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Socom Gear WE Full Metal 1911 Special Unit (Desert Tan Color) Airsoft Gas Blowback w/ Lanyard.

9 Customer Reviews

by Alexandre S. on 06/14/2013
"This is a great gun. Reliable and sturdy, will take any amount of beating you throw at it.
Shoots well
cycles flawlessly
has very good feeling kickback
accurate sights out of box
lanyard is good quality and actually useful

Mine didn't come with threaded adapter (they never do, just saying)
mag that came with it isn't the rubber pad one. I bought three other mags to fit and it stands out, but not really a con.

Other Thoughts:
I've bought two WE 1911s so far. I can tell you right now that they all function exactly the same. They all eat gas, they all do the same FPS. What you are paying for is the looks (Or maybe the rail/lanyard in this case)
Also, Mags are terrible and have easily broken parts. Remember not to let that mag follower snap to the top - else you'll be replacing it soon! Also remember to use a madbull propane adapter, as the one just leaks when you fill mags.

But, this review is for the pistol - which i say is probably the most reliable you can get.
by Scott J. on 05/19/2013
"This gun is very reliable, it fell out of my holster and it wound up in the middle of a forest in the rain for about 16 hours. It still worked beautifully. If your looking for a reliable sidearm that can perform in any conditions, I definantly recommend this gun.
by mary b. on 01/31/2010
"this is a very good gun, its very heavy and powerful. ascetically its one off the most beautiful guns I've had, performance wise its just as good as it looks my only problem with this gun is how it rattles when i shake it, but if you get the recoil spring replacement it can be fixed, all in all if you like 1911s and if you want a desert tan one this is the one to get, it shoots great and besides that rattle its a very solid gun
by john b. on 01/29/2010
"i got this gun a few days ago and i love it, it fires well and it has good weight and looks amazing. i saw a veiw reviews on youtube that had some gas capacity problems but mines fine i can get about 2 mags worth in on fill up. also its a bit rattly when you shake it but i believe the recoil spring upgrade should counter act that. very impressive gun if your all ready thinking about getting it and dont mind a bit of rattle get that puppy :) by the way if youve never used evike before it seems solid to me
by David B. on 01/22/2010
"Very solid pistol. Has great potential to be whatever you want it to be. WE 1911 parts are easy to find and mags are cheap. Bought this as a back up to a WA Kimber that has been upgraded to the max. When I drop the WA and pick up this gun its not that far off and the price is right on. Some people complain about the mag follower, I have yet to find an issue. This gun has been very solid and I intend to use it as a platform to build upon. Given what i have seen so far out of this pistol I am very impressed. The look and feel are phenomenal. There is very little to no wobble in any of the parts. The detail is very close to that of a real Kimber. Over all very satisfied with my purchase.
by erik m. on 03/04/2017
"Giving it 4, only due to the crappy magazine.

My first gbb pistol and I love it. Ran pretty good right out of the box (hopup was slightly off). sometimes the slide wouldn't lock open after it exhausted, but a bit of VERY light file work solved it although it probably would have worked out with simple breaking in on the return spring. Aside from weight and recoil, you literally can't tell it from a real 1911 and its got that hair trigger everyone loves on the '45's. The threaded adapter is a real nice touch and you can even see mock rifling milled into the outer, nice touch. This gun looks NICE with a suppressor. The coating isn't fantastic, but for me that's a plus as its starting to get that "authentic" battle worn weathering. So far all I did to it was add a rocket valve, and its hitting a good bit harder than stock. I've since gotten another gbb pistol which I like better (m9 guy at heart) but this still gets plenty of use and will continue to provide fun....

The bad: Crappy, crappy magazine. The included magazine has a huge weakness. Although it works quite well, the baseplate is VERY flimsy. The first one snapped off within a few days so I ordered a replacement. While it was cheap, it's starting to snap off simply by leaving the mag loaded overnight. If you buy this gun buy another mag with it, preferably the ones with the thick bottoms. Also, as others stated, its somewhat wobbly, So I'm upgrading the springs. They should have used the resources spent on the useless lanyard on a better mag and slightly heavier return spring, imo.
by Phillip C. on 02/26/2015
"Had this gun for about 6 years now. It's been beaten up quite a bit, and I now have issues with the slide cycling all the way. I'm pretty sure its because the cylinder spring is broken. Up until the cylinder spring broke, this thing was an amazingly reliable gun like everyone else has been saying. Loud, great kick and accuracy, little need for upgrade parts.
There are a few cons, though. As it is a re-branded WE, the paint WILL chip off. I've repainted the gun several times now. Also, as I said, I had problems with the cylinder return spring but that may just be me. The orange threaded tip wiggled its way off during a match. One of the SOCOM-GEAR badges fell off during a match, too. The magazines are quite fragile, just don't drop them or let the spring slam into the top.

Overall, decent gun for the price, although a KWA/KSC is probably better in the long run as they cost close to the same amount.
by Samuel K. on 12/28/2011
"I just received this gun yesterday and I have to say the presentation was nice. Inside the the box you find the gun, lanyard, 1 mag and the manual all wrapped in a nice cloth that covers the foam. Both the mag and the gun are hefty and feel very sturdy and up to abuse and wear and tear. A couple of other things though is that the slide catch/release didn't do it's job at first it wasn't catching the slide after the last bb. I took a look inside to find the gun to be dirty and pretty much bone dry on the inside. I cleaned it and lubricated the parts that needed it and it seems to be fine. I also bought a light and mounted it to the pistol. The only comment there is that the rails are a little short but it fits fine and isn't going anywhere. The trigger pull is nice and the blowback is crisp and clean. all in all 4 out five 5 just because of the dirt and grime on the inside when I first looked at it.
_ nice look and feel
_ easy to maintain and take apart
_ crisp and clean blowback
_ rail in the bottom for accessories
_ threaded barrel
_ good fps for cqb and outdoor

_ dirty when I first looked at it
_ at first the slide catch didn't work right ( because of the dirt)
_ paint comes off pretty easily ( can be a pro because it gives it a stressed look)
_ rail is a little shorter then I thought it would be

All in All very nice looking gun good weight and feel easy to fix and clean and just a good gun so far. 4 out of five because of the dirt as stated above.
by Rovic A. on 09/02/2011
"This gun is a very solid gun I think you can't go wrong with it I just received it today Friday September 2.....If you use Propylene on this gun is very powerful FPS is more like 390 FPS. with .20 G&G Bio-D BB's.
Here Are the Pros and Cons.
-Heavy, Solid Gun
-Engraved Markings(Permanently on the Gun)
-Shoots 380-395 FPS with Propylene.
-Upgraded Professional Shooter's iron Sights.
-Hop-Up internally.
2 Safety Features. Slide Safety(It Can't be Cocked)
& Palm Safety(Need Pressure of the shooters hand in order to fire.
-It doesn't fire all 15 rounds in the magazine
you need to load the magazine 2 times with gas. IT EATS GAS LIKE OMG!

Solid Gun, Accurate, Full Metal, Realistic. The only disappointing part is that the Mags Eats lots of gas. Overall is a Great Secondary or Target practice gun.
I'll Give it 4/5 Because of the Magazine. _;(