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Pre-Order ETA April 2017 WE-Tech Full Metal 1911 MEU Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol (Color: Dark Earth)

12 Customer Reviews

by Jason J. on 10/08/2013
"The gun is beautiful love the look of I used it love it
by Zach S. on 01/22/2013
"To start, this is a great gun and I highly reccomend it. It has a great feel and a great overall performance. I recommend it for a scout/sniper or any airsoft player that wants a good sidearm.

-Great feel
-Good FPS
-Heavy(I like realistic guns)
-Good look
-Custom Marine logo in grips
-Nice kick

-The mag that came with it broke after about 7 uses.
-Hard to get a matching clip.
by Stephen H. on 07/11/2011
"This is a great side arm, with an excellent build, reliability, and above all, price.

All metal
2 mags (with the holy cow deal)
Looks nice
Feels good to shoot
Decent FPS and accuracy (especially for a blow back)
Mine came with a threaded tip

No laser rail mount
Black paint comes off extremely easy on some parts.

All in all, a gun I am glad to now own, and I strongly recommend it.
by Kyle S. on 06/25/2011
"WE full metal Desert Warrior 1911 MEU is absolutly amazing. Its hard to find bad things about this gun.

PROS: low price for great gun
hard kick
great FPS

CONS: safety is a little loose....
thats all, great gun
by tyler w. on 05/23/2011
"this gun is worth the $105. it is full metal the pistol grip is made by pro grip and it is rubber which is very nice. The gun is very easy to take apart which is nice if you are going to upgrade internal. The flash hider does come. It also comes with metal threaded orange tip for silencers and us marine corp medals to replace the we ones in the grip.

full metal
threaded tip
great for price

need green gas adapter
15 round mag (not to bad)
by Kao C. on 06/16/2010
"This package is really awesome for its price. The gun is top notch quality and the mag works great! My 1911 MEU actually came along with the UNMC Eagle Globe and Anchor logo on the grip, both sides.

Low priced for high quality
Great recoil
Great accuracy
Looks awesome

Chronoed out of the box at 380 fps with propane (maybe just mine)
Mag hold only 15 shots (single stack)
Gas mag hold just enough gas for the 15 shots
The gas filler is too deep and you'll have to get a gas adapter long enough to reach it

All in all, it's a really good gun and you can't go wrong with it for only $105.
by ALEXEY Y. on 04/12/2010
"This pistol is really good for the money. WE can be proud for their quality. Pistol is very durable and well built.

- It has a WE logo on a grip - not USMC as shown on picture
by Jonathon K. on 03/18/2010
"This gun is a awesome hand gun I have ever personally owned. Great in cold but loose gas fast, perfect in warmer weather but keep it oiled. Great gun, but my mag broke at the black thing that pushes the bb up so be careful don't let it snap all the way form the bottom to the top. Again great gun worth the money, but the orange tip I wish wasn't there. I cant seem to find a inter-changeable barrel for it. If anyone knows please help.

Great grip handle
Great look
Hard kick
Great sights
Worth the money

Orange tip doesn't come off
Safety doesn't always want to stay on safe
not much more bad things about it
by Luke M. on 08/21/2014
"I purchased this gun from evike quite recently and right out of the box i was very impressed; though it is my first GBB, i was still quite pleased. In the box, before i even picked it up, i noticed the footplate on the magazine was loose. Being new to GBB 1911s, i had figured that it wasn't much of a problem. I filled the mag with green gas and .20g BBs and the gun functioned and shot perfectly. I noticed, however, on the spare magazine i purchased, the footplate was NOT loose. On the mag that came with the gun, about four uses later, the footplate was even looser and the spring was resistant when loading. All from JUST shooting the spring knob was broken already. The spare magazine i purchased functioned properly and had no problems. Aside from magazine problems, the paint scratches INCREDIBLY easily. But that's just cosmetic, the rubberized grip is super comfortable, the skeletonized trigger and hammer look super cool, and the USMC insignia on the side of the grip is also a great feature. I took the gun to an airsoft field a few days later. I was gentle with the gun and had not dropped it and i noticed that the slide would get stuck while reloading. I learned that the air nozzle was loose already and would move out of place when reloading. All in all, i'm sure once i get it fixed and i purchase more mags i'll have a great time using it.
Great gun and worth the money if you know what you're doing.
GREAT weight
Good cost
Not much of a gas hog at all
Threaded barrel

Magazine trouble right out of the box
Easily scratching paint
Air nozzle becomes loose easily (must just be mine)
Beaver-tail is hard to hold down with gloves
by jelle l. on 03/18/2014
"I got this gun almost a year ago. The paint on it is easy to scratch, even if you just use it to fire in the backyard itll chip. Th3 slide will scratch the paint of the barel. It looks great and feels great but requires maintenance if you plan to use it alot. It wont perform as nice as a TM but with the right tune-ups shes a keeper. The MEU mag is somewhat anoying as you need an adapter to fill it and yes the botom plate does scratch up easy too.

Weight and feel
more authentic then hi capas
6.03 ib

Bad paint job
Meu mag adapter needed
by Denise G. on 08/02/2011
"very good some things shake but the blow back is fun it shoots 330 fps has 41 shots with a full thing of gas ever thing is metal and you get 2 mags + the holy cow deal.

good fps
good for the price
full metal

needs an adapter to fill with gas
some internals are shack e but dose not mater
tip dose not come off
by Stephen H. on 09/24/2013
"Overall this gun wasn't worth the price to me, due a variety of malfunctions that were told to me were random and unfortunate, making this pistol completely worthless after just a year. However, this seemed like a special case for me, and when it worked, it worked like a dream.
Accurate for a pistol
Full metal
Heavy (pro for me)
Most of the time had a nice hard kick
Came with 2 magazines (3rd with holy cow)
Standard threads
Cool marine insignia you can put in the grip to replace the WE ones
Mine had problems which made it worthless after a year
Barrel cover would shoot out with a silencer on it (some JB weld fixed that up)
Mine was a gas hog, usually 1 magazine full per gas load (~15 shots)
Black paint came off super easy
Sometimes the hammer would get caught on the slide jamming it, may need to file it down a bit

Overall, this gun has some problems, but if you get a non defective one, it won't disappoint you