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SoftAir Licensed Black Thompson M1A1 "Tommy Gun" Airsoft AEG Rifle - ABS Gearbox / Imitation Wood

13 Customer Reviews

by Carol J. on 09/07/2013
"This gun is awesome. Works well with .20 gram bbs it's cheap affordable. It has a working hammer not a blowback though but that's an easy fix drum mag hold about 700 bbs not 1000. The battery is ok it doesn't have a real long life span. But still a grate buy
by Diane T. on 06/15/2012
"I bought this gun about three months ago, and it is the best one I've boughten so far. You dont really need to even look down the sights, you can just tell by where its firing. Came with a sling, GREAT battery, and roll drum magazine. Easilly worth more than $90 because you can beat people with $200 dollar guns, this gun will get them out just as much as theirs.

I think actually holds over 1000rounds when I load it.
Sling is very durable.
Its a thompson, looks awesome
Great wind up system, dosnt tire fingers out
Light weight but full size
Good fps, range, and rpm (I use .2's)

It's so cool people might want to steal it
You can only carry two
Some people might get jelous
by ginger g. on 05/20/2011
"Great gun. This is an awesome gun for war. The charger isnt all that bad like people say it is. It works just as good as any other charger. I prefer 9.6 battery.
by ginger g. on 05/15/2011
"Just ordered this gun. Ive seen some great reviews on this gun. The only thang I dont like is the plastic. But im not paying alot more money for metal. So 5/5
by Spencer C. on 12/04/2010
"this gun is awsome! you may look at the regular colored thompson and think awww its awsome but this gun is just as good


-great fps, around 340 fps
-good accuracy
-about 20 yard range accuracy
-no pump needed because its electric
-reloading: it may be hard to take out the drum and reload in action so you lift up the back copartment and fill it up with as many as you think you will need because it is a 1000+ round drum then just wind the crank when then the ammo in the acutal mag part is out to put more ammo in.
-not that heavy at all
-battery stays on for about a good hour or hour and half with a full charge
-shoots about 2 or 3 bbs per second


-Non! well the stock is a little big but thats it!

I really strongly suggest getting this gun.
by Josh R. on 09/05/2010
"Ok. First off. This gun is a great price and good for starters and experienced players. I got a great deal at the Labor day airsoft expo. Known as the chicago typewriter, this 1928 tommy gun had a 1000 round mag capacity with a chamber that holds about 75 i think. it has full auto and single fire along with a fake cocking system. it comes with a 8.4 volt battery and has a great rate of fire. i reccomend buying a 9.6 volt though. it has about a fps of 350 on .20 grams. fully adjustable hop up and sights make it great for long distance shooting too. its not very heavy but its has hard plastic but very little metal.

great price

good fps and rpm

not metal

great mag cap

adjustable hop up and sights

Thank you for taking the time to read this reveiw.
by Carla A. on 04/02/2010
"just orderd it 1000rd mag insane perfect for me been playing airsoft for about 6 years and this is porbelly the best one ive seen
by SPENCER W. on 03/07/2010


by Chase W. on 02/24/2012
"Overall a good gun exactly what you expec to get for $90 me only playing woodsball couple times amonth its great only thing idont like is the sights they move but not what you would expect.

Decent fps 330fps
huge magazine 9probibly wont have to reload
nice feel

the sight adjustments stink
on full auto the fps and accuracy is reduced (this is expected of and $90 gun)
by Mitchell V. on 02/14/2012
"This gun is a great gun for $90. I mean lets face it, since its only $90 it is not going to be a very good quality gun. It's plastic, it has a plastic gearbox, and it is the basic version. However, this gun is not bad at all. In the airsoft team that i am on i am the support gunner. this gun is great for that. Its rate of fire is not prestige, but it gets the job done, and with a 1000 round hi-cap magazine, you are going to put a lot of BBs downrange. So for mil-sim this gun will get the job done. For the gun itself the sling might break on you, the mag is a little difficult to take out but not impossible, using the sling over your shoulder is very awkward if the mag is in it, and actually shooting the gun is hard because the mag gets in the way. even if you have a grip it is hard. however, the gun lasts, and gets the job done. If you don't have alot of money i completely recommend this. it hurts, and it is better than having a $50 pistol. trust me. Great buy.
by Phillip R. on 10/20/2014
"I got this gun awhile ago, and overall it's really good. Yet this gun still has some problems with it.

High rate of fire
The drum mag
Low cost

Battery smell after a lot of firing
Battery seems to loose charge quickly (at least with mine)

I would recommend this gun to a beginner.
by Jack A. on 05/19/2013
"This is a great gun overall, but it does have it's issues.

Pros: Decent rate of fire, huge magazine capacity, lightweight
Cons: Slightly awkward to aim down sights because of the huge magazine, and one issue that outraged me was that 1 day after I got it, the magazine broke and my gun wouldn't fire. We had to open the magazine up, find the problem, and then superglue it. I am very dissapointed by this.

If this gun didnt break on me I would give it a 9/10. But since it did I'm going to give it a 6.5/10.
by James S. on 03/12/2013
"This is a good starter AEG. For $90 it's probably the coolest LPAEG I know of. Pretty accurate with .20 gram bbs.

Pros: lightweight
Holds 1000 rounds
Comes with battery

Cons: Plasticky feel
Sling mounts rattle a lot
Plastic gearbox :(

Overall a good cheap starter gun.