgradable, which is a hard thing to come by in AK's. It's wood furniture creates for a very authentic weapon that is really fin to use. For the price, I highly recommend this AK to the novice and the pro because of its fantastic stock performance and its upgradable capabilities
by Daniel K. on 01/11/2016
"I got this gun today and I love it already. It's got a great weight and feels really nice when you shoulder it. The foregrip wobbles a bit but not that bad. The stock wobbles a bit as well but I kinda fixed it by tightning the screws. And whats better is that I ended up with two high cap mags in the box instead of one. Those with the Lancer Tac flash mag means I got plenty of rounds to throw downrange. I put a 9.6v battery in it to test the gun and I shredded the ups box in came in.

all metal
nice looking wood
bolt sounds great when pulled back
shoots great and looks like it hurts

wobbly forgrip and stock
plastic pistol grip is larger than it appears on the pictures, (but still nice to hold)
by reese w. on 12/08/2014
"This gun is fantastic out of the box! The wood although a bit rough in places, which adds to the realism, is very sturdy and looks amazing! Out of the box the gun shoots perfectly. It shot around 365ish with .25s which was perfect for my field although this is just a back up gun. The only wobble on the entire gun is hardly noticeable with the hand guard but I easily fixed it by taking it off and putting it back on. The charging handle sounds and feels amazing and the hop-up is very easy to adjust. The flash hider is very low profile, unlike some of the ones you would find on an APS or clones. I love this gun and it will probably be upgraded in the future to replace my E&L when it breaks down.
by Rob C. on 12/05/2014
"Excelent weapon. Chronoed 398 fps with .25's. Accepts all matrix, cyma, d-boys, and mag brand magazines. This is just a rebranded CM048D, but Echo 1 did upgrade the motor, tappet plate, piston, and nozzle. Stock accuracy is good, hitting body sized targets at 200 feet. You can easily upgrade this gun, I would recommend a tight bore, high torque motor, new hop up bucking, and at least a 9.6 1600 mAh. Great weapon overall.

Great for woodland
Real wood
Mostly steel (except for trunnion and barrel)
Barrel is aluminum
Compatable with many magazines

Wobbly stock (can be fixed easily)
Trunnion assembly is pot metal
Wood is just pressure board with stains and laminated

I give it a solid 9/10
by Matthew P. on 01/27/2014
"My first AEG purchase, and I'm very happy with it so far. It seems to shoot well, but as a newbie I'll let other reviewers be the judge of that.

The overall look and feel is great--real metal and wood. The gun is a bit hefty as a result--it weighs in at about 7 lbs without magazine or battery, very close to the real thing. The wood is good, but not great. It's a lighter shade than the deep orange/brown you usually see on real steel AKs (the product pictures reflect this, so judge for yourself). The wood also seems a bit soft, the finish easily chipped/scratched. The stock had a few rough spots on it to begin with, and after its first session in the woods it's already picked up a few more scratches. I don't personally mind the "weathering"--it's an AK, after all--but its long-term durability is a bit of a concern. The pistol grip is a cheap-looking brown plastic rather than the glossy synthetics you usually see on the real thing.

It's solidly built, with very little rattle without the magazine or battery; the only rattly bits are the "cleaning rod" and the charging handle/hopup cover. The grips and stock are firmly secured, with no movement. The rear sight has functional elevation adjustment. It's also a bit wiggly sideways (but then, if you're using AK iron sights for sharpshooting, you're asking for it). The battery is located in the buttstock, and accessed by removing two screws. Don't drop 'em in the grass! The cavity in the stock is about 5in deep, so large batteries won't fit in there.

It came with battery and charger, cleaning rod, and two hi-cap magazines (not just the one in the listing). Also a wind-up key--though neither of the mags seems to have a port for the key. The included charger is a cheap, wall-plug type. Not really a disappointment, for the price, but you'll want a smart charger anyway. I didn't receive a manual.

One more minor complaint: it shipped with a number of stickers attached to the gun itself, including a pair of 3in long stickers on each side of the foregrip, advertising this gun I'd already bought. They didn't come off cleanly--I had to spend 10-15min de-gunking each side, and one of them even peeled a sliver of finish off of the wood. Stickers bad, Evike.

+ real wood and metal
+ very good feel and finish, though the wood isn't quite up to "great"
+ complete package for the price--mag/battery/charger

