Reviews: G&P Limited Edition "Zombie Killer" Custom M4 Carbine Advanced Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle

$280.00 $243.60

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Model: AEG-GP281C-Z
Location: L4-923

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by brenden m. on 2014-01-25 10:08:15
"this is definitely the best gun ive bought so for best externals the internals are debatable because they are known to have a bad piston and sometimes gears fortunately my gears weren't a problem but my pistons pick up tooth broke on auto luckily i had a spare piston to replace it with definitely a great gun the price of the externals separate outweigh the price of the gun. i threw a CASV rail system on as well as a rubber pistol grip paired it with a 10.8v battey and the thing shoots great.

shoots great
full metal
not too heavy imo about 8 pounds i mean it is full metal
definitely puts others in their place on the field

debatable internals
by Matt K. on 2012-02-07 13:14:34
"Bought the gun and love it. Weight and feel are great, fires like a dream too. My only issue is that it stripped the piston at its first game as well as chipped a tooth off two of the gears.

-tough body
-high rate of fire
-decent hop up

-cheap piston
-average gears

Overall a great base gun but needs upgraded internals to hold up to mil-sim games. I would recomend this to others.
by Romain L. on 2011-11-04 02:55:28
"Hi, evike,

I love you. I ordered a box of awesomeness, and guess what! I was waiting for an src plastic AK, and i receive a zombie killer? GOD I LOVE YOU, i'm so ordering more stuff.

And i'm now at nearly 3000$ here on 2 accounts, so you GOT my money!
by Eric G. on 2011-03-03 14:18:33
"this is an extraordinary gun, i just got it today and im playing airsoft on saturday, i think its gonna work out extremely well for me.
by James R. on 2011-01-20 21:56:40
"I just got this gun a few days ago and let me just say it is a awesome piece of work I mean the looks and how it funtiOns are exellent!!! Really really high rate of fire! And I only have a 9.6v in it wow of I put a lypo in it I wouldnt know what to do lol well anyway I recommend this gun very nice no wobble anywhere orders quite a few bits with it and goodjob evoke nothing broke woO

Pros: high RoF
Sturdy wobble-less
Very nice engraving/well built
Good for CQB
Clips work good/no winding is nice

Cons: if you want better fps I would upgrade spring because it mostly CQB
I'd would buy extra mags u run out fast
Mags are a bit loose once in
battery is a lil hArd to put in till you get the hang of it
by jared a. on 2011-01-02 20:42:59
"I purchased the super box of awesomeness and i got this. The moment i picked it up i new that it was a very high quality rifle. I have to say that it is not the best gun if you are on a budget because of the upgradeable nature of the gun, you can customize the gun any way you like almost with the exception of the need for a peq box when rails are purchased. The gun is very accurate and has good range but it isn't the best. The rifle chronographed at 390 fps on a warm day and chronoed at 342 fps on a cold day, it has a rof of ~18-20 bps with a warm 9.6v, it is lipo ready for advanced users. I used this rifle in indoor and outdoor and it performs excellent. Indoor was interesting due to the high fps nature of the gun, but it was acold day so it chronoed at 345, but i am sure that when the gun warmed up it shot higher and realy bought on the pain. Outdoor was flawless also, up to about mid-range. All and all i would say that when compared to KWA, KING ARMS, and G&G this rifle is the best in my eyes.

Lightweight aluminum body
High fps for outdoor
Lipo ready
Highest quality externals i have ever seen or used
Flawless for CQB (with downgrade)

I cant focus in battle because of how awesome this gun is!!!
by Christopher P. on 2010-05-24 16:27:21
"Well I purchased this gun last January and have been extremely happy with it.

- Amazing detail
- Solid construction
- Fluid Fire

- Plastic piston and piston head broke on me and had to purchase a new one, the rest of the internals were amazing though and above par.
- The dust cover does not come down as pictured have to pry it open with fingers and it does not look like a regular bolt. I just opens up to the hop-up.

Overall I would recommend this gun to anyone. Amazing weapon of choice.
by rchu r. on 2010-04-05 12:36:18
"The gun is great! Shoots very accurate, no jams, and very durable. G&P is known to make great body's and internals. This gun surpasses my expectations by far, and would recommend this item for any starter. A standard m4 setup for reliability and performance. I would use this as a base model gun for all my upgrades, highly recommended. is great! Thanks!
by Derek L. on 2009-11-16 13:42:07
"I have the USMC model, but it is the same as this model, just different logo.

This is probably one of the best M4 I have ever used! (Much better than Classic Army or any other Chinese clone by far).

Initial Look & Feel: Solid, Realistic, Good Weight, Very Detailed. Its day and night compare to a Chinese Clone.

Performance: Very smooth firing, no skipping AT ALL! Works with my other JG magazines and drum mags. Chrono at 409 FPS.

From my experience as a tech, G&P also have the best motor and the most reliable gear sets. This AEG has a 7mm gearbox, metal bushing.

Conclusion: I have shot many m4 and we have a big team (156 players). If you are looking for a m4 Carbine model, this is your AEG. It cannot get better unless you go buy the Systema PTW. Which is a mix opinion (due to compatibility issues) and its $1000 more.

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews)