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Condor Drop Leg Dump Pouch (Color: OD Green)

9 Customer Reviews

by Michael S. on 07/16/2017
"Oh my god this was useful... I didn't use it for magazines but whenever I needed to take off my gloves/shemagh I'd just shove them into this pouch instead of having to hold them awkwardly or take off my backpack. Also I found this useful for caring misc items like a half eaten Cliff bar, or a gatorade bottle for short periods of time.

The quality is very very nice and, although I've only played one game, it feels dureavle and built to last.

2 things I dislike but am not deducting stars for,
-the tightening strap was like 12 inches too long.. I doubt someone's leg is that big w/e. Just loop it through itself and it's fine.
-it attatches to your belt instead of mole. I was expecting to attach it to my battle belt, but it loops around your belt. Easy fix! I use a belt for my pants anyways lol.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"This is a good dump pouch, I mainly got it for the top flaps that keep the mags in when I be runnin on the field, other dump pouches don't work as good as this one. and sometimes I will attach it to my belt for better concealment. It can give away your position when on your leg and your trying to creep around a corner.
by Jess R. on 07/09/2015
"works great use it for shotgun shells haven't lost one yet, the molle on the side is usefull not much space has help in the past so happy it was there holds six maybe more m4 mags. overall works for what i need is for hope it helps
by lino l. on 01/12/2014
"Best dump pouch ever!! fits nice on the leg and it does not move much while running and best of all magazines don't get out while running and rolling unlike other dump pouches. it has a lot of room too for almost any type of mag or accessory. if not mistaken i fitted 6 AK mags at one point
by Heidi L. on 06/05/2013
"Ok first off this is one amazing dump pouch, i just got it yesterday (awesome job evike on quick shiping) and strate out of the box it looks awesome and it has alot of space for mags in it, im guessing about 6 mags, could hold more, so if your on the fence about a dump pouch but you dont know what kind then really consider this one because if you don't have anything on your thigh and don't want a pouch on your belt then this is the one for you!

looks awesome
opening on the top for easy dumping of mags
very well built
light weight

only one is it is a bit big but no bigger then any other dump pouch

hope this review helpped!
by Kole J. on 06/10/2011
"this dump pouch is incredible it stays nice in one place for if your like me and do everything by muscle memory when the mags go in they dont come out until you open the velcro flap it has an elastic slit as shown in the picture i rate this 5 of 5 the $9 is worth it compared to the USMC one that you see everyone having.
by Lachlan B. on 12/28/2017
"I've been using this about 4-5 months now and it's a pretty good buy. Well made and functions as it should, holds 6 stanags horizontally or 8 stanags vertically. Also really good for those odd things you might take on the field but not have a specific place for on the rest of your kit ie gloves shemagh half mask etc. Having it on your leg is a little bit annoying when crouching or lying down as it change the angle of the pouch, but I see you can get a molle mounted version for somewhere else on your kit. I still think this is better than a traditional dump pouch that flops around and you risk losing a mag every once and a while. The changing of the angle is all that's taken one star off this
by Leon C. on 07/23/2014
"This is a great dump pouch, I used it for a few months now and it never ripped or fell off of me. It bounces some times when I run but it was never too loud. The only Con I can think of is, it's a little too far out, almost every time I would go past a wall or door, this dump pouch would scratch against it. Other than that, this is a very durable dump pouch.
by Andrew b. on 06/01/2015
"This dump pouch is mediocre at best. Its annoying to adjust the leg straps and the whole thing is just so stiff to use it effectively. Its chafe a little and is generally uncomfortable. You are better off getting a lighter pouch with an easier way to put spent mags in. It does have a small opening on top where u can slip it in but u gotta force it a little

-none that I know of

-really long straps on leg straps which chafes your thighs