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Thunder B Co2 Airsoft Paintball Simulation Sound Grenade (12 Shell Set / Sound Flash)

12 Customer Reviews

by Pete W. on 03/11/2012
"Overall excellent performance for what it's designed for! Keep in mind this is for sound distraction only. Works great against little kids at CQB games- they scatter like roaches. But most salty players will just ignore it if they recognize it. Recommend buying an extra spoon kit just in case- the hook area tends to bend/wear out over time but can be easily re-bent back to shape a few times.

- Very loud!
- Solidly build- doesn't feel delicate
- Easy to use/assemble/load

- Spoon tends to bend/wear out over time
- Each shell can only be used once/consumes an entire CO2 cartridge with each detonation
- Gets fairly expensive to replace shell and new CO2 each time
by Kenneth C. on 03/09/2012
"I love these grenades. I like more of the realism that these pack compared to tornado's. I love how it scares the hell out of everyone. They are extremely loud, excellent for cqb. This specific shell model isn't the best though. My favorite is the shells with the timer caps. Do not use the timer caps if you want a short fuse which I like. Very good, buy. 5/5
by Kristopher V. on 10/20/2011
"These grenades are awesome! They work almost every time! They can be filled with bbs about 1/3 of the canister full to make one mean frag grenade. The only issue I had was that you have to score the sides of the canister with a knife just a bit so it blows out the sides and not the top. Overall it is a great product and I highly recommend it!
by Benjamin S. on 04/22/2011
"it takes some getting used to, but my god is this thing fun when it goes off! Very loud, and can easily be loaded with bb's, powder, or even tobasco sauce for various effects such as shorter fuse and shrapnel (bb's) poof (powder) or tear gas effect (tobasco). Its not all fun though; I had a ton of difficulty getting it to blow correctly. If you can hear gas escaping, then you're doing it wrong. I won't go into all the little issues here, but you can find them all online on various forums if you look around. (Fortunately, all the forums also give tips on how to fix the little bugs.) All in all though, its an amazing grenade with most of its problems coming from user error or misuse. For the price that its at, you really need to get it. BUY THIS NOW!!!
by Jerome O. on 04/13/2011
"These things are amazing. The first time I came in contact with them was inside of a building. One was thrown in by the enemy and it went off around our whole team, it made everyone jump and scared the s*** out of anyone nearby or in the building. I ordered a few and these things are amazing. They work perfectly and are definitely worth every cent. They add the realism to airsoft and makes getting out of tough situations easy in mid game
by Curtis B. on 12/30/2010
"I had the expectation that it was gonna be a poof, but these are REALLY LOUD! Despite testing them out in the middle of winter they are scary loud! Don't hesitate about these, trust me they are gonna scare the heck out of someone!

Super loud

The air chamber has a terrible habit of leaking air, this is easily remedied by some silicon glue!
by mason s. on 11/05/2010
"if you are thinking about buying this,.........


this is the best airsoft investment i have ever made next to my main weapon
this is so loud it scares people stiff and thats when you take your shot
by Nickolaus H. on 05/31/2010
"best grenades ever!
yea they take an entire CO2 cartrige per shot
yea the shells arent reusable
but you wont find a cheaper, sturdier, or LOUDER grenade out there
grenade is kinda big though...
but its all metal! except for the plastic shell that busts open duh...
the spoon is thick and sturdy and its attached to the body of the grenade so you dont loose it!
pin is metal and it comes with a spare!
it has a hammer you have to pull back thats kinda hard to do even with my skinny fingers...
timing was perfect out of the box.
all in all if you want a sound effect type grenade this is it no question!
by Timothy S. on 04/19/2010
"I use this product in real SWAT trainings as there is no fire risk. They are very loud, even outside....If the container is not cranked down they will leak air which works well if you are simulating gas deployment so Don't be afraid to crank them tight so they don't leak air. My only problem is they are slightly large than a NO.25 Flashbang so they dont fit in the pouch I have.
by Trey M. on 04/03/2010
"These've gotta be the best grenades anywhere. They're crazy loud, easy to reload, totally reusable (besides the shell and cartridge, of course), and awesome to look at. And the best part? CHEAP!
Just saying, you could buy three cores and 36 shells, or one measly Tornado.

And, the pin-pulling action floors everyone within visual range when they see it! No burning my fingers with incediary pea grenades!

Okay, enough excaimation points, time for some bad news.

-The spoon is made of cheap metal (still metal, though!) and can easily bend if you throw it at a wall or other hard surface.
-The core is so much heavier than the shell, that throwing them can be awkward because of the weight unbalance.
-Sometimes the hammer does not full pierce the cartridge, and you look like an idiot holding an "armed" grenade.

Also, for a while these puppies were completely out of stock! Almost every site that Hakkotsu lists on their website had them out of stock. Many sites, even Evike, took them off of their site completely!

But anyway, these grenades are sweet, and it's easy to run through all 12 if you're careful.

PS, don't put stuff in the shell! It makes the "BOOM" into a "poof"
by George B. on 04/06/2012
"its AWESOME and super loud the only problem is some times it doen't go off but other than that its awesome especially in CQB or Alamo type games.
by Trey M. on 01/18/2010
"Very loud, very cheap, and very fun to use. I've thrown 7 so far and I am very satisfied. I can easily see myself buying another pack in the future (Maybe I'll try the pineapple variants)

Look awesome
Pin-pulling action!
Durable and truly reusable
Comes with a spare pin and 12 ( T-W-E-L-V-E ) shells!

If you don't prime it correctly, the cart won't be hit hard enough and the grenade will not go off
The head is much heavier than the shell, making the grenade disbalanced and hard to throw
Having to go to wal-mart to pick up carts :( not really hakkotsu's problem though
The spoon can bend if it hits a surface when thrown