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G&G Top Tech Full Metal Blowback TR4-18 SBR Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Gun Only)

4 Customer Reviews

by Jeremy W. on 12/27/2014
"Honestly, my favorite gun. Ever. I love G&G guns, and I'm a big H&K fan, so this gun was defiantly for me. Although it has no H&K trades, it still has G&G's cool trades. This gun is surprisingly light, has a nice trigger response with a 9.6, and nice range. I used it today at my outdoor field and I was hitting 130ft+ body shots using .25 matrix bbs. Don't let the low fps steer you away from this gun, I used it at a field and it preformed awesomely. I'd recommend this gun to anyone.

Blowback (could be a con)
The amount of kills I got with this

Stock can't go to the first position due to the battery. Common with rear wired guns
G&p ladder rail covers don't fit

Again, 5/5 for this gun. Absolutely love it.
by Logan P. on 11/04/2012
"This gun Is awwsome but it is really hard to take apart.
by ben p. on 04/01/2010
"well this here is a hot rifle, i got this peice about two months ago. and its done nothing but impress. i have already put about $800 into this gun here. the blowback is smooth, i use a 11.1v lipo, on it, i made the mistake of buying the stick lipo, when i should have gotten the numchucks, nums are the only thing that will fit in this gun. i have found out, sticks wont fit in the front rail... the grip is the sweeteest thing i have held. form fits to ur hand perfect. BADASS marine logo on left recever, pretty kickass.
all tho i recently had an incedent a couple days ago, my blowback messed up, i learned not to have the bolt catch engaged, and shoot the gun wile its like that, because it snapped the mock bolt off from the pnematic rod. dont do that! take ur time and think, unlike myself, although its an easy fix,, just pull off ur top receiver, pull the charging handle off, with the tow hook spring. u will see on top of the pnematics were it broke. take some generic super glue from anywere, and pretty much sauter it back togeather, use super glue insteadd of sauter. because super glue has some flexability, and will cope with the slamming back at

some flaws of this gun are
.the flash supressor is really really hard to unsrew,
.the mag it comes with doesn really look right on the gun, its a tad too long i think

.other than that solid a stone gun,

by Jeremy W. on 02/17/2015
"This is a follow up to my last review. That gun performs awesome, it's been through 4 games already, but there's one thing. IT DOES NOT SHOOT UNDER 350 out of the box. Mine chrono'd @356 fps w.25's. Now it's lowered to 348 consistently. But be warned, it shoots over cqb limits with .2's. The package said "high velocity version" attached to the trigger guard. If yours doesn't have it I'm pretty sure you'd be fine. I'd like to evike change it so each is a different product so you don't buy it for cqb (like I did) and recieve a field gun.