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Model: GP-WG-NB4601-S

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by Nate S. on 2016-08-16 14:32:32
"I jut got this gun about a month ago and it's great. It packs a punch in power and very accurate. I love the fact that you can change the hop up and sights.

Great fps
Accurate if you pull the hammer or slide back
Functional slide with slide lock
Great secondary gun if you have a sniper like myself

Uses a lot of co2 and fund out in about 4 clips
Hard trigger pull
No threads
Very loud with full co2
Very high fps so it might not be aloud at some airsoft parks

I know that I've said a lot about this gun but it is still great. I would absolutely recommend this gun topeople who play airsoft. You will definitely have fun using this gun.
by Gary M. on 2014-11-16 19:09:10
"This gun is a very good gun! Almost full metal, the slide is metal at least. Working hammer, which is cool. The safety of the gun is not on the actual grip. It's a fake one. It's on the side of the gun.

Note~ The hop-up is either total garbage because I will screw it and it won't change. Or it might be because I'm using too light of BBs.

Mostly metal
Good weight to it.
Very powerful
Nice and loud!
Great Co2 consumption. Hardly every need to change them.
My orange tip comes off really easy
Low price!

Maybe too powerful for most fields
Trigger feels fragile
Hop-up is not very good. At all
BBs drop after like 50 ft.
No threads :'(

Overall, I really like this gun. Nice fps, weight, and I like how loud it is. The price is low, mostly metal, and it is also very pretty!

So why not? buy this gun!!
by Brendon C. on 2014-11-15 01:19:39
"I own multliple Co2 powered pistols at a range of different prices. For this pistol to be priced at only 65$ blew my mind when I started using the one I ordered. The quality of this pistol is very high, top notch. It has a weight and a feel that is SPOT ON realistic to what a real 1911 would feel like to hold in your hand. The construction of the gun is solid, most parts are metal and this is definitely a gun that is built to last. Not to mention the two toned detail is a very stylish look.
As far as performance and practicality on the field:
for one thing this gun has an fps right at about 400(give or take 15 fps depending on if its a fresh Co2 cartridge or if your Co2 is low).
This gun being a non-blowback means parts aren't moving when it shoots making for deadly accuracy. I own many Co2 pistols at ranges of prices. One is a Co2 GBB which I paid 165$ for. I love that gun its a very effective efficient sidearm to have. This WG 1911 out ranges That 165$ gas blow back, and it is more accurate. It even has a more realistic feel!
This gun does have an adjustable hop up, but I do not even think you'd need to use it because its perfectly accurate and will out range most any other pistols and probably most smgs on the field just the way it is as stock.
Another great feature of this gun is it has a very very low consumption of Co2. Co2 cartridges last longer in this pistol than all the other high quality Co2 pistols I own. that will be handy, it means less times you will have to worry about swapping a cartridge on the field! (this is not what you want to have to do often when in the heat of battle).
also, the bb loading into the mags for this weapon is the smoothest I've ever experienced or seen on any airsoft pistol. the bbs pretty much just roll right in. Grab a speed loader for 4 or 5$ (I think evike sells them for $3.20 or something) and you're set to go. even if you didn't have a speed loader you'd still be set to go because you can load this pistol fast and efficiently even by hand due to how smoothly the bbs just roll right into the mag. loading with virtually no pressure application necessary.
All in all this gun is high quality and it performs absolutely excellent for it's price. a price tag of 65$ on this item is honestly a gift!!!
p.s. If you're more into Gas blowbacks, Evike has this same exact model as a gbb version too! I don't own that particular model but if you like gas blowbacks check it out!
by jack s. on 2014-08-04 23:00:50
"This gun is amazing. Ive had it for about 2 years now. People are saying that the fps is a little too high, (which i agree with) but if you throw some .25 or higher bbs you can drop it to around 380 fps and shooting perfectly straight (due to the increase in weight)

Solid construction
VERY accurate
easy hopup mechanism
metal slide
16 round mag
attactchments are easy

co2 in mag
by charles c. on 2013-11-07 11:19:32
"I got this gun about a year ago and I LOVE it

Extremely accurate
Extremely powerful
Amazing to run with
Very good looking gun

Don't like that co2 is in mag
That's it

This gun is amazing buy it right now
by Thomas M. on 2013-08-21 11:08:34
"I got this pistol about 2 years ago. It wasn't accurate at all (even with the hop up all the way up, the bbs curved way down). The magazine busted an o-ring and I had to replace it. Then my friend broke the trigger on it.

