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Matrix 6.03mm Precision Steel Sniper Tight Bore Inner Barrel for Airsoft AEG (Length: 455mm)

51 Customer Reviews

by Tien N. on 06/29/2016
"Install this into my Echo 1 RPK. Now my RPK is a monster BB hose on the level of sniper quality!
by Gustavo T. on 06/13/2016
"This Barrel is the best upgrade I have put into my M4.
I installed this on my G&G M4 and did a little bit of hop-up adjustment and now it shoots amazing, it shoots like a laser.
For only $25 this barrel will transform your stock AEG
by mike b. on 01/27/2016
"I cannot say anything else but say this barrel is excellent and is the best barrel ive bought in my years of airsoft
by Clay E. on 05/01/2015
"This barrel is quite nice. I have it as a 10cm upgrade to my AK DMR, and it does the job. The crowning is about half a centimeter, it has two positions for the hop up clip, but has a fairly small barrel window. I can't blame the barrel for making it small, but I did have to lengthen the barrel window to accommodate for my flat hop. Very strong and smooth feel. There is a trademark engraved or something into the forward portion, as well.
by Payton B. on 04/30/2015
"Great inner barrel! I put this on my JG M4 and i am very pleased with it. But beware, I bought one of these for my Brother's king arms P90 and it doesnt fit very well, make sure you get the right one. Highly recommend this barrel.
by Mario E. on 03/26/2015
"Great product. Easy to install and notice a HUGE improvement in accuracy and a nice boost in fps on my m4. It now shoots better than my sniper rifle. Highly recommend this as an easy/inexpensive upgrade.
by Thomas A. on 03/09/2015
"I love this barrel. I wanted to make kind of a long barrel gun and chose this as my barrel. I have it on a G&G Combat Machine with a 190mm mock silencer (which I put some pipe insulation in to hold my barrel still inside it). I also have a M125 spring and a full cylinder on it. I am shooting 380FPS with 0.28g BB's and can hit a human size target at 280 foot with it. Yes I know I only needed 150mm silencer but the extra length with the pipe insulation in it makes it quieter.
by Thomas A. on 03/09/2015
"Well sense no one else has written a review I will. I put this barrel in my Elite Force CQB and love it. It increased my FPS about 15 and range so I can hit a human size target at 250 foot. When I checked my barrels inside it was 6.02mm. Not a big deal. I love it. Just clean it before you use it, all of them that I have gotten have been very dirty.
by Ryan J. on 09/19/2014
"Stuck it in my RPK, no problems at all, came shiny and flawless, increased accuracy and possibly FPS, good barrel.
by micah c. on 08/27/2014
"I bought this barrel for an unusual m4 build. The black ops m4 from walmart! I also got a mock suppressor to increase the overall length of the barrel. It has done nothing but work like it should great accuracy increase in range and 15fps more.
by Caleb W. on 06/19/2014
"I debated between a 6.03mm and a 6.01mm barrel for a while, and after many google searches, 6.03mm seemed to be the better choice. Unfortunately, Angel Customs did not make 6.03 barrels, so I decided on this particular one by Matrix.

I recently installed this in my King Arms Blaser (it has an aeg cut), and I have found no flaws up to date. For the price, this barrel was made with quality. It is very well cut, and my Blaser's grouping is significantly tighter, as I had hoped. I'd recommend this barrel for anyone leaning toward the 6.03mm barrel width.
by manny c. on 04/12/2014
"I've put about 50k bbs through this thing, never had any problems with it. as accurate as any other 6.03 I've compared it to, great for the price, heavy, and very resistant.
by Ryan C. on 04/08/2013
"Great barrel! I ordered two; one for myself and one for my brother. My brother's SR15 really needed it, and after a new hopup as well, it's an amazing gun. So is mine, even though it was already reasonably accurate, but these barrels truly made a difference.
by Robert S. on 03/04/2013
"Very good barrel, had no problem fitting it to the hop-up and it will fit really any M4 etc. Vastly increased my groupings and I'm very impressed overall. Clean finish on the outside and again GREAT ACCURACY.

If you haven't bought this thing yet I honestly don't know why you haven't. The single best upgrade a person can put into their AEG
by Matthew G. on 01/06/2013
"This is an excellent tight bore. Many people will tell you that a 6.03 isn't as good as a 6.01, however they are better than 6.01's because although your fps will be slightly lower (as compared to a 6.01) they allow your hopup to impart the proper spin to your bb, therefore effectively increasing range. The quality in this barrel is apparent upon arrival. It has excellent weight to it, and nice makings, in addition to a great finish and some of the best packaging I think I have ever seen, I haven't been able to chrono, but I do notice a slight FPS increase, and of course my accuracy has improved drastically. 100/100