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Matrix Tactical Systems MOLLE Lumbar Belt & Leg Protection System w/ Thigh Rig (Color: OD Green)

6 Customer Reviews

by Kevin D. on 06/13/2013
"Ive had this belt for about a month now and it is amazing.

-More Molle
-Drop leg platforms
-So much more room to add things that you dont need on your tactical vest
-Very Adjustable (I'm 5'4'' and everything fits just fine when you adjust it)


Ussually a good belt is around 30-40$ and Drop leg platforms are another 10-20$ depending on what you get, so this is a steal. Hurry up and buy it already :)
by Dennis J Y. on 01/03/2013
"This is an amazing Blet/Leg combo!!
let me lay it down

protects squishy part of rear and back that hurts real bad
can become very tight

Being im VERY slim and 6 foot, the leg straps seem to just miss being tight but i can tailor that easy with some straps i have

Like the man before, over 9000 out of 10
by jimmy s. on 12/21/2012
"This leg system is pretty good I just wish it had a belt loop attachment to it but it holds on VERY tight so it won't get lost. its very conferable and soft interior provides protection to lower back to lower regions so if you get shot from behind or fall, it wont hurt. It does will with my armor set so get it soon!!
by Oscar R. on 07/05/2012
"OK first one to write a review i have to say that this are awesome i loved it they are soooo proo i was really happy when the ups guy came if you are planning to buy this DONT HESITATE they get out of stock REALLLY fast i swear you would love these molle systems a little bit of adjustment and poof the best you can get.

overall i think this is 1000000000000/5
by Connor B. on 02/04/2017
"The belt is fine. I've had little to no issues with the belt. Resizes fine and sits well on your hips.

Only real con is concerning the thighs. Even cinched up to minimum length they still hang down pretty far. I'm pretty average size: 5'9 at 19 with a moderate build. My thighs aren't slim, but they aren't thick enough for these pieces.
The thigh bits themselves will jostle around a lot and don't have much adjustment for thinner people.

Good buy I guess, just wish I didn't have to ductape the thighs to keep em' tight xD
by Brendan M. on 03/05/2013
"This is a pretty good system overall, however it has its downsides. I'll go ahead and do a pros/cons for you...

Tight MOLLE webbing.
Highly adjustable belt diameter.
Adjustable thigh diameter and height.
Good padding throughout.
Good buckles.
Lumbar MOLLE (on the back) protrudes upwards upwards for more web space (Could be pro or con.)

Very long thigh rigs. (I'm 6' tall, and even with the rigs cinched up to minimum length, they still almost fall over my knees, and they interfere with my knee-pads.)
Very fat thigh diameters. (Ok if wearing thick BDU, otherwise very annoying & loose.)
Lubar MOLLE (on the back) protrudes upwards for more web space, can interfere with or get caught on the bottom of a vest, or whatever is mounted on said vest. (Like I said, pro or con.)

Overall, it's a good buy and I would recommend it. The price may seem a bit steep at 45.00, but you get as much space as a light recon MOLLE vest. It's certainly worth the price. However, you cannot mount anything especially heavy on the thigh drops, as it will fly to and fro, to the point of detaching if you try to sprint. The belt on the other hand is EXCEPTIONAL.