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WE Full Metal 1911 MEU Railed Frame Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol - Desert

33 Customer Reviews

by Tyce P. on 04/23/2015
When you pick this gun up it just feels so good its pretty heavy
great price
looks amazing
feels amazing
haven't had time to use it on the field yet tho.

Rattleing noise when you move might just be mine

Other then that I have had no problem easy hop up adjustments easy to take apart
great gun for the price
by Garrett L. on 09/12/2013
"This gun is a beauty. It's pretty hefty, but not too cumbersome. And it's deadly accurate. Some people will list the single-stacking mags as a con, but it's not an issue if you aren't trigger happy (although it might cause conflict if you plan on using this gun as a primary). The only issue that I've had so far is that there is a slight wobbling sound when you run with it. Other than that, this gun is flawless, as far as I can tell. It's matched and outperformed the majority of GBB handguns I've used before, and for only $100, it's essentially a steal.

Accurate, to the dot.
Great paint job
Decent FPS
Decent gas usage

SLIGHT internal wobble (could be my gun alone)

I highly recommend you purchase this gun if you're searching for a reliable, accurate sidearm that does not sacrifice functionality for aesthetics.
by Joyce K. on 05/31/2013
"I just recieved this gun two days ago and have already shot about a thousand rounds. The gun is accurate and uses propane with no problems. I have already tooken apart and lubed the gun and the blowback is much smoother now.

Does not use very much gas
14 mm ccw threads

Slide locks back before clip is empty
Need some kind of adapter to use gas

Over all i believe that this gun is very much worth the money. It is durable amd legal in most indoor arenas. This gun is deffinately a good gun. I would suggest getting this gun if your looking for a nice GBB 1911
by Roger C. on 07/26/2012
"I love this Gun. 1911's are so amazing and comfortable. The grip is a nice rubber glove that is easy to remove and place on. I don't like how the Gold coin in the handle is difficult to remove. The other con I have to this is that WE didn't create my gun with an internal part correctly. They gave me a longer spring but a shorter rod, so it bounce and bangs on the inside when you run. Don't let that stop you though! It is easy to replace and very worth it. Modify this gun and it will be beastlier than ever!

Overall: It is one of the best Air soft hand guns I have used.
by Christian W. on 07/24/2012
"Definitely one of the best 1911's out there. Right out of the box it is just amazing, the only thing though is that the spring moves around a tiny bit but that doesnt really matter. Definitely recommend!
by Tim C. on 07/10/2012
"this pistol is great!!!!! i have had it for about 2 months now and it is as good now as it was when i got it(on aside from the paint). the shade of tan is PERFECT, and it has alot of detail. on the top of the ejection port,it has .45 ACP, engraved onto it, just like real thing.

-it's a 1911!!
-heavy,(about 3 1/2 pounds)
-alot of detail
-very nice shade of paint
-good fps
-nice blowback kick
-threaded barrel

-black paint wears in some spots(only the black, on saftey's, and hammer)
-only get 2 mags on full gas fill

so, this pistol has a very nice feel, and alot of detail. it also has a good, reasonable price, i have a $160 desert eagle, and this 1911 is WAY better!!!!!, as far as performance and feel. overall i will give this 1911 a 1000/10, and if you are looking for a very good secondary pistol, PICK THIS UP KNOW!!!!!!!!
by Craig S. on 06/15/2012
"Ill start with saying this gun is very high quality, Ive had it for 6 months now(only have been using it for the last month, weather sucks too much in oregon) and only had slight problems that were a 5 minute fix. My first problem was with the Magazine, I dropped it in my garage so the impact had broken the bottom rubber pad on the magazine. Next, My outer barrel came out of the gun, but after dissasembling it, which is very easy, i had just used some super glue to ensure its security. Now this gun sounds AMAZING. When you pull the slide back and let it go, it sounds like jesus just clapped his hands.

Heavy(can be a con too, Not for me)
Rubber grip covers whole pistol grip, very nice.
Fits in my hands perfect.
Solid feel
Comes with threaded tip.

Sucks in cold weather( Problem for all gas guns alike)
Mags arent very tough.
FPS could be higher, Altough FPS doesnt matter much on GBB pistols.
Needs to be lubed alot.

Overall, Buy it. Im a M1911 fan so i did. There is better choices for the price, But if you are looking for a M1911 in this price range, This is the one.
by trevor m. on 04/24/2012
"I always see people saying "Paint chips easy", if you want a full metal gun, its gonna chip. Other than that, this gun is amazing.

Hard blowback
Easy field stripping
Very nice look

Mag price
You don't own this

If you see anyone saying "The barrel and slide wobble", they do. But they do for reason, if you have everything looked down tight together, when you fire the blowback would damage everything.
by wyatt r. on 08/20/2011
"Firstly, I love 1911s and this is one of my favorites. The tone of tan they used is amazing, I like the removable flash hider you can mount a silencer or take it completely off. The mags feed well no problem the only bad point of this pistol I think is that you need a duster tip to use green gas unless you use propane. The paint WILL chip, only on the safety and slide catch. The barrel will ware where the barrel and slide rub leaving so minor unwanted ware I think it makes it look better.I can get bout a mag in a half outta it. You have to put the emblems in yourself it comes with WE emblems on it with a set of the MEU to go on it not hard at all to change.

-Gas use
-Threaded barrel
-Its a 1911 ha
-Bumper plate on mags
-barrel ware
-paint chipping

Its a great buy, 2 mags and a pistol for 100 bucks and a holy cow special.
All you need to make sure you get is a duster tip or use propane and grease it doesn't come with it.
by Holly P. on 08/10/2011
"Great GBB pistol!

it has great power and accuracy and looks so real. its very heavy and has a nice solid feel to it. i would highly recommend this gun. everything is metal and it really feels like great quality. love it!
by Peter S. on 07/24/2011
"i think this gun is awsome.i used this gun in a military simulation and the gun was great!

pros: heavy
cons:mags may run out of gas before all bbs are gone
slide may jam,but all you have to do is losen the barrel

this is because i mess with the gun.but overall,you should definatly buy this gun
by Nick C. on 07/20/2011
"First thing i have to say about this gun is that it is AMAZING! Full Metal Body, Trigger, and Hammer.

Super Accurate
Hard Kick
Full Metal
300 fps with .23

Cons: None
by Reese B. on 07/15/2011
"This gun is very LIGIT.iIt has helped me out in many airsoftwars.There is nothing wrong with this gun at all.The only hard thing is sighting in the iron sight.
by Alec M. on 06/29/2011
"This gun is AMAZING! I just got it today and it shot like a pro right out of the box. I especially love the marine corps emblem on the grip. I give it a 9.999999999 out of ten.
by Michael M. on 06/14/2011
"Looks and handles like a real gun. Has all the REAL saftey features of a real 1911. If you press the gun against someones head it will not fire. That is one of the safety features of this gun.
Great kick
Easy to set up ( I use propane and its easy to fill the mag)
No leaks
Nice weight
an Eye candy on the field

none that i can think of!
Good for the price!