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Socom Gear WE Full Metal 1911 Special Unit (Tactical Black) Airsoft Gas Blowback w/ Lanyard.

12 Customer Reviews

by George T. on 12/27/2011
"This pistol is nice and reliable but needs maintenance after a couple of uses, the slide gets wobbly but that's ok because it creates a good kick effect and cocking the gun is easier, I may need to start lubing the thing inside the slide because it starts jamming.
by Kimberley S. on 09/08/2011
"the Socom Gear WE Full Metal 1911 Special Unit
i like socom gear very high quality stuff i used this in a cobble of cqb games and
it just a blast to play with

full metal
nice trade marks
325 fps (.2 gram)
blow back is crisp
front and back white dot sights
rails (lasers flashlight anything really)
Free lanyard

paint chips easy
threaded outer barrel(in my opinion

lots of mags
.25 best performance
and a lazer

by Jacob Y. on 06/27/2011
"Great gun, kicks hard, heavy weight, comes with an awesome Lanyard. Good for CQC
will need to lube it up before you use it or the slide will not fall back into place.
Nice engravings and Socom gear emblem
by canon h. on 12/18/2010
"got this yesterday...
it is amazing its so realistice as my uncle tells me.(he's a cop)

full metal (if there are plastic parts there really strong and well made)
shoots hard/hard kick
high fps
hurts to get hit

mag is easy to break
realistic (bad if you take off the onrange tip)(which your not SUPOST TOOOOOOOOOOOO!)
by nathan p. on 05/28/2010
"This is an awesome 1911. It is beautifully made, feels great, and shoots hard. The Socom lanyard scores big points for players who are big into looking 'tacticool'. This is my second WE 1911 and both are very reliable and well built.

Great sites
Mag slides easily
Shoots hard enough and the kick is harder than some real steal .22's.
Mine came with a rail, which is not pictured on the product.

Threaded tip is orange and has to be painted, cannot be removed.
Very wobbly upper receiver. More wobbly than my 2 year old WE 1911, and this is only 1 month old.

Closing thoughts:
A great sidearm, that you can trust to be reliable in the field. Maybe a little pricey, I would value it at about $30 less. The lanyard is a nice feature, and looks awesome attached to my ACU Crossdraw tac vest.
by Tyler S. on 05/20/2010
"I just got this gun and it is awsome, the blowbackis nice crisp and clean and the metal on metal sound is nice. there were a few difference with mine from the one on the picture;mine had an meu rap around grip instaed of the tactical diamond but it had a socom gear and a special foces logo in the grip and last but this was a good thing it had a rail on to =p. it did come with a -14mm threaded tip it is metal and sturdy fot what ever you want on there and 20mm rail i think. but over all a good gunand an awsome pistol laynard.

paint weres off fast
and is desant with gas but with after market park's much better
good trade marks
nice rail and threads
nice grip's
the magizine i nice brush steel
fully upgradeable with tokyo mariu parts and upgrades
last but not least a reliable pistol lanyard
by Trevor A. on 04/04/2010
"This has to be one of the nicest pistols I have ever shot, kick is amazing, with the threads it makes it even better for night games or dark indoor events because it allows you to attach a tracer unit to add even more wow effect, the sound is great, and gets people attention. But the best thing about this gun is its accuracy, there are very few pistols that can match the accuracy of this gun at the stock level.
by Nick B. on 04/02/2010
"A great gun and very detailed. My first gun powered by green gas, and I'm very impressed.

Has controlable recoil.
Has never misfired on me.
Comes with orange tip.
Pretty loud.
Goes through one clip before running out of gas. plus or minus 3 or 4 shots.
Slide locks back when you run out of ammo.
by Daniel H. on 01/07/2010

Overview: An excellent handgun for the price. The finish is a nice non-gloss black, the weight is even, and in general feels good in the hand. The blow back is crisp and sharp, and though it does not say, there is a hop-up dial and can be tuned to meet your needs. On a side note, the lanyard that it comes with is beefy and will stand up to good to moderate use. For those who are color savvy, the mag it comes with is a silver single stack with rubber butt pad.

