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WE-Tech Full Metal Custom 1911 Knighthawk Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol (Color: Black)

34 Customer Reviews

by Marty D. on 12/25/2011
"This is a great gun! I got it for xmas and it's amazing. It's nice solid, and good looking. Has a nice kick and a hard punch, good for cqb, and full metal. Only thing is u need to buy an extra mag. Mine only lasts for about 1.5 - 2 mags. This is probaly only my mag because all the others are good. But overall great gun!
by Nancy M. on 12/17/2011
"best gun I ever got!!!!
shoots hard
very acurate
good gas usage
2 mags per gas fill
nice blowback
looks awsome
fairly quiet
treaded barrel

mag only holds 15+1 in the chamber so get extra mags
besides that none buy thid gun

this is the best pistol Ive ever owned and i have:
KWA sig p226
kwa usp
win gun 1911
and id chose this over my kwa mac11 anyday
by Michelle N. on 11/05/2011
"This gun is great esp. CQC i just got it and used it for 3 hours solid in a battle.

Solid metal
Quite accurate
Mags have good capacity
Full parts support!

Paint chip after some use but nothing bad
The mags only hold enough to fire about 14 shots per fill (the mag holds like 16)
by Eric S. on 06/05/2011
"This gun is excellent! It was my first airsoft gun and gas blowback pistol. This pistol has some kick. It is full metal an has a nice weight. The golf ball grip is very nice and feels good on my hand. The mag is also full metal and holds 15 rounds. Last time i chrono'd it i believe it was at 315 but I'm not sure.

Full metal
Uses little green gas
Nice grip, weight, and feeling
Good FPS
Looks boss


Only thing is don't plan on using propane on this gun. I tried it and the metal grey thing bellow the orange tip got bent from the force I think. But with green gas this gun is unstoppable!
by Richie F. on 03/13/2011
"This gun is amazing! It has a strong kick and a really accurate range. It looks amazing and is really unique, so if you get this, your friends mouths would probably drop. The full metal on this gun does not take away from it's use of green gas, I can get 3.5 mags unloaded before I have to refill the gas. You want to use .20s for this for the best range and accuracy. The texture if the gun is oh so awesome and overall feel of it. This gun is a great starter gun and has one of the best prices ever! This has such a high quality it should be worth more than 120 but thank goodness it is!
by tony t. on 01/20/2011
"love this gun right when i laid my hands on it, the feeling of it is cold and solid. i would recommended it to anyone that wants a custom looking 1911.

*very accurate ( there is away you would have to aim it cuz the bbs fly lower then the sight that is adjusted on it)
*solid durable and great feeling of it when shooting
*the barrel thread lets you mount a silencer mock on it
*everything works on it slide catch, safety switch
*everything on it is metal!!!

*the paint comes off easy
*the mag that came with it had a leak easy to fix tho

over all i'm really satisfied with this pistol i own like 6 other pistol and this one is one of my top favorite, i would definitely always bringing it to the battlefield!!
by Madeline V. on 12/27/2010
"i got this pistol for xmas and its just incredible all metal body and slide and therads at the barrel so far ive put about 5 mags through it and not a single problem so far

all metal
feels great in the hand

absolutley none
by cameron k. on 10/09/2010
"AMAZING GUN. very acurate for a pistol. mine came in a realy nice case, and the front has THREDS.
real weight
no cons

the only thing is that i cant load the magazine so i have to load it from the hole at the side but it still is a maze ing
by Jonathan S. on 03/31/2010
"The best pistol to come from WE yet.
Very solid, reliable and realistic.
True to size and weight.
Excellent, hard finish that stays put and resists holster burn.

No cons.
by brandon w. on 03/08/2010
"All around this is a good gun. I dont know how good it is because it didnt come a mag for me i am kinda upset of that but i will still give it a 5 star becasue it feels good and everything like that.
by Carl L. on 01/18/2010
"This is a great GBB pistol! This is my first pistol but I have to say that I am very impressed with it. The gun has a heavy feel to it making it feel very realistic. The slide it a little loose but not bad. The recoil is very firm and that accuracy is very good. You can empty the mag and the slide will lock back. I have been able to empty about two and a half mags without refilling. I would recommend topping off the mag after you go through a full mag for best performance. In all this is an impressive/sexy pistol. This gun is an excillent buy would recommend to anyone.
by Bryan M. on 08/17/2017
"outer barrel keeps falling out.But tne inner barrel that shoots bb" stays in and still fires.not sure if outer barrel has threads or broke off in gun. I like the gun . bryan
by Joshua S. on 03/05/2017
"Over all I will give this a gun a 4-5. Just a quick warning tho to anyone who is buying this and lives in japan. Make sure to use something like propane in this and not the local Japanese airsoft gas, the Japanese gas is not powerful enough to fully cycle the pistol so you end up with a ton of feeding issues when trying to use this gun. Use propane or a similarly powerful gas and this gun handles beautifully.
by Phoenix C. on 03/21/2016
"this gun is good but when i use the standerd clips the gun jams to much do not use this gun to much or this will happen i might be returning this thing soon to bye the P-Virus which is better
by Darrin L. on 08/08/2015
"I was about to return this great gun because the slide locked up constantly, and then I remembered you need to lube gas guns.