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JG New Version M16 UFC Special Force Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black)

14 Customer Reviews

by William R. on 11/09/2017
"I had this gun for two years now and I think its great for the first year I had this. I say first year because I gutted the gear box out with inter upgrade to make it shoot further. but with stock parts it was good airsoft gun mid range gun. note: the inner barrel is 509mm not 363mm
by Kim C. on 03/16/2016
"So about a year ago I bought this gun. (really anybody that writes a review the day they get a gun doesn't count, anything could go wrong). For being mainly a plastic exterior, the gun held up just fine (dropped it plenty of times). It's fairly accurate and shoots farther than most guns around its price range. I've had no problems with it so far... It's a great gun for the price. More of a beginner/intermediate airsoft gun.
by Justin L. on 02/27/2014
"This is a great gun! It was the first gun I bought and I didn't expect much from it but it was able to outperform some of my buddy's upgraded guns, if you're looking for a solid long range gun that shoots hard and accurate, this is definitely what you're looking for.
by William G. on 10/21/2013
"Thisisi an awesome multi role rifle, it's no 363 mm barrel hiding in there either, it's 502 mm and thats what makes it a great Mil Sim weapon, I like full size rifle so I am loving the feel of it. I added my soon to be marketed tracer unit and use a 45 degree offset rail for my dot point, flipped the front sight rail 180 degrees for a bipod, now I have the best night ops weapon ive ever used. excellent range, added different cylinder head, shimmed it, a few minor mods......It lays them down with ease. Looks are awesome too, psychological advantage of an off beat weapon.
by William G. on 10/03/2013
"Bought this rifle and got to say, I was stoked right away. Out of the box it chrono'd at a cinsistent 397-399 with .20. Broke it down, opened it up and removed the heavy grease, now nice quiet smooth operating gear box, shooting good at 200' with .28's..Sweet deal if you like full size weapons.
by Jerome R. on 02/08/2012
"this gun is pretty amazing. i am my teams designated sniper/ long range marksman. this gun shoots hard and fast even with less than half the battery charged. the only cons i found aobut it was the paint scratches easily and the barrel is not threaded( ibought a silencer with it blown face) overall its a good buy
by Craig B. on 12/27/2011
"I got this m16 about a year or two ago and is working great. i got it because the fps is a little on the low side 300-350 and i go to cqb arenas that only alow up to 350 fps.

other wise you should definately buy a good scope for this thing, the iron sights are terrible! but after you do that the gun shoots accurately for about 150ft. so if you play a sniper role this would be great for you and if you want more fps buy an m110 spring and take it outdoors.

it is also insanely easy to upgrade pull out a pin and you see the barrel and gear box so it is also good for field stripping and by the way i did that twice so far.

CONCLUSION: great gun get it now even if you are a beginner!
by Joe G. on 04/21/2011
"This gun brings a tear to my eye everytime I shoot it...Extremely accurate gun with good fps, no need to up or downgrade it. The construction is slick and, honestly, pretty sexy.

Great Accuracy
Full Metal construction
Comfortable Feel
Rail for Attachments
Perfect FPS for outdoor fields at least
Great Price$$$

BBs do get jammed once in a while
Barrel may need to be cleaned

Overall great gun for its price I give this a 9.1 out of 10
by Jarrod E. on 11/06/2010
"This is a Very SEXY rifle..

Nice Ballance and amazing HandGaurd.. The paint chips off pretty easily.. also the trigger grip/hand grip is made out of plastic and isnt very comfortable.. i would recomend getting the m4/m16 sniper grip

it also has the small hole under the hand gaurd to fit a Harris style Bi-pod.

The real steal design for this gun is used for Marksmanship competitions for those wondering...

Its a Perfect rifle if you are going for the SPR or DMR look

i would recomend 190 roung mags if you are planing on using it for DMR or SPR.. it just looks so much better.
Also a Rail Riser if your gonna attach a Scope that way it gives it that SPR look
by Chris W. on 05/22/2010
"Great M16 Rifle by JG with the comfortable Tublar handguard. Was going to get the handguard by JBU but found it cheaper just to get this instead.

With a scope, take off the carrying handle and you get a very customized look M16 sniper!

Love it thus far
by Quinn D. on 08/23/2014
"Good gun. If you are looking for a beginner AEG, this isn't your gun but for experienced airsoft m16 users, this is an interesting take on the m16 model. My gun came with scratches and gouges on the barrel (I don't really kind them) and some really hollow feeling plastic. The parts that need to be metal are and the plastic parts are there to make it light, so good build quality overall. My only complaint is that the metal threading on the barrel is a bit sharp and the plastic body is pretty cheap feeling. Other than that, this gun is pretty cool and I'm excited to customize it!
by Trenton R. on 06/13/2014
"This gun is excellent. Nice weight, nice feel. The front sight is off centered, but I don't use it anyways. I got a psg-1 sniper grip for it and installed it with ease after a little bit of tweaking. Mine came with a large type battery, which is a little difficult to get in the stock. I picked up a box of VN magazines and some taller scope rings and viola, it is now a stable DMR platform.

Fair FPS
Nice, heavy weight
Good feel
Excellent platform out of the box
Extremely scalable
Fair stock parts
Definitely sturdy

Plastic body (quality, but still plastic)
Off centered front sight
Came with a large type battery, now I need to buy a connector.
Dust cover opens too easily.
While this is not on evike's part, UPS manhandled my box.
by Gayle T. on 07/08/2014
"I received mine with scratches on the barrel covered with sharpie and around trigger gaurd also the plastic was poor quality abs and verry creaky between the receivers and grip. Lastly the selector switch sometime let me pull the trigger while in safety position. I was verry disapointed
by Samantha T. on 02/08/2015
"Another jg masterpiece


Cheap plastic receiver
Horrible hop up
Came with a bent stock screw
Very inconsistent fps! 346 to 433
Range is pitiful
Came in scratched and had a dent in handguard
Whole gun is crooked making it I possible to aim with accuracy
"Metal" gearbox snapped in half after 100 rounds with a new m130 spring

I bought this as a project gun but its not worth it... nothing to even work off of. Im very disappointed.