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MAG 170 round No Winding Mid-Cap Magazine for AUG Series Airsoft AEG (Set of 4)

2 Customer Reviews

by Scope Courier / S. on 01/13/2013
"As the previous review stated these are great mags, they sturdy!!!

As for the loading difficulty its about right before you lubricate them, afterwards there is no problem, actually I took them apart (really easy) and spray the inside and the spring with silicone, afterwards I sweep the excess and voila!!!, you can completely load them with out trouble.


Translucid (you can see how many bb's you have left

No feeding issues, they work great (Considering it's pretty normal to get this kind of issues in AUG's)
by Sam m. on 10/05/2010
"The Best Magazines for Aug's on the market

holds a large amount of bb's
Solid as a rock
Slightly transparent (so you can see bb's left)

Annoying to load

These mag's are fantastic. They hold a huge amount of bb's (more than 1/2 the cap of a hi-cap) and have an excellent spring in them. They are solid as a rock and can take large amounts of abuse (unlike the flimsy king arm's models). My one problem with them is that they are a bit diffucult to load at first. The spring is so strong that right around 130/150 bb's it gets really tough to keep going. Regular speedloads can make it about that far before you have to stop (i've broken 1 speed loader with these mags). Also, if your not careful loading them and you pull the speedloader (the pump ones or the ramrod ones) all the bb's will spew in your face. after about 2-3 loading's though you get used to it and it gets easier. Personally I stop loading at 150 just because it's easier and 20 bb's isn't a big deal especially when you have 4 of them. If you have an aug and want mid caps these are your best option.