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JG "B.A.M.F." Spec. Edition Full Metal M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Li-Po Ready 8mm Gearbox)

48 Customer Reviews

by Brenda V. on 03/15/2011
"This gun is awsome
It has decent range and all internals are quality made
I do recommend buying a M130 spring and a tight bore and you will easly reach past 100 feet and still very accurate

For the price this gun is definatly worth the money
by Andrew G. on 01/25/2011
"Got this for my 12 yr old boy, and he loves it. This is our first airsoft and I am very impressed. The construction and finish are excellent. Upgraded internals, full metal where its supposed to be. We had to purchase a smart charger and a good 9.6v 1600mah NiMh battery and we are good-to-go. The supplied battery was not "up to par". Topped it off with a Guarder ACOG type red dot, which is also very nice! This is a great quality starter gun.

Now the kid wants MOE and a single point sling! Will it ever end?
by Ryan S. on 12/29/2010
"I got this gun about a week ago and its pretty good. It tore a coke can in half at about 10 - 15 ft. The battery sucks though. i highly recomend an new one.the charging handle broke so the dust cover doesnt open. my magazine catch sucks. i have to pat the mag once or twice after i put it in. the manual says its 330 fps but i doubt it. But over all this gun is great. im gonna be getting upgrades soon, so it will be even better.great 4 the the price
by Alex G. on 12/19/2010
"This gun is great! I have some pros and cons I will write at the end but first I will say that if your price range is around $200 then definitely get this gun! I have had it for almost 6 months now and it is amazing. I have had almost no problems with it and the ones I have had have been very minor.

Heavy (If you have a sling then this is good.)
Even though I know you are supposed to buy a new battery and not use the one that comes with the gun, I have been using the one that comes with it for 6 months now and have only had one problem the very first time I used it.
Almost full metal
Great stock (6 places to adjust it to)
Adjustable hop up but mine came with the hop up already set perfectly so I haven;t needed to use it
Great ROF even with the battery that comes with it
Great high cap metal magazine that comes with a little wind which really helps to wind the mag quickly

The battery does not fit snugly into the compartment for it. When you are running it will bounce around a little bit and make a little noise. You get used to it though and it's not that bad.
The holes in the bottom of the front grip show the red on the battery inside
Heavy (If you don't have a sling this is a con)
FPS is a little slower than it says when you use the battery it comes with. (Get a Ly-poly battery and this should be fixed.)
The bright orange tip is really long and stands out a lot between bushes or trees. Cover it with black tape or get a black tip. (The tip is full metal though which is good.)
Sometimes when you are firing on full auto it will randomly stop working. I can't figure out why it does this but if you change it to semi-auto and shoot once and then change back to full auto it works again. (This happens very rarely)
The first time I used the battery I gave it a full charge but it only lasted about an hour. I was really mad but then after I charged it a second time and tried it worked well and since then has been lasting me four or five hours in games without dying.
The only rail is on the top so you can only attach one accessory to the top of the gun and not even that if you want to keep the carrying handle on it. There are no rails on the front grip or sides of the gun which is kind of annoying now that I have had the gun for a long time and now want to add to it a little.
by Charles C. on 12/02/2010
"Just got my JG Matrix M4 in 3 days ago...great quality...great price and is truly li-po ready...with a 9.6v non lipo battery it spits out about 25 rps...with lipo...about 31 rps...EXCELLENT!
by Bonnie P. on 05/13/2010
"I just got this gun in the mail yesterday. The rate of fire is amazing with the stock battery, which is a 9.6volt 1100 mah small type. I also got a 9.6 1600 mah butterfly type for 28 dollars more for a back up battery. The accuracy is pretty decent up to about 120 ft, at 50 it's like a 3 in grouping with .2. The gun feels nice, and when I weighed it, it weighed about 8 lbs, not sure if that's accurate though. The body is metal, and the furniture is a nylon plastic that feels really nice. When you take the gun apart, the wires are a pain to get through this extremely small hole, and without lube you tear them a bit.

High FPS
Good accuracy
Feels nice, and sturdy
Weighs a good amount
Rate of fire(definitely)
Included 9.6
Range is pretty good
Holy Cow special
Not front heavy

Dust cover flips open randomly
Hop up is really no good
May be a little heavy for smaller players to lug around all day

Overall I would highly recommend this gun to anyone who thinks they can handle 6-8 lbs and who wants to be really good on the field, esp for cqb and mid range.
by Ian G. on 02/09/2016
"First off the gun is... for lack of a better word, odd
Don't get me wrong, this gun is supurb on the battlefield. It's light, durable, and its performance is on par with that of more expensive guns. This gun though has no markings or indication that it is an AGM, the internals actually more resemble a classic army. I can't explain that but it doesn't make it a bad gun.

great range
great accuracy
feels natural

a non marked gun
bolt catch falls off

*IMPORTANT* please purchase a new hopup and bucking, they are faulty and cause my gun to jam and strip my gears, buy a new hopup, bucking, and run quality bb's through it.
by A-Jay J. on 02/09/2016
"I got this on the Daily Deal for $100. It's a nice gun. It has issues, but overall it's worth the money.
Relatively Cheap
Has included battery and charger
Good build quality
Really easy to take apart
Wires are good quality
Will last a good long while stock
Has 300 round metal Hi-cap included
The packaging is pretty good

Hop Up is physically horrible. Bad build quality and broke within a few days, Buy a better one. Period.
No AGM logo on the side like in picture
The charging handle spring is bad, mine is ruined. Once it stretches more than a little bit, it's screwed.
Some pins fall out pretty easily
My front receiver pin was bent, bad. It was a big deal getting it out. Be warned
The FPS frame is bad. 320-420? Really? That's really bad because I don't have a chronograph.
The Front sight wiggles when it's risen a little bit.
Magazine is pretty loose you could stick a toothpick through it.
The dust cover is a pain to put back together correctly
Stock wiggles.
Dust cover never stays shut.
Paint is horrible quality, scratches really easily.

