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JG Electric Blowback AK74 Airsoft AEG Rifle with Metal Body and Real Wood Furniture

4 Customer Reviews

by marshall l. on 12/08/2014
"i won this rifle about a year ago its ran great sense then just recently 12/8/14 it started messing up on me but its easy fix by far one of the best stock guns i have my team calls it the sniper ak shoots far people complyment me all the time on the wood ive had people argue saying the wood looks legit great gun for the price.
by Justin Z. on 02/20/2010
"Got this gun a while back and JG has definately improved with thier products. Gun is full steel/wood but the plastic handgrip and huge orange flash hider. BUT it does come with a black metal flash hider which is very easy to attach. To get the flash hider off, just take some kind of a strong stick (in my case, i used a long barrel of a lighter) and stick it through the flash hider and twist it off. One thing I really hate about this gun is the battery space. Suprizingly, with the huge wooden stock, it only fits a mini type battery. I tried putting in a small type from my m4 and it still would'nt fit so I highly reccomend you buy another mini battery. The packaging is AMAZING similar to the ARES TAR-21 packaging. All in, it has: the ak-74, one 600 round mag (MAKE SURE YOU ALSO GET THE HOLY COW 1 CENT SPECIAL), screw driver, 8.4 1100 mah battery, black flash hider, front post adjuster, mag winder, JG BB's, trinckle charger, manual, and some shooting targets. The electric blowback is very nice but on full auto, the bolt gets stuck in the middle. Very minor con but fixable by just firing it on semi once to reset the bolt. Unlike many JG ak47s, the mag wiggles out. HOWEVER, JG has welded the mag catch for your AK mag always stays in so it doesn't wedge out. Overall, very good buy if you want light support weapon in the field. I have three 600 mags so i'm carrying 1800 rounds on the field. However, the regular battery will problaby will not get you through all of the BB's.

Decent FPS
17 bps (rate of fire, BB's per second) with a 9.6 you have 20 bps
Wood and steel
Looks sexy when an asian uses it
No gun wobble, very solid piece
Awesome price
Magazine capacity

battery space
bad battery they give you
plastic grip, unlike most AK's with wooden grips
not as accurate (needs a better percision barrel, tightbore)
Ghetto fullstock is not the way to go with CQC
not easy to change out battery on the field.
by michael m. on 01/05/2010
"ok i got to shoot it today and IT IS GOD! it is probably the best gun ive seen so far (even shot better better then a echo 1 minigun which is very weird) and had a rough estimate of 12 bbs a second. the clip that i got (along with the 2 from my 1 cent holy cow special) are very high quality and in my eyes, will never present a problem unless you go through the 600 round clip too fast and you want a box mag. the blow back on the gun works beautifully but you should probably lube it from time to time. the blow back also makes the gun sound louder (its very loud for an airsoft gun, but will catch everyones attention which can be good or bad for obvious reasons. it is also kind of scary if you went up against it.) but shouldn't be that big of an issue.

rate of fire
all metal/wood
1 cent holy cow special
pretty high fps
decent accuracy
way too many to list

lower quality of wood
by Karsten K. on 09/13/2015
"This gun is overall good, but has some major flaws. The gun is heavy and has a high rate of fire so it is like a support weapon with an ak74 base. It has a great blowback system. It has cherry stained wood and a steel exterior, not pot metal. It's internals are fair. It can shoot acurate for around 120 to 140 feet. It has an FPS in the upper 390s. It's performance in battle pales in comparacen to other brands such as GG or Cyma. Mine did not come with the interchangeable black flashhider as advertised. The battery never worked and the charger sucks. This seems to be a problem with everybody's gun. So you have to get a smart charger and a battery. It has a small battery space so forget about Lipos. Also the BBs that come with the gun jam easily. So buy elite force bbs if you dont want to screw yours up. The instruction booklet that came with the gun is a source of comedy as it has poorly translated english and has very incorrect instructions. Pretty much it has no use as an assault rifle because it's too heavy, but it is a great LMG or collector item/movie prop. But there other things that are much better for a lower price and are better such as the elite force Ak 74 and the Cyma Ak74 0.48 which both are better performing and have a lower price. A good reflection of this gun is THAT THE BOX SAYS THE NAME WRONG! INstead of AK74 its called an a47.
- Realistic Blowback and externals
-High rate of fire
-Very durable
-Does not come with black flashhider
-Broken battery and charger
-Poor instructions
-Poor BBs