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JG Electric Blowback AKS74U Folding Stock with Steel Receiver and Real Wood Furniture

11 Customer Reviews

by Byron M. on 06/29/2015
"Great gun had it for over a year. It's a monster 400 fps easy to upgrade, and the noise as the dust cover hits the metal is a great noise.

-Easy to upgrade
-Full metal
-Made of great parts
-Scope mount
-Easy to run around with
-Blow back
-Not a lot of battery space (if you take out the blow back this can be fixed)
-When the stock is folded you can't mount a scope
by Michael B. on 02/03/2015
"I have had this gun for a couple months now and am extremely happy with this gun. Its very high power but still low enough for cqb games. The paint dosent scratch very easily and blowback is realistic and makes the gun a lot of fun to use. Be warned though because the stick battery that goes in the top of the gun interferes with the blowback and has to be put in a specific way or the blowback wont work. Overall this is an amazing gun and I would highly recommend it to anyone
by Jonathan B. on 11/24/2014
"I couldn't be much happier with this gun for the price I paid for it. In general, I actually hate the design of the AKS-74U, but wanted to have a spare gun for friends and something smaller than my M4 for CQB. For the $100 I paid, I wasn't expecting much. However...

-Solid metal receiver with a smooth finish. Seems like it's actually made of steel instead of pot metal. Feels great, and gives off a solid "Clang!" when making contact with other metal, such as the side folding stock snapping shut.
-Real wood handguard. It's a bit smooth and shiny, but still looks and feels great. I'm sure the look will break-in with us.
-Crisp blowback. It feels good, sounds good, and the bolt has a decent amount of travel.
-Surprisingly high ROF with an 8.4v battery (included)
-Accurate. The irons were actually perfectly zeroed when I received it. Only had to adjust the hop.
-Quality hi-cap. The included hi-cap feeds very well, emptying almost the entire reservoir with a single wind. Nice.
-Build quality. No creaks or wobbles. The sling mount makes a bit of noise on the stock, but only because it's metal on metal.

-Restricted to 8.4v stick type batteries. 9.6v batteries will interfere with the blowback system, however, the motor does a great job making the most of an 8.4v
-Paint scratches easy. Other reviewers are correct on this, but this is an AK - They should not look pristine.

Overall, I didn't want to like this gun that much, but I honestly find myself toying with this gun more than my M4. If you're looking for an AKS-74U, or are on the fence about which one to get, just know that you really can't go wrong with this AEG. It's built well, performs well, feels great, and sounds great. No regrets in buying this whatsoever.
by Logan R. on 06/03/2012
"This is a great gun but one thing i have to say is make sure all screws are tight, I orderd two and on one the blowback now dosent work because it's missing two screws since they fell out and on the other it's missing the front sight allan screw that goes into the bottom and a pin that holds the upper foregrip on. over all great gun.


Full metal
great FPS
Folding stock
great for CQC
Real weight


Plastic pistol grip
fps con maybe for some feilds (400-420 with .2)
maybe heavy for some...

over all amazing gun love it and evike sells some great flash mags for the gun as well!
I give 5-5
by Carson B. on 04/12/2010
"This gun has HIGHLY impressed me. For 160, you really can't get a better deal.

Performance wise, this gun is absolutely excellent. It gets surprising range and grouping for its size, and can easily compete with other AEGs in field scenarios. The stick battery it comes with is Meh, I suggest a 1200 8.4v It only uses a stick type, keep that in mind. It gets a fair rate of fire with a 1200 and the sound of the bolts blowback is music to the ears.

The blowback on this gun is easily my favorite of all the EBB's I've used. It sounds great, it's crisp and adds that slightest big of shake to the gun to make firing it so much sweeter.

The weapon looks FANTASTIC with the metal flashhider on. The orange hicap the weapon comes with is also Meh. I suggest classic AK-47 black ribbed magazines, they really compliment the weapons looks.