I have taken this gun all the way to the bushings. The AoE is pretty good, I'm impressed. Same with shimming. Not much to be done there. Trigger is a pain when the gearbox is apart. Be ready. Overall the gearbox is pretty nice and should last a good long while stock. I personally installed some AIM rails and it's alot better now with those.
If anyone is wondering, yes you can take off the front sight, and the flash hider.
by William G. on 02/09/2016
"Its a pretty good gun. Not fantastic it has a few flaws but worth $150. Where the BBS feed from the mag is wobbly. So if you slam a magazine in it wont lock into place. This can be fixed with a small wedge and super glue if you want. The rear locking pin to open the receiver is jammed. Ive tried everything to get it out but it wont even budge. As with all guns the battery is trash. It works and it holds a charge but if you want ANY kind of good performance out of your gun you need to get a new one.
Besides a few minor things its a great gun!

No side logos.
Full metal.
Nice weight (9lbs).
Nice feel.
Great new player's gun.
Good base for upgrades.

Sometimes magazine wont lock in.
Scuffs easily.
Rear lock pin is stuck.
Cheap battery.
by Mark T. on 02/09/2016
"This gun has a pretty well built body, but the rof is attrocious. It can only take the really small batteries (7cell) or a nunchuck (highly reccomended 9.6v)

Good fps
solid externals

very low rof w/ 8.4
only takes 7 cell battery (or nunchuck)

Webmaster: This battery will improve the ROF and it fits no problem.
by Jeremy R. on 09/26/2014
"I would like to start off saying i've had this gun for about 8 months or so now and I can say its still firing i've recently put a E1 HT motor in it because the stock motor was just OK. I mean it'd work but I just wanted something a little bit more faster. But the only problem I had when I got it was that it had a really slow turnover and I mean really slow!! the rps was about at 6.13 rps said my Xcotech Chrono so I had no choice but to open it up to see what was wrong and I found a horrifying amount of brown Chinese factory grease that was actually o thick it slowed down the gears. So I wiped all the grease out and put some new gear grease in and it jumped all the way back up to 16 rps with the stock motor.
I'd recommend this gun for sure just because it'd be the perfect starter platform for any kind of build your itching to do.
I give it a 4 out of 5 because i had to open it upon arrival and that might not be as easy as for other people.
by kevin n. on 10/12/2013
"Ok let me start off by saying this is a great buy period,,I wrote a real long review about it but it didnt work,Anyway Treat her with respect n as well get a mosfet maybe or and a hopup,,as,well as maybe rewire it
Also use a strong battery not 2 strong,,9.6 2400 mah fine 7.4 lipo fine,,11.i melted my stuff together,,so with that hope this helps,,That is y I didnt give it a full 5 stars,,but it is a must buy!!!!!!!
by Matthew T. on 09/10/2013
"Solid. This gun is so solid. With the exception of the working mechanism. The Charging Handle feels a little wobbly. But the Dust cover does function correctly. And so does the Blot Release. Also, when using a block type battery, the handguard doesn't close all the way. And it it a tight fit, its very solid when put together. Also, the stock is a little shaky, but not so much when you shoulder it. I don't like the feel of the motor grip either. However, despite all that, I will be holding on to this gun and replacing the bits I don't like, because overall this gun is stellar. It's got full metal everything, except for the stock, hop-up, motor grip, and handguard. Seriously. EVERYTHING is metal. Rail, upper and lower receiver, buffer tube, barrel, gearbox, mag, outerrail, carry handle. SOLID GUN.

Also, the mag it comes with doesn't catch very well. You have to slam it into the well for it to catch. Which isn't very healthy for the plastic hop-up unit.

Overall, piece of work. In the positive sense. If you get a better mag and maybe a more durable hop-up, then you have a serious performer. And for comfort, replace the stock and motor grip. Then Boom. Awesomeness. And for such a price, you cannot compete.
by zach s. on 08/07/2013
"Very nice gun. It has amazing trades and great range. I was hitting a tree line from about 60 yards out off my back deck.
full metal (mainly)
good rate of fire
good accuracy
amazing trades
charging handle broke on me after two days of having the gun(this piece was the only plastic piece on the gun that I saw).
motor locks up on you if it gets past about 50 rounds of fast semi-auto firing

All in all a great gun for under $200 that is full metal, I just don't have the best luck with AEG's( that's why mines broke and have to send it back).
by Patrick P. on 08/01/2013
"good points
-very realistic (got a compliment from ex spec ops. soldier)
-good accuracy
-full metal receiver
-with bayonet and grey flash suppressor look great
-3 chrono tests 400fps, 402fps, 408fps
-realistic weight

bad points
-you push hard on the trigger to shoot
-sling mount falls off but easy fix by just screwing back on
-some misfires

overall get this gun you won't regret it!!!!