High FPS
Looks and sounds cool
CO2 canisters are easy
Metal Slide
Orange tip comes off easily (mine just fell off)

Faulty hop-up
Really inaccurate
Not full metal
Not a sliding trigger (like most 1911s)
Trigger broke on me
Magazine o-ring busted
FPS is too high for most fields

I would not recommend this gun. I would really like it if the hop-up worked and it was more durable.
by Clay C. on 2013-04-02 13:17:06
"I've had this gun for a couple years now, and to this day it is the most feared by my friends. I use this almost as a sniper, with very good accuracy. In one game I had my G&G F2000 and this pistol, and when I came across an enemy he begged for me to use the F2000 and not this hard hitter. I use .25's with it too!

Solid construction
Good accuracy
Hard hitting
Double action for slow, accurate trigger pulls or quick reflex shots

Co2 in the mag means you almost HAVE to use a speed loader
Sights barely visible at night
CQB is not safe with FPS this high

Honestly I would recommend this gun to anyone, and at such a low price it is far superior to any other pistol I've used
by Brian W. on 2012-11-02 21:42:49
"Got mine today, all I can say is WOW.

It's better looking in person than in picture. And yet it's so simple. I'll let my pro con list spell it out for you.

-Efficient (I got 112 BB's out of one 12 gram CO2)
- Weighted
-Good Grip
-Quality build

-too powerful for CQB
-metal scratches easily
-mag holds CO2, not the gun
-only the front sight is dotted.
-Hammer sticks on the first few shots.

-Worth its price.
by harlan s. on 2012-05-11 21:35:58
"If you live at a high altidude u will get about 100 or so full power shots and then u better replace the co2. The mag weighs about half as much as the pistol itself so it doesnt feel right without the mag. 16 shots make it seem realistic.
My 1911 is not accurate for some reason and i even adjusted the hopup and the sights:-( but thats my luck so dont hesitatate
Somewhat powerful for me
Great weight
Sexual look
Intimadating for noobs
Orange tip is ez to take off

Lower half of pistol is plastic
not accurate (for me)
Other than that nothing
by Sterling v. on 2012-02-12 00:41:58
"This is a great co2 powered pistol.


It holds co2 for a long time, for me it held co2 for almost a month!!!
I got it chronoed at jungle island at it was at ~453 with .20 gram bbs.
Feels very high quality when you hold it in you hand.
Whisps of co2 come out the end of the barrel when you put in a new cartridge.
But the doesn't mean it's a gas hog, I got ~100 shots the first time I put a cartridge in and the cartridge was leaking since I had never done that before and put it in wrong.
I get ~150 shots per cartrage.
It is very accurate for a high powered pistol.


16 round magazine, so you run out fast.
I wouldn't get another magazine because the co2 goes in the magazine and you would have to put in two cartridges for a game instead of one... GET A SPEEDLOADER, IT HELPS!!!


When I was at jungle island one guy thought I had I sniper because it hurt so much.
Also everybody was like "what gun is that" "it looks super nice"
This was my primary For some time, it wrecks!!
If you like it, have to money, get it, it will last you a long time.
by Peter M. on 2011-12-16 17:16:05
"Well if your looking at this gun, and seeing the amazing price, and asking yourself "is it worth it?" well i have your answer.


This gun is not deceiving what so ever. everything that is advertises is true.
She clocks it at around 485-500 fps and definitely packs a punch. The overal look, feel and performance of this babe is somthing i would expect out of a kwa, and for the price, i wouldnt take a second look before i bought it. I love playing with it, it has a great feel and makes you look BAD A**

The only con, which should not hinder you form buying this gun is that the mags are almost 1/2 the price of the gun.
by Michael S. on 2011-08-03 17:23:09
"This gun is awesome I've had it for a while and trust me it hurts my buddy shot me with it in the back and I still have the welt it's little but it's still there and I got shot 5-6 weeks ago. You should defiantly buy this gun it packs a punch and once people know what it does you will suddenly have more teammates and for 75 bucks ( gun+shipping+tax) you can't go wrong

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