Reviews: Celcius Technology Typhoon Motor for Systema PTW / CTW Series Airsoft AEG


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Model: MO-MTR-001

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by chris r. on 2010-02-09 10:09:38
"This motor is superior to the Systema PTW motor. It pulls the red 150 cylinder better and faster and with the blue 110 cylinder it gives a much higher rate of fire. Comparing the two motors side by side you can tell that the internal windings are better than a systema and wont break.
Bottom line - Celcius=Good. A lower price for a better product.
If you need a replacement motor for your Systema PTW this is the one to get.
One kind of stupid thing though is that it doesn't come with a pinion gear and to get the pinion off the systema one you have to heat up the set screw with a propane torch to loosen up the locking compound that systema put on it.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)