Good sights
Good weight distribution (Compared to hi-cap's)
Nice finish

There are no glaring Con's, so instead I will write down some concerns.

The handgrips are not exactly comfortable, so I suggest getting either a set of rubberized grips, or a nice set of checkered wood grips. Either of which are available at your local gunshop, or at Evike itself. Prices vary accordingly.

Another thing to note is for those with smaller hands, the magazine release might be a little uncomfortable, and will take some practice to get used to. If you are buying for someone with smaller hands, it would be a good idea to let them try different handguns to see what is comfortable for them.
by Teague H. on 04/02/2012
"This is a nice high-end 1911 I've owned for a while now and use frequently for plinking. Sadly no adjustable rear sight but you can adjust hop-up. This gun is just too nice, I mostly own it as an alternative/replica to owning a high-end real steel 1911.
Pros: Full metal almost all over in and out-very solid, realistic markings besides "Made in Taiwan,, Selm, CA" on the right side's frame-which can be filled in but are hard to see from an arm's length anyway, realistic weight and field-stripping, underside rail, ambidextrous safety, free lanyard and lanyard hook.

Cons: Paint wears off on parts sticking out such as the slide serrations and the thumb safety but the underlying metal is silver so it looks nice and field-worn if that's your thing, threaded barrel attachment is hard to take off and it cracked when I put on a suppressor and put it down a little rough on a hard surface (I ended up getting a replacement barrel which had both an orange and silver threaded barrel attachment), lanyard hook broke easily and quickly so my lanyard is unused, thumb safety gets loose quickly and jiggles.

Worth noting: The wrap-around grip is a nice rubber and a little thicker than most grips which is great since I have big hands, but makes this gun a little thicker than most 1911's. Mag capacity is definitely a bit low but hey, it's a nice replica-type more than a hi-capa field gun.

There are a lot of parts you can get for this gun since it's almost a WE-tech but noticeably nicer. I would definitely consider a Madbull tightbore extended barrel and a suppressor cause it makes this gun a higher-FPS beast + I'm sure most people would buy this just for the suppressor look anyway but that's just my thought. I'm not rating it a 5 because the threaded barrel attachment was a pain and the thumb safety's way too loose for my liking but it is what it is
by Cynthia M. on 03/21/2011
"Okay so generally, this is a good gun. exquisite build quality(at least mostly), and i have no idea what the guy under me is talking about. the slide is VERY sturdy and doesn't wobble around at all. The pistol has great range, and the FPS is good. However is is highly recommended to use .25 gram bbs at a minimum as this thing will throw .2's everywhere. I have very few problems with this gun, however, i do know of 3. the first and most important con is that the magazine release is not very well secured and needs to be tightened frequently, as in every 5 or so mag changes. this is easy though as all you have to do is spin a small screw to the right once. The second con is that the magazine is not built for speed reloads, and if you slam it home too many times(don't worry, this does take quite a while and a great many reloads to actually break, though it does begin to wear down pretty fast), part of the bottom WILL break off and it wont be able to hold BB's anymore. The third and least important con is that after a little while(about a week) the slide ceases lock back anymore and you have to manually cock the slide every time you reload instead of simply pressing the slide release. Its gas consumption is average, on a 3 second charge of propane, itl do about 1.5 magazines of 15 each. Also, in regard to the retention lanyard that comes with it, it is quite hard to get it through the lanyard hook. however it is perfectly possible and once done the pistol is very unlikely to be lost as the lanyard is of good quality. It also ships in a very nice box with decent foam that is unlikely to be damaged by travel. The best advantage of this gun however would definitely have to be the look, it is just awesome, and considering you get a pretty good pistol along with those looks, i would definitely say this package is worth it.
by Kevin Z. on 02/03/2011
"This gun is pretty good, It is pretty much full metal,except for the feeder on the magazine. I would recommend this gun and Evike to anyone because you get your packages quickly and they have good customer service.

Full metal
Heavy (could be a con)
Hard Kick
Easy to Clean

GAS GUZZLER (It takes me almost 15-20 seconds of loading gas)

Other than the fact that this gun takes a giant amount of gas if you want to fire all 15 rounds in the magazine you should definitely get this gun.