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Airsoft Stubby CQB QD Mock Silencer w/ 14mm Negative SCAR Type Flashhider (Short Type)

11 Customer Reviews

by Nathan B. on 07/13/2017
"Looks great and fits perfect on my Valken Battle Machine Mod-L
by Christian P. on 05/11/2017
"Despite what some negative reviews say, this product was fantastic! It arrived about three days after it was ordered, and was installed within seconds after that. The SCAR Type flash-hider fit very well, and does fit the negative thread type barrel. The mock suppressor (because silencer is a misnomer) slipped on easily and secured very well. Like some reviewers have said, both parts are very heavy steel, and therefore may not be good if you don't want heavy weight on your barrel.

-Price is fantastic for a flash-hider and suppressor combo.
-Easy install. 30 seconds from start to finish.
-Nice black steel color. Not too shiny, not too grey.
-Easy inner-barrel extension.

-A little heavy, but don't let that discourage you.
-Without an inner barrel upgrade the mock suppressor is essentially just a can. BB's can and will bounce back off the lip, especially in a frantic firefight, and will remain in the suppressor until you unscrew it or dump them out the front.
by Jonathan H. on 08/21/2015
"Ordered my QD Mock Suppressor with a little trepidation after reading the reviews. Received the product after paying the sale price of $30 and am happy with the purchase thus far.

This must be a new product batch as the threads both for the -14 flash suppressor and the QD silencer are both good tolerances. The unit is a little small (CQB) and is made out of steel so it's a little heavy for the size. (This works out ok if you actually want something durable hanging from the front of your Airsoft gun.)

2 For 1
Steel construction

Size (Length)
Sound suppression

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase as I needed a flash suppressor and the mock silencer was a bonus...if you think about it, that's $15 each and is a great buy considering you get the QD feature as well.
by Daniel B. on 06/12/2013
"i jumped on this when i saw it in the daily deal section for $16, anyways on to the review, this is better
much better than buying a normal flashhider. for $10 more, you get a QD suppressor, that suppressor can break off into 3 pieces!!! If you take off the suppressor cap, it turns into an amplifier making your shots sound like a pop, just like those KX3s

VERY RIGID!!! (being clumsy, ive hit mutiple walls, i once hit my bathroom counter, and the counter chipped and my suppressor had a minor scratch; supprsor 1/counter 0)
after all my abuse the supprsor is still perfectly straight
makes your gun intimidating

by steven t. on 05/23/2013
"this mock silencer is a great thing to have on a hybrid gun when transitioning to CQC to Field you never have to take it off also you can buy more of the scar flash hider and move the silencer from one gun to another

quick detach
2 in 1
100% steel


i also got it when it was on sale
by Joshua K. on 05/22/2013
"It was not what i expected...I wanted a longer silencer for my gun but when this arrived I was completely wrong when thinking longer is better...baha this thing rocks! its shorter but no big the flash hider screws onto your gun and is set in place and the silencer is separate to screw onto the flash hider so you can use and remove the silence at will. Tons of fun and effective. The flash hider also has stubs on the front so you can barrel thump somebody and do some damage!...not really, but you could.
Full Metal
flash hider replaces old
silencer can be used over new flash hider included
by T.S W. on 05/06/2013
"This thing is awesome! I love it, especially since i play night games mostly and the orange tip would always give away my positon. Its made to last, out of full steel, both the new tip and the actually mock suppressor. Its about 4" so it doesn't weight down your gun at all.

looks great
replaces plastic orange tip (con for some)
removable suppressor and you still have the steel tip
heavy duty metal construction

none so far
by Steve G. on 05/26/2013
1. Solid construction
2. Looks great
3. Quite Heavy (2.8oz) Flashhider + (4.4oz) 4.5" Mock Silencer = 6.9oz overall (Weighed with postal scale)
4. Price

1. Inner threads of mock silencer aren't the greatest, but with a lot of Matrix brand, their threads are a bit loose, but nothing a bit of LocTite cannot fix.

OVERALL Conclusion:
It is a great value for $30! You get a SCAR Style flash hider which is $15 on its own and you get a compact QD Mock Suppressor. Only slight down side is the inner mock suppressor threads.
by Mr. A. on 01/11/2013
"really great product. it adds the finishing touch and gets rid of the ugly orange type on the front of the gun.
looks nice
2 in 1
adds length for longer inner barrel
easy to remove/re-attach silencer for whatever look you want

REALLY heavy. feels like full steel lol
silencer screws on top of the flash hider so its not two entirely seperate things.

great product. would definitely recommend if you don't mind the extra weight on the front of the gun. i got it for $16 when it was on sale and it's worth every penny.
by jake s. on 04/01/2014
"warning some are defective and its points on right side or Left side.. just like mine.. i hate to see the mock suppressor is point on Right side..

Looks good
Easy to Install
Switching mock Suppressor to Flash Hider so Quick..

by michael p. on 03/09/2014
"This suppressor and flash hider definitely looks awesome, but that is about it. This wasn't even worth it when in was $16. The 14mm threads on the flash hider are so bad, they might as well be considered 15mm. It completely stripped my threads. This will constantly wobble unless you have a generous amount of teflon tape or loctite. This is a problem because when you're twisting on the suppressor, the flash hider twists the other way, making it very hard to completely secure it. Just spend an extra $20-$30 to get a quality mock suppressor.

Looks cool

TERRIBLE threads
Paint scratches
Heavy (not good for pistols)

You can also make this an amplifier by screwing off the end cap, but the inside is a shiny silver so it doesn't look right. You can always paint the inside though.