There are only two considerable cons I've faced with this AEG. The top part of the wooden grip, along with the front sight are very wobbly. Screwing the flashhider on tightly helps, but should you bump it it will go astray.

With hopup at the ideal setting, it hardly matters anyway. Your sights are next to useless, just trace your BB's or get an optic.

That brings me to the second con. The weapon comes with a siderail to attach a soviet style scope mount, but doing so disallows the folding stock. Which really isn't that big of a problem, the gun is already compact with stock extended, there's little reason to need to fold it.

The gun looks great, performs great, and is at a great price. I highly recommend it.
by matthew w. on 01/31/2010
"Full metal, but the pistol grip is plastic. Solid gun A++++++++++++++++++++++
by matthew w. on 01/31/2010
"Full metal, but the pistol grip is plastic. Solid gun A++++++++++++++++++++++
by Louis A. on 09/09/2015
"I am brand new to airsoft, though I'm not young. I read the reviews and thought this would be a solid starter, also being tired of seeing M4s in 3-gun. Not a good start. If it wasn't for the ability to quickly resolve the first listed issue, I'd give this a 2-3 stars.

-Solid construction, including stock.
-Looks darned cool.
-Works well for QCB.
-Convincing weight.
-Seems to shoot fine on the short indoor field (all I have access to).

-Battery would only hold 15-shot charge with included charger (Buy a smart charger now). If not for Amazon Prime I wouldn't have been able to play that weekend).
-Battery is mediocre even with smart charger. Upgrade quickly.
-Finish mars easily.
-Workmanship on foregrip is primitive (doesn't effect use)
by Mitchell F. on 12/31/2010
"I have to say JG is really starting to step up there game as far as how well they make their products and I am very pleased. As i opened up the box i found it very nicely packaged, secured tightly with high quality styrofoam. I used it on a one on one in the local woods and it worked like a charm. The ROF is amazing with the battery it come with.......8.4v 1100mah. battery. Due to the high FPS i recommend downgrading the spring if you are a CQB player.

-Very High FPS
-High ROF (recommend a Lipo. battery)
-Good Distance
-If you compare other Full Metal AEGS it is light
-Real Wood
-Full Metal
- BLOWBACK!!!!! :)

- Only one RIS system i know can work on this AK (UTG)
-The Hop Up is very hard to use.....they over did that

Overall i really recommend you get this gun. My main problem is just finding the UTG rail. Otherwise it is one of the best airsoft guns and could easily be compared to higher end AEG brands. Don't question me it will satisfy you!
by Adam F. on 01/05/2010
"Just got this gun in the mail yesterday. So far it is doing great. The gun looks simply amazing. I am surprised on the quality from a Chinese gun. The wood is very nice. Gun seems to have a decent FPS but I have yet to crono it.

I also purchased a 11.1 volt Lipo stick battery for this gun and have shot 3 full mags trough it with no issues so far. The rate of fire is amazing with this battery. Even on the front of the box it states it is upgraded to handle an 11.1 lipo. How it holds up over time this will have to be seen.

- Good ROF even with stock battery better with lipo
- Blow Back
- Good FPS
- Very nice packaging
- Full Metal
- Real Wood
- Good Hopup unit
- Wholly Cow Deal provided this gun with 2 extra mags

- Finish on wood and metal could be more durable as it scratches easily.
- BB's shoot to the right about 1ft and there is no wind-age adjustment on this gun. (Reason for 4 stars)

Overall this is a great gun and I would strongly suggest to to anyone looking for a sub 200 dollar gun.
by Matt M. on 12/08/2015
"The gun shoots great, however I HATE the battery space...the flash hider was probably one of the hardest ones Ive ever had to take off, my CYMA scope mount wont fit on this, and the rear folding stock seems to be broken and locked in place, I can not for the life of me pry it open... I dunno, maybe I got a dud, but I was expecting a LITTLE more than what I got, First impressions are not that great so far