Reviews: Magazine for WE Socom Gear 1911 Airsoft GBB Gas Blowback Pistols - Chrome / 16rds

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Model: MAG-WE-1911-C

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by Luke V. on 2016-04-24 19:07:39
"These magazines (in my opinion) are garbage.
Firstly, the part of the mag that you pull down to put bullets in, is plastic. Of the 3 mags that I bought, all 3 broke. This made it difficult to load BBs in the magazine.
Second, the mag is made of some sort of cheap metal, making it break easily. the bottom of the mag that holds the spring in, broke off completely and the spring shot out of the mag. This means I can no longer load BBs into the mag, rendering it useless.
Thirdly, it is not very gas efficient. Now, this could be the gun, but all 3 that I bought weren't able to shoot off all of the BBs before running out of gas.

So, in my opinion, these mags are not a very good buy. I would look for others that fit this 1911 variant.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)