- wood is a bit soft, easily scratched and dinged
- sticker gunk
by Patric O. on 10/28/2013
"I received this beautiful work of art today!! Sure the stock internals are going to need an overhaul, but the externals at of extreme quality IMO. It was what I expected and more. I did not read of the side rail mount, so it was quite a surprise to see it attached when plinking with the gun. The markings from Echo1 are reflective but not too flashy, and they are also not intrusive. I purchased 4 mags along with this rifle, two Matrix Full Metal 600rd HiCap AK style mags and two Matrix Super 900rd Bakelite style mags for RPK/AK. The two Matrix Full Metal 600rd HiCap AK style mags DO NOT WORK!!! I repeat, they DO NOT function with the magwell of this AKM. The top lips are too thick, and if you fully seal the magazine, it will become stuck as the mag release levers flat against the back ridge of the mag, however, the Bakelite mags work perfectly. I haven't shot this stock as of yet, but plan too soon. So far I am visually impressed with this weapon. I suggest to anyone looking for an elegant, old-fashioned AKM for a little over $200. You can always upgrade to the max so for me, I don't have a reason to score the gearbox and motor, since I plan to enhance it from the start. THANKS EVIKE!!!!!!!!!
by Tony D. on 10/21/2013
"This gun is amazing! I couldn't be happier with the purchase of this gun. It is full metal and real wood (As the description states) and the only plastic parts are the flash hider and the pistol grip. I will be replacing the pistol grip on mine because it is feels like cheap plastic and I don't like the way it feels. I wanted to do a review of this gun after I fielded it. This gun shoots really hard! I made adults scream when i shot them. It shoots really far!! I shot someone at about 175 to 200 feet with no problem. I prefer to use .25 and it is pretty accurate with those. I was able to fit a 9.6v nunchuck battery in the stock but it was a tight fit. The rate of fire is decent with no upgrades. This gun is a lot of fun to use.

Pros: full metal
Real wood
Was able to fit my 9.6v nunchuck in it
Shoots really far

Cons:the pistol grip is alittle wobbly but it's no big deal because I will replace it
The pistol grip seems cheap but again it's not a big deal.

Overall this gun is great and I recommend it to anybody that is looking for a good and reliable ak.
by Hunter R. on 04/10/2013
"I got this gun last week and it is amazing. But I am more a M4 type guy. It can easily hit a target at 150 with 25 gram bbs. Not a good CQB weapon though cause it is pretty long.

Over all VERY GOOD!!
by Lisa H. on 06/27/2012
"Ok this is a kind of gun were If I had a decision to buy anouther gun this would be it! This gun is the best gun I have ever owned! Awesome performence at every point. Ive hade the gun for 3 years now and no problems what so ever. I installed a Matrix Magnum motor, and its one of the best. Also I advise you to buy a side mount(evike has them) and a red dot ect. Also this gun right out of the box worked awesome no problems what so ever.

Full metal/ wood
Hits HARD!
great feel to it.
OK rof
Good cost
Never jammed
the hop up lever broke off but its from me playing with the bolt to much :P
Fire selector comes loose after a while (easy fix)
Wont fit and stick types unless you mod it
rear iron sight wobbles, and my front sight broke off but only because I hit a tree lol

Other than that I believe this is one of the best guns Echo1 made currently BUY IT!
by jake c. on 05/17/2012
"I have had this gun for about 4 months now and had no problems,this is by far the best gun I have owned. This gun shoots about 420 fps with .20 bbs and hit a target far beyond 120 ft with .25 bbs! There has been no wobble of anything accept the pistol grip, which is expected.

420 fps
extremely accurate to over 100 ft
polished real wood
only $235!

hard to get off flashider( not a big prob though)
barrel scraches easy(again not a big problem)

Overall this an amaizing gun that is worthy for every airsofter!
by Jacob B. on 05/01/2012
"this by far is the best gun out of all of them. It is cheap hard hitting and the best out of my friends guns only had to change the fuse once

real wood and metal
like 425 fps
looks great
very good range
fairly accurate
rate of fire

annoying at times with removing the battery
selector switch comes loose now and then easy fix though
nothing else good job Echo 1
by cameron f. on 11/12/2011
"I have had this gun for about 2 years and its still working like i just got it. most reviews you read are aout 2 weeks after they got the gun, not alot are long term, meaning they dont write the problems to come. the only bad thing that ever happend to me using the gun is after a 1 and a half years of use, the wooden stock snapped of and is a pain to get a new one from echo 1 since they do not ship to california. Little problems encountered were the bucking and wobble in the rear sight and top handuard. The rear sight can be fixed if you have some shims laying around, works perfect. All in all great gun for beginers and intermediate players, and a great gun to upgrade for advance players. I got mine up to 25 round a sec and 380 fps. It also just looks like a beast!!!!( this gun is NOT a mauri clone, mauri handuards will not fit)

-real wood and full metal
-comes with a battery(8.4 1200 mah i recomend getting a 9.6 1600)
-metal internals
- lasts a long time

-wood cracks over time
-rear sight and upper handguard wobble( rear sight can be fixed with some shims)
-echo 1 version 3 gearbox wont fit some upgrades( i had a systema 1000 cylinder head, it didnt fit)

conlcusion: Great gun for all players!!! you will have the other team running for cover!!!!!!!!
by Lisa H. on 10/13/2011
"I bought this gun about a little more than a year ago, and its an amazing gun! I also got a side rail mount for it and a matrix red dot.

full metal and wood

hop up lever is right next to the bolt and when you pull it back it catches on it once in a while.
and everybody giving a bad name