Reviews: UKArms M757 Full Size M9 Airsoft Spring Pistol


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Model: AP-UK-M757B
Location: U14-093

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by Luke K. on 2011-10-13 13:56:02
"NOT good for skirmishes! Or just shooting it for that matter.

BUT it makes a excellent prop. I got it to help a few friends with a movie. (informed his neighbors that it was fake) It's 1:1 scale and cheap enough to drop and get "shot" out of a character's hand (thin string, movie magic.)

1:1 scale

Cheap plastic
doesn't boonce
Slide breaks when cocked
by diego a. on 2010-12-06 15:52:09
"i bought this gun for my dad, but i used it here and then , and droped it so many times. and the top pART FALLS OFF, BUT YOU CAN PUT IT BACK TOGHETER. this gun is very durable,and precise. i shot a ladybug that was in my window and i was about 20 ft away, and the ladybug got squished! overall a very durable and strong spring airsoft pistol. definate buy!
by Elvia S. on 2010-03-18 18:33:24
"This pistol is accurate. the only downside is that it misfeeds.
Thanks Mom!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)