Reviews: JG Full Metal Blowback AK74 Folding Stock with Steel Receiver and Real Wood Furniture

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Model: AEG-JG-1010
Location: A2-050

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by Richard A. on 2010-09-01 23:48:02
"Bought this gun about 6 months ago. Use it on average twice a week. This gun is amazing. Hits hard with .25g bb's. I wouldnt use .20g bb's the lowest i used is .23 and those are a little inaccurate. The body is solid metal except for the grip, flash hider and magazine. The stock is a tiny bit wobbly but nothing that should turn you away from buying it. The gun is very loud with the blowback, has a metal cling to it. The flash hider snapped off after I dropped my gun one game. So I bought a mock silencer. The magazine is a decent size. I would say around 300 rounds. I carry 2 with me. I like the folding stock idea although i always have mine unfolded due to my scope is mounted and the scope mount is where the stock folds on to, therefore i cant have a scope and a folded stock. Battery is easy to get in and out, and stick battery will fit. the fuse is easy to get to also. The stock does have a clinging sound or a "cow bell" sound to it because of the sling mount on the stock. i taped the sling mount to it so it doesnt hit it. WELL WORTH THE $170.00. THE SCOPE I BOUGHT WAS $30.00 AND THE MOUNT WAS $30.00, THE MAGAZINE WAS ONLY $15.00.
by Richard A. on 2010-05-06 21:04:53
"Opened up the package, started charging the battery on a smart charger and waited not so patiently to start firing this one....the gun was heavy. very sturdy except the fold-able stock. the stock has a small wobble to it and could not find a way to tighten it. LARGE ORANGE TIP. no black flash hider came with the gun. so for that game i taped the orange tip with electrical tape. i plan on buying a different flash hider. any 14mm counter clockwise thread tip will fit.barrel is very very sturdy no wobble. pistol grip is plastic but no real wobble to it or creaky sounds. The magazine is cheap plastic and says it hold 600 rounds...i skirmished with it today and it definitely does not hold 600 rounds. i would say like 350. No big deal but 600 rds is a bit of a stretch. Shoots extremely hard and fast. hop up is good and easy to adjust. battery is somewhat easy to get in. after a few times you get really good at it. selector switch is nice and crisp. everything seems to be strong construction (even the wobbly stock).

During skirmish i found myself using the stock unfolded anyway. it shoulders very nicely. shoots very accurate on full auto/burst....not so accurate on semi shot. i use .23g bb's....i may be going to .25's for this gun.


-metal/wood and abs plastic are all sturdy and strong
-shoots hard and fast with decent accuracy with .23g bb's
-With the blowback feature there is a small amount of recoil(cool and realistic)
-battery is easy to get in and out after a few times
-heavy for realism but not too heavy to carry around during skirmishes


-shoots a little hard for CQB
-stock is a tiny bit wobbly (not a huge deal)
-gigantic orange tip
-magazine is on the cheaper side and is not 600 rd. the color of the magazine does not match the wood color on the handle grip.

Overall: i would give it a 8.5 out of 10

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)