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Matrix G36C / XM8 Precision Feeding 50 Round Mid-CAP Magazine w/ Dummy Bullet (Package: Box of 5)

12 Customer Reviews

by Lucas C. on 07/18/2012
"THis mag is really good no, very silent , but its dark cant see the dummy rounds
this is made in japan . which is the best!!
by Kenneth T. on 03/02/2012
"I'm very happy with these mags. They never misfeed and there is no winding required. The outside construction is very solid and there is no rattling of any kind. They fit very nice and snug in my Umarex G36CV. Very little movement once it is inside the mag well. The dummy rounds can be removed if so desired. I recommend this for DMR users as 50 rounds capacity is pretty low even if you have good fire discipline. A stock gun with a 7.4V battery can empty this in seconds. One down side is that the actual plastic is less transparent than it appears in these pictures. You probably couldn't see the dummy rounds from a distance.


- Looks great
- Solid construction
- No winding
- No misfeeds
- Little to no play inside the mag well

- Plastic not as clear as shown in pictures

- Relatively low capacity (Nothing not advertised in the title though)

I highly recommend them. As a matter of fact, I like them so much that I bought 5 more.
by Peter K. on 08/04/2011
"These are a good alternative to the expensive G36 magazines. I use a G36K as my primary and found that good magazines can be expensive. So, being the cheapskate I am, I figured i'd give these a go.

-Never misfed
-Can clamp together
-Hold an OK number of rounds
-Can be loaded quickly with a speedloader

-Clamps can break easily
-50rds is not much on the battlefield, i can empty my magazines on burst fire in a second or two
by Raymond Y. on 09/17/2009
"Much nicer looking than the High capacity magazines. I bought it to display my G36C and for imaging, but it ended up a great back up magazine for my hi-cap and perfect for sniping.

You'd be surprised how many people will ask to look at your gun with this $15 mag on.
by Rashad M. on 04/09/2018
"Really tired of products being marketed as Matrix when they really are not. It is misleading. I had a few good Matrix products in the past so I associated them with good quality. But I bought this magazine as well as their P90 magazines and both of them are made by other companies. I understand that many companies are selling rebranded products made by others, but this even comes in DBoy packaging. The quality of the mag is not bad and it does feed very well, but I am still annoyed that Matrix doesn't even attempt to repackage the product.

These mags to not click securely in to the elite line Elite Force G36 mag well, but they do stay in place and feed well even at higher than stock ROFs.

They do look great.
by Jordan W. on 02/17/2017
"as for usability they are great, light, and feed well. the bullets can be seen in light i cannot complain, they look sweet. i ordered four, three came fine, the last one had been used and had been tampered with (a knob to attach them together was broken and was in a wholly separate magazine knob slot, both had been taken out of their packages...). Aside from this odd problem, they work and look great, hopefully the package tampering was just for me, that's the only reason these are not 5 stars.
by Devan V. on 10/15/2010
"Great looking mag. I've had it for about a week now. Price is good for how nice it looks. I only have 2 problems with this mag. The first is that i wish it held twice as many rounds. The second is that it says it holds 50 when it really only holds 45 maaaaybe 48 and it doesnt even feed the last 2 bbs, so its more like 43 to 45. 2 seconds of full auto and its out. If you love the look of this mag then get it but i recommend getting the box of 5, you'll need them.

pros- great looking, looks real, no winding, no rattling of bbs.

cons- only holds 45 rounds and feeds 43.
by Michael C. on 01/22/2010
"I ordered these a couple of weeks ago and received them around three days ago. I'm impressed! They fit really well in my ECHO 1 G36C. They look the part and feel amazing. They're also really affordable. I'd give these a 4/5. Reason being; they don't feed the last 2-3 bb's, but it's a lot better than my hi-cap spilling out about 6-7 bb's. Also, it says 50 rds, but so far I've only been able to fit 44-48 at a time. I'm still breaking the spring in. Make sure to spray some silicon down in the mag to help with feeding. Amazing product, I'd definitely recommend it to anybody.
by Katiria R. on 05/22/2014
"For some reason these mags doesn't click securely as the mag it came with, but it still feeds that's what amazes me. I'm pretty sure I have to file something down somewhere on the mag in order for it to lock into place.
by David H. on 04/20/2012
"Got a pair at the super store: Basic mags, good feeding, you only lose three or four bbs, feeds well, only 50 rounds so have at least two.

-good feeding
-light weight
- good quality plastic
-clip together well with my other g36 mags
-plastic is too dark, barley transparent, you can only see the dummy bullets in bright day light.
-on my jg g36, i had some issues with the mags not clicking in to the mag well. i had to slam them in for them to even remotely click. they still fed well, but i could sometimes pull them out without even having to hit the mag release. not sure if its just on the jg's

overall. They are decent mags but there are better ones out there, I wouldn't recommend them unless you do milsim.
by Matt W. on 04/13/2012
"The mag I got looks nothing like the pic. It's so dark you can barely see the fake rounds. It's a decent mag but if you want it for the dummy rounds you'll be disappointed.
by Sheenu Y. on 08/02/2017
"This magazine does not fit well on my Umarex/ARES G36c. Something about it makes it too tight of a fit. It does fit and feed well, but putting and securing this magazine into the gun is such a hassle. It's almost unusable and I almost planned to return it. I only give it two stars for the looks and it's functionality.